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Kinjal Adeshara

5 Ways to Slash your Ecommerce Website Load Time

According to ReferralCandy, in US alone, there are more than 100,000 ecommerce stores. Out of these, every year, 61,728 stores make $25,000 or more, while 38,157 stores make $50,000 or more. 23,587 store owners take home more than $100,000.

By Kinjal Adeshara 2014-02-10 0 4,064
5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Building your Ecommerce Website

Brick-and-mortar stores can tap into a new channel of revenue by setting up an online store. Entrepreneurs can start setting up online-only stores and make big profits. But, while there is a tremendous opportunity for businesses selling goods online, you can thrive in the competitive market only if you are well prepared. For every successful

By Kinjal Adeshara 2013-10-23 0 4,841