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The Top Web Animations API Today: Choosing Javascript Animation Library

Websites are the bedrock of internet activities. It doesn’t matter what that particular one is offering, they have a site which acts as a vehicle for connecting to others. Websites, social media, as well and other online features, constitute web presence. On top of that, there is a quest for personal branding. As with the internet and its scope, a lot of exposure is available. So, measures have been taken to make the user experience a lot better. Especially from a developmental standpoint. Many code systems have been formulated. This has led to new ways to stand out. Web animations API happens to be one of them. Well, a rather big one. There are other ways to do this as well. Like creating animations with CSS. It works as good as the former, if not better.

web animations api

A Bit on Web Animations API

Before going into all the colorful details of this particular method of web animating, it is necessary to put forth a context for this. Why should we bother learning about this and putting it into practice? When we can go for other relatively simpler options.

Well, Here’s Why…

You have at your disposal, two different tools, which you may use to create animations on your website. One is using the CSS animations with all the features that it provides. While the other one is JavaScript, with the web animations API.

First, let’s clear up the case for CSS animations. These are well codified, and one can implement them easily. Visual transitions in websites are a great example of this.

Now, the other one is the one that we’re interested in. The web animation APIs with JavaScript. This is not only capable of simple animation designs, but it can do a lot more for you.

We admit that it is not the easiest thing to learn and implement, still, it is absolutely worth the effort. To get a clearer picture of this comparison we need to put these two sides by side and then tally.

Putting up Web Animation CSS Against the Web Animations API

CSS is best suited for setting up animations for small and compact components of your web page. Like we said before, transitions. Simply, a particular section being transitioned in from something else with web animation CSS.

You can do this with JavaScript as well, no problem. However, is more effort worth a similar end product? And CSS will be involved in this anyway. But that doesn’t discount web animations API.

Flexibility and control over your animation design are very important. Especially, when you’re trying to put together a website awesome to look at and smooth in operations. Going the Javascript way will be the best in that case, much more so than CSS.

Other than these, you can get a lot of other advanced options with JavaScript than CSS. The scope is just so much vast. And with that being said, now its time to discuss the top dogs of web animations API.

Top Web Animations API Types

The great features that come with using JavaScript frameworks for designing web animations APIs have a lot of things behind them. Because of that, all the cool animation designs are possible. All of that can be credited to the developers from Mozilla and of course, Google.

In this section, we have listed the top systems of web animations APIs. Each one of these specializes in one particular type of animation.

web animations api 2


This one is the best for all the animations related to the scrolling action. The great thing is that it is one of the least size consuming. With that, the code needed to execute this will be a lot cleaner and precise.

Consider an example. Using animations with scroll reveal, you can have certain parts of your websites fade in from somewhere. Regarding the quantitative details of the animations, the general ones from CSS will hold.

scrollreveal web animations api

It is very simple to incorporate in your source code as well. Just put in the link within the HTML tag. Also a great option for mobile browsers with absolutely no dependency whatsoever.


3D animations, some consider it the best thing since sliced bread. Now, with Three.js, you can put in 3D animations within the architecture of your website.

And the main development team for this animation engine is on it day and night. So, expect to see a lot of new features in the times to come. Of the multitude of features available with Three.js, a few are as follows.

  • Scenes
  • Shaders
  • Geometry
  • Materials
  • Virtual Reality

three web animations api

And there is a lot more to this than the ones mentioned. Massachusetts Institute Of Technology has given its stamp of approval on this one – it only says how good it is.


If to talk about web animations API types, we should necessarily mention Kute.js. Kute.js is a cross-browser type of library. The syntax for this is very clear and with that, you’ll be able to put together great animations.

kute web animations api

What comes more than that, is you can to add extensions of your own. Thus, you’ll be able to put together fantastically animated sections of your website.


This particular graphics engine is concerned with the motion. Mo.js categorizes different components as objects. You’ll be able to move these objects around with the proper codes in place.

mo web animations api

What makes Mo.js even better is its compatibility with other kinds of web animations API. Generally, with the animations of Mo.js, everything would look very compact and precise.


A very capable library of JavaScript, which provides a framework for animations based on a timeline. Also, like the ones mentioned before, this one is light and simple to implement. No need for any kind of in-depth JavaScript knowledge.

gsap web animations api

Moreover, when it comes to GSAP you will have four different libraries at your disposal. They work in conjunction with each other to produce all the cool features.


A very versatile type of web animations API, Popmotion provides a whole bunch of features. From the Decay functionality, all the way to Multitouch as well as a lot of such cool things.

popmotion web animations api

What makes it even better is its size. Within only about 11.5 KB you get all of these things. Any API which can work with numeric inputs, e.g., SVG, React, CSS, etc. can support this.



Do you have a fascination for sketch painting effects? Then, you might have a bias for Vivus. What makes this web animation system special is the appearance of drawing. Whatever you animate with this, it will show up gradually like someone is sketching it with a pen.

vivus web animations api


A powerful web animations API engine based of off JavaScript. It makes use of a similar tool from jQuery. And for this, animating with Velocity.js is rather a simple deal. You can use it for animations in color, scrolling functions and such. All of that stuff will be very fast because of this animation engine.

velocity web animations api

Also, designing headers is a pretty important deal from the promotional perspective. If you are willing to adopt the latest and greatest ways to website header design, consider incorporating Velocity.js into the mix.


Quick and light, that’s what the maker of Anime.js Julian Garnier has focused on. This animation engine is highly rated mainly due to the reasons mentioned. But it also has more capabilities than that. Some anime js examples include a circular button with a fill system that indicates progress. You’ll get to see something like this if you’re downloading something. It is a very good choice if that’s an e-commerce website that you’re trying to build.

anime web animations api


A cool little web animations API engine, Typed.js does as the name says. Therefore, it helps you create typing animations in your web pages. What happens with this one is that after you program it, information would come up and it will look as if someone is typing it in. And then, it disappears like someone is holding down on the backspace key. A perfect thing to have some fun with while trying to make your website look better.

typed web animations api

In the End…

You’ll have to build a good looking website which is great to interact with anyway. So, why not go the extra mile and incorporate animations? Animations are very catchy and in this day and age of fragmented attention. This might just be the thing you need.

closing points

Other than that, if you are one of those curious and tech-savvy types, then you might want to find out how far you can push things with this. That way, you’ll be able to find out a lot more and do a better job.

If you’re a budding professional web developer or web development services, skills in any of these would be worthwhile, as employers would want to have people in their teams with such useful skills. So, if you’re interested in this, stay in touch with the latest trends in web animations API. There are a lot more things that are in the process of development.

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