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Best Angular JavaScript Frameworks Available in 2018

Angular JS is one of the most famous JavaScript frameworks available today. Besides the enormous benefits like code reusability, swift development, flexibility, easy testing, etc. there is a plus point of the Angular framework that it is backed by a tech giant Google.

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According to Statista, AngularJS is the second most used JavaScript framework by developers globally.

AngularJS is known as the best JavaScript framework and is used by popular websites and apps like Forbes, weather.com, Google, healthcare.gov, Wix and many others.

The effectiveness of Angular framework and thereby web app development can be further augmented by using various AngularJS JavaScript frameworks. These AngularJS frameworks make your job much easier and faster.

Best Angular JavaScript Frameworks

Whether you are a developer or an entrepreneur who wants to build an app for a startup with the Angular framework, you must be acquainted with some of the best Angular JavaScript frameworks in order to simplify your efforts and get better results. Here I am listing out 7 mostly used AngularJS frameworks that would be useful for your next project.

Mobile Angular UI

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Mobile Angular UI is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks designed for building HTML5-powered mobile apps with Angular JS and Bootstrap. It provides a great support to libraries like overthrow.js and fastclick.js. Further Mobile Angular UI offers a variety of mobile components such as navigation buttons, switches, sidebars, etc. This is the best Angular JavaScript framework that enables you to transform web apps into mobile-friendly apps along with improved and responsive user-interface. The frameworks have got about 2,933 stars on the GitHub.

Angular UI Bootstrap

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As the name indicates this framework is built on a powerful front-end framework Bootstrap. Angular UI Bootstrap is supported by CSS and HTML5 that provides it with an added boost for developing native AngularJS directive. The best thing about this Angular JavaScript framework is that the developers need not depend on Bootstrap’s JavaScript or jQuery. Developers can choose the directive like color picker, data picker, carousel, dropdown and many more.  Angular UI Bootstrap has 14673 stars on the GitHub.


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Ionic is one of the most efficient and powerful Angular JavaScript frameworks used in front-end development. This Angular framework is optimized with AngularJS directives so as to make it competent to build CSS3 and HTML5 powered apps offering engaging user-interface. The Ionic framework comes with a software development kit (SDK) and some UI components without any extra cost. These UI components are useful for creating interactive hybrid apps for touch-sensitive devices. Probably it’s one of the highest rated JavaScript frameworks having over 34569 stars on the GitHub.


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Supersonic is a dynamic front-end Angular JavaScript framework used for building hybrid apps with rich interfaces. This framework easily integrates with the REST API and simplifies the data interaction in the backend. Supersonic enables you to create API-powered applications for Android and iOS mobile devices.

Suave UI

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Suave UI is the best JavaScript framework for building a web application using AngularJS. The specific composition of CSS directives is quite helpful for building the enhanced user interface. The CSS definitions, directives, and services help the developer to build an aesthetically engaging mobile and web applications. Suave UI provides a range of features like form elements, colored buttons, grid, and so on.


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Mean.io is an inclusive stack JavaScript framework facilitating rapid development of MEAN based web apps. With Mean.io you can build useful modules such as Passport and Mongoose that is configured and pre-bundled. Mean.io Angular framework also helps to design dynamic, single and multiple web application and hybrid application. The number of starts the framework has got on GitHub is quite impressive which is around 11,196.


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Radian is a scalable Angular JavaScript framework built on Asynchronous Module Definitions (AMD) and recognized as the best JavaScript framework for multi developing projects. The AMD helps both the individual developer and a complete development team to work in coordination and create amazing apps. Files like SAANS and JADE, CoffeeScript, etc. are very well supported by the Radian framework. Radian is the powerful framework that helps you to get apps built within the shortest possible time and achieve quick results.

Angular Foundation

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Angular Foundation is the highly used front-end framework that confers the features of advanced Foundation framework having responsive functions. It is a modern and customized framework that comes with a number of functional directives that relies on the Foundation markup and CSS elements. Angular Foundation enables you to design the web application with more semantic HTML components like interchange, dropdown, alert, process bar, trigger, accordion, and more. The framework has acquired 1096 stars on the GitHub.


With these amazing JS frameworks, you will not only save your efforts and time but also witness quite excellent results throughout your AngularJS app development project. However in order exploit all these development perks, you need to hire absolutely proficient AngularJS developers who are well-acquainted with such effective tools and frameworks. Do you agree with this? Just get in touch with us to hire such proficient developers and build a robust AngularJS app within less time period.

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