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Why Is It Important to Design a Youtube Channel?

Everything that users call the design of the channel in the professional sphere is called the more complex term BRANDING. YouTube offers a whole range of opportunities to make your channel more recognizable among your audience. And now specifically on the list.

Youtube Channel

Why Is Youtube Channel Design So Essential?

The channel header can be compared to a candy wrapper. Admit, you choose a candy by its bright wrapper. If the wrapper is beautiful, then the candy must be tasty. The viewer of Youtube is guided by the same logic and goes to the page with the most attractive design. You would choose the same.

Why Do You Need to Create a Youtube Channel?

Youtube Channel To Attract More Viewers

The viewer, first of all, pays attention to the appearance of the channel. After all, it indicates your seriousness and the quality of the content. A nice visual has always attracted me. So if you want to attract a lot of subscribers – make a beautiful design for your channel.

Stand Out Among Your Competitors

Many people disregard the rule “Clothes make the man” and completely forget about the quality design of the channel. You may have a hundred times good youtube content plan, but the user may not reach it, coming to the channel of a more beautiful competitor. After all, he has aesthetics and attractiveness. It stands out. There are a lot of channels with similar themes to yours. Your job is to show that you are better than others. That you are different from your competitors. And a cool visual will help you do that.

The Rise in the List of Search Results

It is also crucial to make the design not only beautiful but also competent. After all, this is one of the leading commercial ranking factors. Do you want to be recognized? Do you want to increase the clickability of your YouTube videos, increase traffic and make your competitors jealous? By the way, this way you will get more potential customers. And the result – an increase in sales. So, making a stylish channel design is a must. It affects its popularity. And popularity, in turn, affects monetization.

How to Design Your YouTube Channel – Practical Tips

The Channel Icon

More often than not, it is the one that meets your potential subscribers first. It is shown as a small square in the upper left corner, also under each video of your channel, but already in a round format. You can also see it in the Interesting, Similar channels in a tiny square format. The Logo task is to convey a piece of information about your channel (find a synonym). And as clichéd as it may sound: you want it to be memorable and stand out from the others. To solve this problem, a logo or a part of a logo or a character (who will be the face of the channel) is usually taken as the basis. Such a channel icon will deliver essential information for your viewer.

Channel Header

This is your main welcome banner for viewers. Most often, it goes like this: the user has already watched your first video. He likes it and wants to see more exciting content created by you. So he clicks on the name of your channel, and what does he see? Experience shows that this is usually a picture from the Internet, downloaded and not optimized for the channel. If the channel is personalized, it’s a photo of the author. And there are special expressions of creativity of the authors, where the design made by hand does not add credibility.

Think about it! What would you like to convey to your subscribers? Slogans, main thoughts, publishing schedule – all of this can be reflected in the Channel Header on YouTube. Of course, you’re not limited to adding your portrait or logo on the YouTube banner. There are some ideas like promoting a new book or your new video series. So it is vital to highlight the main points and not to overload the reader with information. And also, take into account its visibility zones.

Remember that on PCs and smartphones, the headers are displayed differently.

Youtube Channel’s Logo

The branding of your YouTube channel is the most important part of branding your channel. It primarily serves the function of identifying your channel among others. The logo can be integrated into any element of your design. Channel icon, preview, intro – it can be present everywhere.


A custom video icon allows you to draw attention to your content. With an attractive, unusual, mesmerizing, sometimes shocking picture, you can play on a person’s curiosity, get them to click. Also, with the personalization of the preview, you allocate your content from the mass of information on similar topics. Help your viewer come back to you! Previews + recommended videos will do a great job.


This 3-10 second animation at the beginning of your video will also remind the viewer whose channel he is. This splash screen should not only be pretty, but it should be in the style of the whole channel.

The design of the channel on YouTube, definitely an important thing and should be taken seriously. Colors, fonts, logo – these are all parts of branding, which should be put together in an organic system, easy for the user to remember. This way, you will qualitatively improve your channel.

What Design Style to Choose for Your Youtube Channel

For a successful YouTube design, you need to stick to one style. Observe the rules of coloristic, etc. But how do choose the same style? Now we will consider this question.

The corporate style of the channel should be unusual, bright, and memorable. And show the viewer your image. And the style, in turn, is created with the help of colorism. Therefore, carefully select the color for the banner, preview, and logo. So what color is suitable for your channel?

Business and Finance

If you plan to talk about business, developing your capital, etc., use more subdued and austere shades such as gray, black, white, navy blue, or dark green.


Are you capturing the events of your life on video? Then choose brighter colors. Blue, green, yellow, etc., emphasize the brightness of your everyday life. Attract more viewers.


Are you revealing beauty secrets? Then you, like no other, should pay attention to the colors of the hat. Choose more pastel shades. Ivory, soft pink, white, beige, and others will cool accentuate your professionalism. Show that you can be trusted. And your advice should be listened to.


Quality travel videos are always fun to watch. Especially when the channel’s “wrap” is eye-catching. Choose bright styles. Bright blue would work best.


If the page is dedicated to children’s themes, feel free to apply color and catchy styles. Children especially like it when there are a lot of tones, and they are bright. But be sure to combine with each other. Red, yellow, green, orange, blue, pink. Decorate the channel in these colors and will not go wrong.


A channel about health should be made in shades that evoke confidence. They should soothe the viewer. So not a bad solution would be shades of green, blue, white, etc.

Youtube Channel on IT

Are you talking about modern technology or programming? Then choose at once a combination of bright colors on a dark background. For example, orange with black or dark blue would be great. You can also use green and yellow. In general, choose a style based on the colors. They should associate the user with your activity.

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