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5 Tools That Can Transform Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Cross platform mobile application is an affordable answer to the stress of selecting from native or iOS platform for your mobile app. Cross platform applications are those super applications that can run on all the platforms.

In today’s world of digital technology people are obsessed with mobile devices and there are several platforms available like iOS, Android and Windows. For businesses, it is necessary to connect to each level of client and that can be achieved by having a presence on each mobile platform.

If you want to develop an app for hotel booking then you will have to make sure that your app should run on all platforms because everyone cannot afford iPhone and it is not essential that everyone is satisfied with android so to develop a multi-platform online presence cross platform mobile app development practice is used.

Benefits of cross platform development:

  • Easy marketing

If your app is easy to run on a different platform then you will have more fans, as a result, you don’t have to put extra effort in serving a special set of people.

  • Uniform look and feel

If your app is for all platforms then there will be same code for all the platforms, as a result, the look and feel will be same.

  • Reduced development costs:

No need of developing the same app again and again for different platforms. One code will run on all the platforms.

  • Greater reach

The more platforms you cover the more people you will be able to reach. As a result more users. Cross-platform mobile apps were not in much demand due to their low functionality and performance issues. But with the evolution of mobile app development technologies cross platform has improved its performance and is now providing better functionalities and features.

Check out 5 tools that are capable of transforming the experience of cross platform mobile app users:

React Native

Cross platform mobile app development - React Native

Do you know react is developed by Facebook and Instagram for building UIs? Reactnative is used developed with the approach: “Learn once, write anywhere”. React Native can run in an embedded instance of javascript core inside the app and render to higher-level platform specific components. The code reusability feature of React Native provides easy code maintenance and less possibility of bugs as you can share the code with a different logic.


Cross platform mobile app development - Ionic

Ionic is an open source SDK mobile app framework for hybrid mobile app development. Ionic apps help in accessing code of third-party, speed of development and saving the time. Ionic framework comes with native-like mobile user interface elements and layouts. Ionic for app development is an effective framework for any industry. Ionic app development for Android is a dynamic market and requires optimization within short periods. Ionic is built on SaaS and gives a variety of UI components for creating rich apps. The framework comes with a set of default CSS and javascript components like sliding menus, form inputs, navigation, sliding Boxes and much more. Unable to resolve bugs in your code? We can help!!


Cross platform mobile app development - PhoneGap

PhoneGap is a cross platform mobile app development framework that allows developers to build mobile apps using HTML, CSS andJavaScript. Due to its opensource license the PhoneGap community provides compiled new codes and modules for free. The applications developed using PhoneGap can easily make use of features of native device like camera, geo location, accelerometer and much more. Looking for Phonegap developers for assistance? Hire Phonegap developers at an affordable cost.


Cross platform mobile app development - Xamarin

Xamarin eliminates the need of choosing one platform over another or the management of separate development team. Xamarin with visual studio allows developers to do faster development by utilizing the advantage of powerful IDE. It provides high performance compiled code with the access to native APIs. You can directly add a high-quality component to your app from the IDE, including web services APIs, control and much more. The controls and layouts of Xamarin.forms can be mapped to native controls. Need any support in coding? Talk to our Xamarin developer.


Cross platform mobile app development - jQuery

The addition of high level functionality to the main JavaScript framework has made development process with jQuery much consistent. JQuery is a JavaScript library that has made interaction between JavaScript and HTML extremely easy. The simple syntax and less coding results in loading of the page faster by using jQuery. JQuery is readable by all search engines and is supported by any mobile whose web browser supports JavaScript.

The process of our cross platform app development company starts with computation of your basic requirements. The basic requirements related to IT or business development, this is to ensure that best technology is used for your application. The team will work by keeping in mind the designs, uses, likes of the client. At each point, the client will be contacted. There will be no change in the design of the application without discussing it with the client.

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