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The Top 10 Best Resources For Web Design Today

As a student given a difficult task to create and submit, it can be overwhelming, because he/she has no idea how to deal with it. That is why you need to use an essay pro review to offer guidance when you need it the most. This way, you will submit crisp content that will boost your grades. Back to the initial topic at hand, you need the right resources for web design to help you create the best websites and defeat the competition. Any web designer can create a website, but it takes a smart one to create the best site.

Gaining New Clients

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When you’re looking to gain more clients, then you have to be smart in what you do. The website you make for a client is their marketing asset. Therefore, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the clients visiting the site, would they be impressed with what they see? And if not, what can you do to make the site more interactive and impressing? It is estimated that around 63% of customers or clients use the company’s website to engage and look for the information they need. Also, a whopping 75% judge a company based on its website design.

Top web designers employ creativity and skill in making their clientele satisfied. What sets you different from the competition? A website is the 24-hour sales representative of a company. When everyone is asleep in the company, the site will provide the services needed by a prospect. For this reason alone, if not for anything, your website has to be perfect or near-perfect.

Steps to a Perfect Website

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The three essential steps to consider include:

  • Easy usage. The site you create should be user-friendly in all levels possible. A prospect of viewing the site from a mobile phone should get the same experience as the one on a computer.
  • Up-to-date. Archaic websites are equivalent to shooting yourself on foot. You will chase more clients away than you can sign if your website is outdated. So, try to stick to only modern resources for web design.
  • Easily convert prospects to sales. What is the primary need of a website if not to get customers signing or buying? Therefore, a good website must have the ability to translate the prospects of visiting into sales.

Characteristics of a Good Web Design

Your competitors in web designing are doing better than you, and you are wondering where the hole in the bucket is, right? Worry not as you will learn what makes them better and what you can do to match their work. First, here are some characteristics of perfect web design.

Fast Website

Nobody, especially in this era, wants a website that is as slow as a public queue. The average time that a website needs to load in three seconds. If it takes more than this, then you’re officially in trouble. A high percentage of visitors will abandon a site that loads data slowly. Sometimes it might be a problem with the user’s data plan, but in some cases, it can equally be your fault as a web designer. It is so severe to the extent of losing conversions just because of a slight second in delay. That’s one of the reasons to choose resources for web design which can help you overcome this problem or web design companies t0 help.

Optimal User Experience

As mentioned earlier in the text, this is an integral part of a good website. As a web designer, you need to come up with a user-friendly website. Now that you have dealt with the loading speed, you need also to make sure users don’t leave the website because of difficulty in usage. Moreover, the site should be designed in such a manner that it conforms with all devices, including mobile phones. Besides, users should quickly get what they are looking for within the first few seconds they have visited your site.


The website you create has to be visible, or it’s of no use. When arguing about visibility, a site needs to be seen on search engines, e.g., Google and bingo. Any online experience begins with a search engine. An average of 90% of users starts their online experience using search engines. You, therefore, need to have the website you are working on fully-optimized if you want this to be a reality.


The security of users on any site is mandatory. Whether it is their data or any other vital information, if you don’t configure your website to secure user credentials, then you have failed as a web designer. Besides, google sets secure sites aside from the others and gives them an advantage.

Modern Resources for Web Design

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Now that you have seen the basics needed for a brilliant website, here are the ten best resources for web design today:

Adobe Photoshop

This is one of the resources for web design that enables designers to create images and edit them and save in various formats. It has a myriad of tools that can transform any random image into a piece of art. It is effective for logos and banners.


Sketch is a brilliant vector graphics processing tool ideal for visual web designing. It is especially suited for interface and icon design.

Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

This software is ideal for visual editing and can create or edit a website and a mobile application. Not only does it support coding but also designing, splitting, real-time viewing, and more. It helps to create, modify, or write web pages.

Web Flow

This tool helps in designing websites and encoding. With the tool, designers can easily control the design through the use of a dedicated editor. An alternative is MotoCMS web design editing tool.

Google Web Designer

This is another one among resources for web design used to create HTML5 websites and advert banners.


This is a front-end framework based on CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. It makes web development easier and faster.

Mock Plus

It is a web prototyping tool that can help you make a creative page in five minutes or less. It has numerous features to help you do this, such as the table component and grid function.


This one of the resources for web design helps you to come up with color palettes using different schemes.

Adobe Color CC

It is a user-friendly color management application, which is one of the top resources for web design.


Finally, this is one of the best resources for web design used to create color combinations that can work in unison.

Final Words

Keep in mind that if the website model is poor, the reporters might probably reconsider doing business with the company. It is, thus, imperative to design a website in the right manner if you want your client to benefit from the experience.

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