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PUBG Red Light Green Light Mode: Is it Worth Playing?

The increasing popularity of Netflix’s most-streamed show of the year 2021 has literally taken the whole world by storm and while companies from clothing brands to mask vendors are trying to cash in on this opportunity, it’s the gaming industry that’s taking the deepest dive in. Squid Game’s video game adaptations come in all shapes and sizes and Roblox was among the very first platforms to introduce some of the best remakes of the popular Korean show. But none of them came from a BIG company, until recently! PUBG has come to the spotlight with its own version of the popular Red Light Green Light game, and here is everything that you need to know about it.

red light green light

Survive the Evil Rabbit

PUBG came to join the party with their very own twist and of course, an evil rabbit! Most of the features and the concept of the game remains the same, with the players having to move from one part of the playground to the other without getting caught by the evil rabbit. And just like the original version of the game, players start from the far end behind a starting line and have to slowly move towards the evil rabbit. And if you don’t already know the rules of moving, here they are.

  • Players have to stay behind the starting line before the countdown and once it’s finished. Players will start moving from one end to the other, where the evil rabbit is at.
  • But they can only move when the rabbit is facing the other way and the music is playing. Once the music stops and the rabbit start facing the players, you have to completely stop without doing any sort of movement.
  • You have to repeat this process until you get to the other end without dying. But if you make any movement when the rabbit is facing towards you, you will be eliminated from the game.

This might sound simple and it is, but it requires a lot of focus and patience to be able to make it to the other line without getting spotted by the evil rabbit and getting kicked out of the game. If that sounds like too much of an effort for you, you can always PUBG mobile boosting to help you out. But the question here is, is it really worth playing?

Is Red Light Green Light PUBG Worth Playing?

Red Light Green Light, or React Survival, as PUBG calls it, is quite fun actually but it’s nothing too good to be excited about. It can provide you with a few rounds of fun with the guys but after a few plays, you will get bored of it because of the lack of replayability.

React Survival can be quite fun if you play it for a short time, the unexpected behavior from other players adds quite a nice touch to the whole experience. And sometimes it can get quite hilarious when other players try to outsmart the evil rabbit and end up getting shot by it. The thrill of this game is quite exhilarating, especially when you reach too close to the finishing line.

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