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Sources for Blog Topics – 10 Fresh Ones for Great Blog Ideas

The popularity of blogging is touching the skies. People love to read informative posts from various bloggers online. They find ways to relate themselves to the topic in discussion. Bloggers also enjoy interacting with people who share their opinions under the comments section of a blog. Bloggers, however, face some challenges while writing engaging and informative content for their audience. On top of the list of challenges faced by bloggers resides the choice of a blog topic. Bloggers face a tough time while looking for a suitable topic for their next blog. They sometimes get stuck in confusion about the selection of topics and sources for blog posts.

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Bloggers don’t get any clue from where to start. We decided to help those bloggers who are wondering where to get an idea for the topic of their next blog. In this article, we will discuss various sources for blog topics. Bloggers who don’t have any clue about the selection of topics for their next blog would find it really useful for them. These sources for blog posts are discussed below:

Explore Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines could be an excellent source of information. Dig in deep to look for topics relevant to your niche and study the articles or news published under the topics to get an idea about the details of the topic. After saving the topics in your mind, now it’s time to summarize the knowledge you have got from the newspapers and magazines in your own words. For further information, head on to Google to look for relevant content and note the highlights of the content for the outline of your blog.

Now that you have a substantial amount of research-backed info, it is time to rock the topic in your own words and then publish it. Don’t forget to ask for the opinion of your readers to get an idea about their thoughts regarding the issue. This would be useful for you; we will discuss it further in our discussion.

Sources for Blog Topics – Head on to Quora

Quora is a platform to get knowledge from people around the world. A lot of people ask their queries on this useful platform to remove their confusion regarding specific topics. You should also interact with people belonging to your industry or niche and get great insights and useful information in the form of answers.

There is no restriction regarding the topics you choose to post your questions, you’ll find discussion regarding literally anything from the Human race exploring mars to how deep in earth crust humans have gone so far?

It doesn’t matter how absurd or weird your question or interest is, you will find people like you on this platform who are as interested in the topic as you are. After signing up for Quora, you can opt for topics relevant to your niche. Whenever you log in to this informative platform, you will see the discussion related to your interest in your feed.

You will see the latest questions asked regarding the topic of your interest and their informative answers when you click on the ‘News Questions’ option. Let’s assume you have a keyword in your mind and you want to incorporate it in the topic for your next blog, go on to the search option in Quora and search for it, you will find plenty of discussions related to this keyword. You can choose the popular questions as the topic for your next blog.

Value Your Readers

As we discussed earlier, the comments containing opinions from your readers can be really useful for you in the selection of a topic. At the end of every blog post, ask your readers about their opinions and what went unanswered in this blog. Your readers would definitely share their opinions regarding the blog.

They would also ask questions and suggest the topics to write on. You can also ask them to interact with you through mail to express their queries to you. Once you read the comments under your blog and emails sent by your reader, you can certainly get an idea about the topic for your next blog post.

When you value the opinions of your readers and writers on the queries asked by them, it would certainly strengthen your relationship with your readers and vanish the problem regarding the selection of topics for new blogs.

Check Out Google Trends

Google search insights main image

You might have heard this name before, but believe me, Google Trends is a really effective tool for search of a great topic for your next blog. Enter the keyword you are interested in and search for it in the region of your targeted audience. You can choose any region from the US to Cambodia and even worldwide. It would show you the relevant topics and queries for the keyword.

You can also compare several keywords simultaneously to find out what topic is trending more in the region of your interest. This would help you in choosing a great topic for your next blog, which would be according to the expectation of the audience and at par with current trends. It’s free to use the tool and does its job effectively. It could be a blessing in disguise for bloggers who are stuck in confusion about the selection of topics for their next blog.

Take Help of a Survey

If you want to put up a blog with a topic selected by the audience, then there are plenty of easy ways to involve the audience in the selection of a topic. You can use a survey or poll to get feedback from your audience regarding what they would like to see from you in your next blog.

You can also incorporate all the questions asked you by readers by just publishing the frequently asked questions and their detailed answers. This would strengthen the bond between you and your audience.

It would reflect that you value them and try to help them in removing their confusion regarding your industry or niche. You can also send your significant readers an email asking about what should be the topic of your next blog. This won’t only enhance your interaction with your audience, but also help you in getting worth suggestions for topics from your audience.

Check Out the Social Media Trends

social media

You can also browse various social media platforms in search of a topic. Check out what is cooking up on social media. What topics are going viral and trending these days regarding your industry, interest, or niche. Then, dig it deep to find out what people are trying to ask or express about the topic using social media platforms.

You would surely get a great idea about the topic for your next blog. Now, do in-depth research about the topic and get substantial information about the viral trend regarding your industry. You can take the help of Google and conventional media for this purpose. After getting sufficient information, now is the time to answer the queries of people or express your narrative about the viral trend to engage a wide range of audiences through your content.

Choose a Controversial Topic

There is some controversy you know about. Some people agree with it while others totally oppose it. It is time to make your entry. Let it go of fear, don’t hesitate to express your narrative, even if it offends a number of people. Because that’s what essay writer and copywriters do, they don’t fear losing readers. They possess the capability of standing firm on what they believe is right.

Believe me, you will get the benefit of choosing a controversial topic as it would engage a number of people in the discussion. Whether they are opposing it or agreeing with it, you will get an idea about the thoughts of people. You can extract the idea for the next topic of the blog from the discussion of people under your blog or on social media. You can simply post an update of the previous blog on your next topic or incorporate the views of various readers of the blog and address them to create more engagement. This is how blogs go viral. Try it, and you will be amazed to see the results.

Get the Help of an Efficient Tool

content idea generator tools

If no idea hits your mind about the topic for your next blog, then don’t worry. It’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of things to use. You can leave it on your luck, use a random word generator to choose a random word to be incorporated in the topic or title of your next blog. Use the tool mentioned above for the selection of random words. There would be some word which would give you an idea about a particular topic for your blog. For example, you have to write something related to business, but you don’t have any clue about where to start.

You use a word randomizer mobile app just to look for the ideal word, and it shows something like ‘resilience’ on top of the list of random words, and you suddenly remember that you haven’t written on anything like resilience in business. If you have to incorporate a noun in your topic, it would also work as a random noun generator. It might look like a game, but it is instrumental in inserting thought about a new idea in a person’s mind. We recommend you to try it once in the moment of anxiety and see yourself.     

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Today a large number of people are using mobile applications hence load testing is very important to determine whether the application can bear a particular audience or not. Mobile application testing has evolved tremendously over the years and we have a lot to learn from it. One of the best ways to explore the evolution of mobile app testing would be by writing blogs. There are a great number of developers and testers who have shared their real-time experiences while testing mobile applications which have benefited a large audience. These blogs in any form of written docs serve major evidence and also a great medium for knowledge sharing in the testing community.

Sources for Blog Topics – Use BuzzSumo

There would be many viral articles and blogs getting shared in large numbers on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. How would you check out all these platforms shortly to dig in for an idea about the next topic? It surely would take a considerable amount of time, which may not be possible for you.

You can use BuzzSumo for this purpose. It would help you in finding the content related to your niche, receiving the most appreciation on social media platforms. You can certainly extract an idea or a list of ideas for your next blog topics. It is as easy as that. Just type the keyword in the search bar of BuzzSumo, and you will see a list of trending content with respective URLs and the number of shares on Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in.

Sources for Blog Topics – See Reddit

This platform may not be as popular as other platforms, but believe me, it is filled with informative discussions about various industries, including Genetic mutations and CryptoCurrency. You will see fresh and popular content on this platform. Moreover, you can browse relevant subreddits to read conversations according to your interests and industry. It may not look as easier as other platforms. Still, it is worth browsing because of the valuable information posted there.

Conclusion – Sources for Blog Topics

Choosing an exciting topic with the capability to appeal to the audience for the blog could be a headache sometimes. Bloggers don’t have any clue about what to do in this kind of situation. We stepped up to help these bloggers and listed 10 fresh sources to find ideas about the topic of the next blog. Try these sources for blog posts to get plenty of ideas about topics to be discussed in your blogs. You would find these sources for blog posts and platforms really useful for work. Happy blogging!

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