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YouTube Video Makers – Best Ones on the Market

YouTube has become a go-to platform for people who are looking to share videos or watch them. The ease of setting up an account and creating a channel to upload content has made it popular among internet users of all age groups. With some good YouTube video makers, you can convert a simple video shot on a smartphone to captivating content that reaches millions. Anyone can create a YouTube channel. So what can you do to earn more views and subscribers to your channel?

YouTube Video Makers

  • Upload quality content.
  • Add content that is organic, and not clichéd.
  • Creativity earns brownie points.
  • Set a pattern so that audience can come back at the right time for new videos.
  • Interact and engage with your audience through live sessions.

As you can see, uploading quality content is the first aspect to work on if you wish to steadily grow your channel. This is why you can visit here and find the following YouTube video-maker to be a useful tool. Edit your videos, add subtitles and background scores, and personalize the content to match your channel with these YouTube video editing tools.

Best YouTube Video Makers

Windows Movie Maker

If you would like to keep things simple, the good old Windows Movie Maker in Windows of the PC and laptop can be used effectively to create YouTube-ready videos. The best part is that the tool is free and it is most likely that you have already used it. It features a clean interface and you can master it in no time.

The good

  • The sleek and easy layout makes it easy for first-time users.
  • Though it is a free app, there are several features to explore.
  • It is fast and reliable when you have to work with large-sized video files. 

The bad

  • YouTube specific tools or features are not segregated on this app. 
  • There is a limited number of video effects for YouTube videos. 
  • You can only use it on Windows.

YouTube Video Makers – iMovie

The Mac counterpart for Windows Movie Maker is iMovie. This is another great choice for beginners who are working with a Mac computer. It gives you many options for basic video editing. It lets you add all the clips you want in the desired order, include transitions and titles, and change the position of each clip. All this can be done in a few simple steps, and you can then add the video to your local computer/ laptop or share it on YouTube directly. 

The good 

  • Editing specific portions of the video is easy.
  • You can improve the video appearance by adding themes and more.
  • Adding audio from the iTunes library is fast and easy.

The bad

  • Like Windows Movie Maker, the OS exclusivity is one thing that some creators might dislike.
  • There are limited choices for editing finer details like the text in the video. 


It is an online video editing tool that is also available as an app on Google PlayStore. It is one of the fastest video editors out there and it comes loaded with plenty of features. As a highly-acclaimed YouTube editing app, this one is fast, easy, and provides productive video editing features.


  • Has plenty of suitable themes and more for business videos. 
  • Multi-channel video editing and distribution options. 
  • Comes with an AI-powered video marketing channel.
  • Has an extensive soundtrack library for customizing your videos.


  • Options for adjusting the video length are limited. 

YouTube Video Makers – Loopster

For any new YouTube video creator, this is one of the most effective tools with plenty of resourceful features that are all easy to use. Use it directly from a web browser on a computer or laptop or download the sleek app from Google PlayStore or iOS AppStore. From transitions to graphics, text, and more, you can quickly add a wide range of details to your videos before uploading them. 


  • It provides ample scope for collaborators to work on a single video. 
  • It offers convenient video distribution across various platforms. 
  • There are hundreds of free sound effects for your videos. 
  • The interface is easy to use, even for users without video editing experience. 


  • For people who love to work with transitions in their videos, the choices are limited.

Video Toolbox

This is another lightweight online video editing tool that you can use from your desktop browser. You can easily edit your videos, add text, and also layer the video with a watermark to protect your content. You can save the final edited video in a variety of video formats. Saving and accessing your old videos is quite easy with the intuitive interface that this app brings. 


  • You can work on video files that are as large as 1.5GB.
  • Cropping and other features are very easy to use. 
  • Gives you the ability to work with a host of video formats. 


  • There are many other tools that bring a lot more editing options than this one. 


InVideo can be used for editing videos of all sizes and themes for all the popular social media platforms. After creating a free account, you can quickly start creating videos for YouTube with all the desired themes in minutes. There are easy plans to choose from for those who are looking to add a watermark and explore more features.

The good

  • There are many customized plans for all budget options. 
  • Provides an extensive toolkit for editors to add their personal touch.
  • Videos look professional and can be fine-tuned for YouTube Feed and Stories.
  • Plenty of stickers is available to add to your videos to add a pop of color. 

YouTube Video Makers – Conclusion

There are several YouTube video makers and editing tools available in the market. Some of them are fully free while with others you might end up spending a little extra in order to tap into all the features. These let you scale your video features as your YouTube channel grows. 

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