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Roofing Advertising: Powerful Techniques You Need to Know About

Marketing for roofing companies can be a daunting task. Many companies have learned that having a high-quality product can lead to less income if the marketing department is uneventful. Marketing is a field that requires people who can think on their feet as well as individuals who are adaptable to the changing waves of technology. Currently, people are slowly moving from the expensive television, radio, and print media to online roofing advertising campaigns.   

Roofing advertising seo marketing leads

Roofing SEO & Google AdWords

People are warming up to the idea of using options such as SEO and Google AdWords. These options have proven effective and an easy way to conduct one’s advertisement. Regardless of one’s focus or line of business, these advertising options can help one increase their business’ appeal and reach. In this way, running an AdWords campaign for roofers is easier, cheaper, and more effective than having one’s advert run on a television channel. Internet marketing is indeed the way to go ahead by focusing on an AdWords campaign for roofing companies. So, read on how to run a profitable AdWords, on your own or with professional WillbeCoded AdWords help.

First of all, to successfully manage an AdWords campaign for roofers, one needs to provide accurate information. When a prospect or client clicks on an ad, they need to find the right information that will help them understand that this is the best company with best services in their location. People who are managing the site need to understand that potential clients should only be allowed to see what is accurate and appropriate for prospects’ needs. For instance, the use of Sitelinks extension (the free extension offered by Google) can be an idea worth exploring. Sitelinks extension helps to add up to four additional links in an AdWords ad. This helps to give clients more options to explore a site. Clients will feel comfortable if they visit a site which breaks down information and does not include everything in a single page.

Negative Keywords: What, How, Why To Use

Next in roofing advertising, the use of negative keywords cannot be emphasized enough. Negative keywords are indeed essential and can help to answer the question how to get roofing leads without wasting your budget. Negative keywords work differently because instead of being used to specify where an ad should appear (as, for example, geo-keywords are used), they are used to specify where an ad should not appear. How to get roofing leads? You need to make sure that it is targeting the right people first. This means that only people with roofing needs or problems will be able to view the ads. An AdWords campaign for a roofing company will indeed be more effective if it includes a few hundreds of negative keywords.

Roofing Advertising: How To Get Leads

How to get roofing leads can indeed be an issue worth sweating for. Getting leads is quite easy but getting qualified leads which are from prospects can be quite a problem. However, Google made our work easier by including geo-targeted keywords. And it is a great way of marketing for roofing companies. When it comes to business, location is essential. Thus, targeting the people who are closer to one’s business can increase one’s chances of attracting the right people. Prospects who are far away from one’s business can give to an owner a false hope and the sense that their business is attracting many leads.

Therefore, before setting an AdWords campaign for a roofing company, it is essential to, first of all, define your targets. Afterwards, include geographical keywords which will help to reduce the number of visitors. These also increase the company’s chances of getting and increasing their qualified leads.

In conclusion, marketing for roofing companies is quite a task and it requires careful planning as well as execution. It is quite easy to run an advert for a long time without increasing leads or even the prospective clients. Therefore, the right measures and steps need to be upheld.


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