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The Best Content Idea Generator Tools

Have you got any idea why content development became such a painstaking venture? As today’s whip-smart internet users, along with the intelligently cultivated web search engine, take an uncompromisingly demanding approach to evaluate a website’s content, online businesses, in their turn, are beginning to deploy off-center solutions to optimizing it. Be it a thriving writing service where students apply for help with a request like “write my paper for cheap,” or a web design company providing people with the “architecture” and “embellishment” of their sites, any digital business now focuses on refining its website content or writing valuable content for a new website, searching for efficient content idea generator tools.

content idea generator tools

And while the term “content” has been circulating in today’s online marketing niche as a trending buzzword, the phenomenon of content development has established itself as an extremely difficult craft to tend to. Generating compelling and comprehensive text takes loads of creativity, knowledgeability, and skill and requires you to be familiar with the current tendencies of both content marketing and user preferences. And, normally, it’s rather challenging to keep up with all the trends and hypes encompassing this substantial element of business strategy.

Granted, the industry’s go-getters took note of the abnormal difficulty that surrounds this process and applied their mastery and enthusiasm to provide business owners with killer equipment for boosting their content strategy – top-notch tools for generating outstanding content ideas. In this broad article, we will list top content idea generator tools, exploring their value and uniqueness that draw millions of web business owners to utilize them!

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Featured by one of the world’s top-performing software developers, HubSpot, this ground-breaking content idea generator has served as an effective helper in topic development for puzzled marketers. HubSpot, the high-profile manufacturer of this revolutionary tech tool based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has earned a great name and reputation in the web development niche thanks to its quality products and for social media marketing, content management, and search engine optimization. The company is recognized for its colossal input in the advancement of tech marketing culture it made through delivering effective solutions to top web entrepreneurs of the niche.

And after releasing the topic generator product, one of its most prominent technology tools, the company gained an even bigger acknowledgment in the IT world. HubSpot’s blog topic generator brings the content management practice to a brand-new level, enabling marketers to generate striking blog post topics for their articles as well as impressive visual content ideas. The system powering this tech implements invites users to type as many as five nouns representing the general theme they want to highlight in their blog post. Then, the tool produces topics based on the keywords provided and frees the developer from grappling with title creation, compromising more important tasks to this wearing process.

Not only does this IT discovery concocts brilliant captions for your blog post, but it also prevents you from getting stuck with the confusing array of your great ideas that require proper and overlong trimming to make up a good title in the end.

Alltop Content Idea Generator

As the veritable hub of the information currently trending across the world, Alltop gathers breaking news from the media entities of top media platforms: TV channels, magazines, newspapers, and high-profile websites that provide the population with latest updates on what’s going on in the major sectors of today’s life. The range of the media “giants” featured by this service includes BBC, CNN, The Verge, New York Times, Wired, and many other remarkable icons of the modern information niche. By handpicking the hottest topics circulating in the media, Alltop gives marketers a good hint about what they should center their articles on as well as an inspiration to generate titles for their website content based on the compelling ideas its own content displays.

Alltop’s plain but accurately designed homepage showcases an extensive collection of information blocks, each representing a media service with an assortment of its trending articles. In its footer, the website offers a miscellany of popular topic categories, prompting users to take an insider’s look at what’s going on in the key spheres of the modern world. Alltop covers a wide spectrum of topics, from technology and politics to entertainment and culture.


This incredible topic generation tool is the best bet for marketers looking for a seamless and pleasurable experience receiving help with their content ideas or those who want somebody to write their paper for cheap. BuzzSumo possesses a number of useful features providing users with full-fledged assistance with topic creation. This smart tool lets you discover trending content represented by the most frequently searched terms and questions and center your own content ideas around it. Aside from this, BuzzSumo can generate a topic for you after you type a few words related to the topic you want to highlight in your article.

With this program, you also receive the exact calculation of the traffic of websites with the content that’s crushing it, which lets you assess its popularity. And having a clean and accurate picture of the current information trends will indeed give you some good clue about what topics you should write on.

UberSuggest Content Idea Generator

Developed by Neil Patel, an acclaimed genius of digital marketing and one of its leading entrepreneurs, this innovative content idea generator tool has revolutionized the traditional technology powering the modern SEO business. UberSuggest is a novel and multifunctional SEO tool giving the user an unmistakable and profound insight into the key trends of the search engine with the help of its rich feature set. Through exploring the inquiries the web receives from head to toe, this advanced program generates keywords ideas based on the keywords the user provides. UberSuggest’s advanced mechanism of extracting big data from the search platforms allows it to gather valuable information and pass it on to its users.

This SEO generator tool paves the way for your effective content marketing strategy as well as social media marketing success by equipping you with the essentials that underlie a successful content development process. Let’s take a peek at what features UberSuggest displays and what is so special and beneficial about them.

Domain Overview

content tools

The tool’s analytical perception helps it gain insight into the performance of any website it targets. Domain overview is an accurate summary of a site’s performance relying on the four major search categories: organic search, paid search, backlinks, and display advertising. Each of these searches allows the machine to screen the website from top to bottom, yielding its comprehensive and extensive evaluation. And this, in its turn, allows users to reason whether or not they should consider content ideas featured by that website.

Top SEO Pages

Another beneficial feature of this UberSuggest is its ability to discern top websites that rank for popular keyword phrases. With this special feature, you’ll be able to find out what keywords bring high traffic to a site as well as what topic ideas you need to take note of.

Keyword Suggestions

Are you looking for effective keyword suggestions and are disappointed with the previous search results from less smart tools you’ve used? Then rush to use this feature of excellent UberSuggest! It carefully and masterfully collects leading keywords from the web and provides you with the volume, competition, and seasonal trends of each keyword phrase. This program also lists important keywords based on the SEO results of your competitors.

Content Data

content idea generator

UberSuggest also provides marketers with highest-ranking content pieces for the trending keywords, thereby giving you some clue about what content ideas you need to implement in your strategy as well as what keywords worth using in that content.

Backlink Data

Backlinks are the cornerstones of a website’s successful performance. By linking to the content of the pages you collaborate with, you let Google spot your website and rank it higher. This makes backlinks extremely important to Google’s algorithms. And the more popular the website is, the higher the odds that placing your backlink there will bring you more traffic. And with UberSuggest, you can receive the information about the top-performing websites and the exact content that most users link to.

Google Trends

This incredibly useful user-oriented program will give you a complete spectrum of most popular queries from all over the world, comparing them with the help of graphs. Google Trends will show you trending keyword phrases, along with the latest content trends across the web. It can be used for a large number of marketing purposes and content idea creation as well. The mechanism that this tool relies on makes it very easy for users to get through the search process, requiring them to only type one of several search items and get extensive and comprehensive results from this intelligent machine.

After you type a keyword in the search field of Google Trends, the system provides you with a chart demonstrating the interest of this keyword based on the past years of any given country. Thus, you will be able to see how popular the topic that this keyword stands for was in each particular year and whether or not its popularity decreased. Right below the chart, you will see a diagram displaying the interest for the given keyword by sub-regions of the country you’ve chosen.

Portend’s Content Idea Generator

Perfect for generating creative and catchy ideas that keep up with hip trends, this tool provides you with out-of-the-box solutions in a quick and straightforward way. Portend’s content idea generator works similarly to the tools we mentioned earlier: a user types a keyword and receives a plentitude of search results they can use as inspiration for their content ideas.

The design of Portend’s website is quite joyous and fancy, which may prompt marketers to think that this tool is rather inaccurate in its reasoning and conducts superficial research. But this is a wrong assumption to stick to – this content idea generator sharply and meticulously scrutinizes the current search inquiries and delivers sound content management solutions to its users.

Answer the Public

Forget about the boundaries and conventions of utilizing keyword research programs – the revolutionary technology that Answer the Public operates on makes it an outstanding tool boosting users’ imagination and helping them come up with noteworthy solutions to their content management challenges.

This innovative program visualizes search queries and autocomplete searches using a search cloud, and thus facilitates getting around with a confusing abundance of search results users are forced to deal with. Its unbridled functionality and the spotless performance permit marketers to obtain rigorous search insights into the preferences of online consumers and maintain the right balance between making the informativeness and attractiveness of their content.

Content Idea Generator – Social Media

social media

It would be impossible to imagine the modern world without social media. Is it really possible to live without Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram? After all, the whole world, from adults to Millennials and Generation Z develops the virtual universe that consists of ideas. That is exactly what you should look for on social media – ideas. Taking that into account, learn how to use your profile on Instagram.com to generate ideas. You can follow not only friends and colleagues, but also photographers, designers, artists, performers, musicians, travelers, poets, avid readers, painters, sculptors, and other cultural figures. Do not waste your precious time while scrolling through your social media feed. Instead, use that time for generating content ideas.

Consider your following list as a source of inspiration that may provide you with brilliant ideas. Imagine that you are working on an essay about traveling, but you have never been farther than your grandmother’s village. And besides, you are not a big fan of popular traveling shows. Those are the reasons why the essay frightens you; you just do not even know how to start it, not to mention its development and successful completion. What can you do? Exactly, look at the recent posts of the travel photographers you are following on Instagram! One of them just visited Scotland; why don’t you write the essay about one of the tiny beautiful towns there? Thus, Instagram can be used as a content idea generator tool.

Animated Ideas

Nowadays, video materials, in many cases, replace books, articles, magazines, and journals because watching is easier and faster than reading. One may regret that thick volumes of Tolstoy or Shakespear are not in trend anymore. However, there is nothing wrong with the fact that humanity is progressing. Moreover, talented men and women from around the world contribute to the growing body of animated material on video hosting sites. Consider using Vimeo.com to generate content ideas for your own work. You may travel along with the bloggers, taste various national food with the professional tasters, listen to the interviews of famous, talented, and intelligent personalities. In other words, Vimeo is the gateway to the universe of information. Ideas come alive when you see them animated or in motion.

Your imagination is enhanced and empowered by quality pictures and rare footage that would be impossible to see without video hosting sites. Therefore, follow people whose content might be helpful for you. Do not waste time watching what you already know or good at. On the contrary, try to expand your horizons. Try to watch videos from individuals whom you have never heard. Try to explore the world by watching videos from locations previously unknown to you.

Get inspired by nature and its beauty. For example, you may want to watch videos from Northern Lake Baikal in Russia. Or, for another example, watch documentary films about significant historical events (such as the Battle of Hastings). Who knows what you will need the other day? Self-education can help you to overcome a crisis of ideas. In other words, be creative with Vimeo because that is the only way to generate content ideas.

Content Idea Generator Tools – Final Thoughts

Just a couple of decades ago, brainy and hard-working entrepreneurs, who never bothered attaching the word “digital” to the term “marketing” spent days in their stuffy office space straining to conjure up meaningful ideas for their marketing strategies. And when the commercial world succumbed to the bright and ruthless IT machine, marketing, one of the most significant and impactful practices society has indulged in since the dawn of capitalism, was given a limitless outlet for its evolution. There it would have to rub shoulders with writing creativity and literacy, while the new generation of business owners stepped onto the path of advanced culture of running their enterprises.

Today’s technological breakthrough provides online marketers with ground-breaking means for cultivating their businesses within the conditions of advanced intelligence, unrestrained knowledge, integrity, and honesty. Reconciling marketing and content, the two once contrasting and incompatible phenomena, the digital revolution crafted an unprecedented environment for a modern business to thrive and prosper, while giving entrepreneurs priceless tools for reaching the ultimate stage of their business development. The power of a sharpened marketing strategy, augmented by refined and wisely wielded language, is what we today call content marketing – the practice that opens doors for people of business to win the hearts of customers. And the content idea generator tools that help marketers produce mind-blowing content ideas empower them with time-proven and user-oriented solutions that will help them hit it out of the park!

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