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Magento 2 Features: Get Familiar With New Possibilities

Magento development is an all-time favorite Web development platform of eCommerce enterprises. It is a very evolved platform having more than 2,30,000 online retailers. Magento has become not just another web development tool but a new name to excellence in eCommerce website development. With new Magento 2 features, it has a lot in store for its potential users. So, if you are thinking of going for Magento 2.0, allow me to give you the needed motivation:

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  • The new architecture of Magento 2 upgrade is more open and flexible than any of its predecessor.
  • More advanced quality and quantity of new themes for Magento 2.0.
  • Speed will soon become a synonym of Magento web development, as Magento 2.0 will offer 50% faster page loading.
  • Easier upgrades and maintenance are the two best Magento 2 features added to Magento development services and Magento 2.0 is also in accordance with this.
  • Magento 2.0 ensures high security for its admin and users with built-in payment gateways.
  • Migration is made easy from Magento 1.0 to Magento 2.0 with inbuilt migration tool.
  • Magento 2.0 has built-in framework testing tool.
  • Magento 2.0 includes HTML5, CSS3, Full page caching, PSR Compliance, RequireJS.

If you are still not impressed with these Magento 2 features then let me show you the big guns. I’ll waste no more time on simple praises. So, let’s get straight to the point; what are the newest Magento 2 features.

User-Friendly Experience

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Many of the Magento development service users are not professional web coders. So, having a tool that can help non-technical personals to build their own eCommerce websites is the biggest achievement for Magento and with Magento 2.0 this functionality has raised several steps. Magento website development has never been so easy with 2.0.

For Magento 2 version, the Magento’s old version was stripped down to bare functionality and then built the whole thing anew from scratch. With the new addition of HTML5 and CSS pre-processor technology, Magento web development has raised to a completely new level.

The Magento UI library is more customizable and easy to maintain. So a Magento web development user can customize almost every element like;

  • Any button visible
  • Dropdowns
  • Forms and Icons
  • Actions Toolbar
  • Page layouts
  • Navigation
  • Popups, Ratings, Messages
  • Tables, Tabs
  • Typography

These are just a few major regions included for customization.


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Magento 2.0 is a lot different from its ancestors. The only similarity could be just the famous orange of its logo. Magento 2 upgrade offers a new Admin panel with increased admin security. There are some skeptical views over this Magento 2 feature. However, I’ll let you decide for yourself whether it is a curse or a boon. Only one person can log in to admin panel at any given time using one admin account. Some may consider this Magento 2 feature a pesky hindrance but for the companies that have earlier faced hacking attacks and lost valuable data, this feature is a real lifesaver. There is a simple solution for all the users who are feeling skeptical about this feature. Just create new admin accounts for every admin user to let them all log in simultaneously.


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Magento 2 upgrade has taken ease of access to a whole new level. By providing drag-and-drop layout editing, users can build and edit their eCommerce store in a matter of minutes. The backend dashboard for administrators is touch-enabled so all the changes can be done even on a tablet or a Smartphone. This is an amazing feature for Magento development service users if their business has them always traveling. Having complete access to your eCommerce admin panel on the go can save a lot of time and money.

Improved Performance

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The speed of handling queries is greatly increased because Magento system transforms merchant data like, data, price, catalog, etc into an index table from where data fetch is done quickly. With frequent updates, this query performance is improving day by day. The users can create a test environment to test the code and apply changes according to preference by using a new set of test scripts. Magento 2.0 has a Varnish Cache integration. It helps to reduce server load which in turn speeds up the page load. Varnish Cache is a leading HTTP accelerator technology responsible for caching common requests. This is one of the Magento 2 features that are becoming a favorite for all the developers who aim for speed and functionality.

Magento Marketplace

In older Magento 2 version, third-party extensions were a great feature to add functionality to the eCommerce stores but many times these extensions can cause some conflict with parts of the website because of the poorly built add-ons. But with Magento 2.0, there is a whole new Magento Marketplace where Magento does a strict review process before adding the extensions to its market. There is a slight downfall as Magento 2.0 is still new to this review process so additions of new extensions are delayed. But on the upside, the users will get the best extensions there would be in the market.


Magento website development has always been a pioneering technology for eCommerce industry. With Magento 2 features, the bar has been raised very high for other platforms. Until other platforms catch up Magento 2 will be the industry standard at present and their team has already been planning for Magento 3. But, until then let us enjoy the sweet fruits of v2.0. As an eCommerce enterprise, you will be in need of an excellent Magento development company to help you shift to Magento 2.0 and give you the most out of Magento web development.

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