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Social Media Design – How Design Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

One of the important aspects of social media marketing is visual design. It is vital for making an excellent first impression on new viewers. The good-looking account is attracting more people, getting more likes, followers, and marketers are perfectly aware of that. Nota bene that when you start your own business or a design agency, you need not only to make it look right but also to go official. Learn how to get an LLC beforehand and then start developing the quality of your presence on social media, ads, etc. Many businesses even go to great lengths by using a DIY design tool or hiring an on-demand graphic design service to make their profiles and graphics look enticing. If you want to know why visual design is vital in social media marketing and how you can improve your social media design and overall promotion strategy, welcome to this article! Where Can I Promote My Design Skills? 

Social Media Design: How Design Can Improve Your Marketing Strategy

There are many ways to promote yourself as a designer. Of course, having well-done profiles on popular social media like Quora, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. is a must. But another way to get some attention to your work is to become an expert on Quora. It’s a service that is created for sharing and achieving knowledge in all spheres of our life. By answering questions on a chosen niche, you gain Quora’s equivalent of “like” that is called “upvote.” People leave it if they find your answer informative and useful. Becoming a well-respected specialist on quora can attract new customers to you as a designer, and followers to your blog as well. In order to save time, you can buy Quora upvotes on Socialsgrow.com. It will help you to be noticed among the Quora crowd faster.

Importance of Visual Design for Promotion

Humans are achieving the information about the surrounding world with the help of perception channels. These are vision, hearing, touching, smell, and taste. And vision is the busiest one. It transmits to the brain around 90% of all information. The human eye is reacting better to everything neat and organized because it makes the process of information transmission and recognition easier. Marketers are understanding that mechanism and use it to get better results in their plans. 

Social Media Design – Branding

Making your profile accurate and stylish helps to increase the recognition of the brand. Graphic design is a powerful tool for catching the attention of the target audience. It is similar to the public image of a celebrity in fashion. Social media images, like covers on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, or the full profile on Instagram are demonstrating your professionalism. For any social platform, the key information to show through images would be:

  • Sharing brand values
  • Promotion videos and photographs
  • News
  • Information and visual representation of your product
  • Company’s credits (website, address, etc.)

A cohesive design is vital for easy brand recall. From your product packaging to your social media pages, your graphic design must always have common elements that tie them together. This is essential to build a recognizable image in consumers’ minds.
All that has to be realized in selected colors of your brand, with recognizable illustration/photography/logo design, and even fonts. A potential follower needs five seconds to decide if he wants to stay and discover more. The task of brand visual appearance is to get him hooked at first glance. 

Social Media Design – A Bit of Color Theory

As mentioned before, it is essential to choose colors that will represent your blog or business when you are creating your social media design. It would be wise to use the power of the color wheel and knowledge about the theory of color. There are three basic schemes for design. They will apply to the visual organization of your profile as well. In the picture above you can see three main schemes that are used in graphic design. 

  1. Complementary uses two opposite colors. It is a simple yet effective decision to make an outstanding design. It usually fits the best for covers on YouTube or Twitter.
  2. The analogous scheme is based on serial matching three colors that are next to each other on the color wheel. In this case, one color will dominate, the second one will be supporting it, and the third one is for accents. This one is more popular for profiles on Instagram or Pinterest.
  3. Triadic scheme is about choosing three colors within even spaces on the color wheel. This scheme is used to create a bright and dynamic impression. It can be used on all platforms, as it brings both harmony and contrast that are pleasant for the eye. 

Engagement Factor

On social media, products of whatever quality can easily gain enormous rates if they are excellently presented visually. Graphics are hooking us in and make us scroll the page down to enjoy our sight. An attractive picture of a product is triggering our imagination and we involuntarily start craving this product. Another popular reference in social media according to Singapore’s social media usage is a representation of certain trends. For example, the latest fashion vibes are all about 80s funk and 90s grunge. So no wonder that the profiles of popular brands on Instagram are full of editorials based on those styles. The secret of success is simple. The main target group for these brands is generally people who were children or young adults at the time. Brands simply speculate on nostalgic feelings.




What Content Should I Create to Stand Out From The Crowd?

The development of technologies and social media has brought us endless possibilities for content production. You can create original photographs and videos with the help of a smartphone at any time and without high costs. The main tips you should keep in mind are:

  • For a personal blog, you have to make a recognizable style of performance.
  • It would be helpful to get the basic skills of Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom for retouching your photos.
  • Define your main color scheme and stick to it as much as possible.
  • Create, use free, or buy a font for promotional and informational posts.
  • Keep your graphic design close to the topic of your blog. 

social media design example

E.g.: if you are an eco-aware blogger, choose soft natural colors, like chocolate brown and beige, with a bit of greenery. 

Social Media Design – Summary

The topic of social media design is endless. There are lots of aspects you must consider in your head when you establish a blog on social platforms. But the most important criteria for good graphic design are the overall look of professionalism and aesthetic joy that it brings to your profile. Putting a big effort in the matters of design will be repaid with the attention of your viewers. 

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