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Helen Stark

Pros and Cons of the Ghost Buttons Web Design Trend

With a growing trend to simplicity and lightness that emerged during last year, more and more plain design elements stand out and gain popularity. One of such elements, ghost button, can now be seen on a great number of websites you can come across when browsing the Internet. It seems to be very useful and

By Helen Stark 2014-07-31 0 4,106
50 Shades of Color: Monochromatic Website Design

One-color website designs and templates are the latest trend in design. Like another trend – minimalist style – monochromatic website design attracts people with its elegance, sophisticated ambience and unobtrusive look.

By Helen Stark 2014-07-29 1 11,199
Delicate Beauty of Vintage Website Templates

It may sound paradoxically, but retro style never becomes outdated. This style is one of the most flexible and light, so vintage website templates are extremely popular and can be used in various spheres of business and entertainment.

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Grunge Website Templates Add Personality to the Site

Grunge website templates are trendy during recent years. Usually people think of a good website as of clean and tidy designed web pages with strictly structured layout, geometric elements and bright colors. In most cases such designs look boring and unattractive. Ideal forms and straight lines are not specific for nature and asymmetric elements look

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Key Elements in Water Website Design

Beautiful views and landscapes are highly popular in web design. And there’s a good reason for it:

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Main Characteristics of Yoga Website Templates

Yoga classes attract more and more students every day. Any yoga studio needs a good website to share information about yoga programs, teachers and events. Yoga studio website should provide users with all necessary information about new trainings, useful hints on techniques, asanas and food as well. In such case clear and visually attractive template

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