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The Importance of Great Visual Design for Landing Page Optimization

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Visual design is important for a great website, but it is not all there is to design, but it is an essential part of a well-thought-out product. It is not only a visual design that you do for your website but to keep in mind to make it more relevant that can be effective for a landing page that CONVERTS. If you are a designer, then you must learn top blogs in this area – beginners and pros alike. Every day thousands and thousands of people are visiting your website, but for some reason, you do not see, your other numbers move at all.

Should you throw your hands up and conclude your marketing does not work? Not yet. The first and foremost thing you may want to see is what people do after they go through your advertisements. Whether you do not have a good landing page, it is like you are about to go for fishing and you do not have a good net. Yes, you might land a good one on your hook, but you would not be able to drag it into the boat.

Visual design matters a most of your website. Your visual design should be effective and appropriate for your website. It should be relevant to website landing page. When you do a great visual design keeping in mind your website landing page, your optimization would be easy and effective.

You do not want people just visit your website, but you want them all to take an action once they visit. Your visual design and landing page should have a clarion call with each other. You should make it simple as well as compelling mixing the below-mentioned elements in a landing page that CONVERTS.

  • C => Clear Call-to-Action
  • O => Offer
  • N => Narrow Focus
  • V => Very Important Attributes
  • E => Effective Headline
  • R => Resolution Savvy Visual Design and Savvy Layout
  • T => Tidy Visual Design
  • S => Social Proof

It is said that the first impression is the last impression. In a visual design the first impression matters. In a visual design, the first impression matters, and it depends on many different things, like structure, colors, spacing, symmetry, text amount, fonts and lot more. Experts in web design, visual design as well as landing page optimization say, the websites that have low visual complexity and high prototypical are perceived as highly appealing.

Here, we have mentioned some important things that drew the most interest from viewers are:

  • The logo: Users normally spend 7 seconds in this area before they move on.
  • The main navigation menu: Viewing the menu is a bit popular like logo.
  • The search box: Users focus and spend at least 5 seconds on the search box to find something that is important to them.
  • The website’s main image: The average users spend no more than 6 seconds on the main page of the website.
  • The website’s written content: This is one of the essential parts of a website, where users spend more than 8 seconds.
  • The bottom of the website: This is one of the most important aspects of a website, where users generally spend more than 7 seconds.

The above-described things have probably given you a zest how to build your visual design and build a landing page that can be good for optimization. It is sure that visual design alone and landing page design cannot do all the things, but these two are important things, side-by-side work for a longer thing. A good first impression leads to longer duration of visit, so you should make sure that the mentioned six elements look great.

It is also said that visual design or appeal is more important than usability for user perception. User perception of a low appeal website is not significantly influenced by the website’s usability even after a successful experience with the website. The first impression can last for years, so to your landing page. When your visual design would be great, you will have an easy way to optimize your landing page at the same time. Albeit, your landing page is not directly connected with your visual design, but if it is good, you will have higher the chances of getting end number of visitors to your website.

Visual design matters a lot. Our best advice to you is that, you do not try to save money on visual design. We have seen time and again how a normal design overhaul resulted in the significant conversion boosts.

The great number of people forms their opinion about your website in milliseconds. The first 2-3 seconds on your website might matter a lot than all other seconds that follow your visitors stay on your website. Make sure that first few second can make a great impact or the first impression do a lot for your website, so to keep in mind you need to visualize your visual design accurately with your landing page, which would be easy for you to optimize for better online future.

Subhajit Biswas
Subhajit, a bachelor of Engineering, a hardcore geek in technical writing and creative design. He is now associated with Schmetterling Global Solutions. As a blogger and consultant web developer, he likes to share his creative and technical knowledge with the readers worldwide. He has tried to discuss the relationship between creative design and landing page optimization, and importantly the advantages of creative design.
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