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Email Finder Tools – How to Create a Cold Email that Actually Works for Business

Cold emailing isn’t dead. It’s just the approach that has changed. As you are constantly searching for customers for your business, sitting around and hoping they will find you is not going to help the cause. Contrary to this, you must go out, identify the prospect and tell them about your existence and encourage them to purchase your product or services. But the question arises, how should you do it? And the answer is cold emailing or sending a cold email.

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Currently, around 3.8 billion people are using email. It means there’s a massive opportunity for businesses to get in touch with the people they want through cold email. In this detailed guide, we will give you a complete insight into cold emailing, ways to find an email for cold emailing, and tips to write an effective cold email that actually works for business. So stay with us.

What Is a Cold Email?

A cold email is regarded as an email sent to the prospects without any prior permission or notification. Businesses use it to start and maintain a new business relationship with their targeted audience. However, you should not confuse cold email with spam email. Spam emails are sent to multiple addresses at once without researching the relevancy or existence of the recipient. However, a cold email is sent to the qualified receipt that proves to be fit for the campaign. It has the confirmed email address. And the goal of a cold email is to build a relationship with customers.

But many people raise the question, does cold email still work? In short, yes. It is still worthy. According to a report, 89% of marketers are still using email for lead generation, and they are getting fruitful results. Due to its effectiveness, scalability, and affordability, it is still the most reliable tool. Various small and medium enterprises are using cold emails to get more customers. However, some people find it difficult to get a verified email list. If you are one of those, don’t worry! We have got you covered. Let’s find out what are the different ways to find an email address for cold emailing.

 Ways to Find an Email Address for Cold Email

As the business world has become more competitive, using email to make new connections has also increased. Here are some of the best and free ways to find a prospect’s email address without any hassle.

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook(About)
  • Google Search
  • Twitter bio
  • Company website (Contact us, about us)
  • Email finder tool

However, the best among all is getting help from an email search tool. These tools usually work on the fermium business model, and you might have to pay for hunting more emails. However, these email finder tools are highly effective and work using.

Importance of an Email Finder for Any Campaign

Email finder tools play a salient role in finding personal or business emails. Using email hunting software is effective in connecting with more people and building a large customer pool. Moreover, in this competitive online business market, it’s a must-have tool to automate your email marketing campaigns and upsell your product or services. Let’s have a look at two of its considerable benefits.

Business Development

The marketer nowadays thinks that having a gigantic email list is a key to propelling in business. It is because having an email list under your belt can help you target your future customer and automate the drip campaigns with ease. Keeping that in mind, an email finder tool is of utmost importance as it provides you with all.

Besides this, using any email finder tool can open new opportunities for your business by helping you find new investors and partners, influencers, and more. Furthermore, you can reach out to more prospects and sell the product and service. That will eventually lead to the development of business.

Lead Generation

If you want to develop a sale pipeline, an email finder is a tool. Regardless of the type of business, email hunting software works amazingly to generate leads and automate lead generation activities. By using email finder tools, you can collect the email ids, build an effective email list, and use that list for cold emailing to nurture the prospect and convert them into a customer.

How to Write a Cold Email that Actually Works for Business?

Compelling Subject Line

The subject line in cold emails works as a door to bring new customers. In cold emails, the subject line should be intriguing as it is likely to make the first impression. A poorly written subject line will not bring the desired result, and the customer might decide not to open the email based on that. Also, they can mark it as spam which is worse than anything. Therefore, while writing an effective email, make sure to write an intriguing subject line as it will persuade the customer to open it.

To make the subject line intriguing, you can focus on these steps:

  • Consider the prospect’s point of view.
  • Pique their interest
  • Personalized them
  • Avoid sounding salesy
  • Don’t be too formal
  • Tie it to the rest of the email

Propose the Value by Talking Features, not Benefits

The prospect doesn’t care about your awards or how awesome you are. While reading your cold email, they are more concerned about what value it is likely to bring. So once you have a great opening line and compelling subject line, get to the point and propose the value. You can talk about:

  • Why are you reaching out to them?
  • What you have to offer?
  • How they can get benefits by starting a business relationship with you
  • How other people are businesses are benefiting from these offerings.

As you are reaching out to a prospect with the hope of converting them into a customer, be sure to give them insight into why they should look for a change.

End with a Call-to-action

That’s the last stage of sending an effective cold email. Although you are done here, closing the email with a clear call to action is of utmost importance. It is the step that clarifies what you want your prospect to do after reading the email.

A clear call to action will persuade your targeted audience to perform the certain action you want them to do with your email. It can either sign up for a solution, schedule a meeting, reply to the email, or give feedback. However, whatever you want your prospect to do, the important thing is keeping it simple and straightforward.


Writing an effective cold email that looks professional must include a signature. Signatures usually have the name, designation, and phone number. However, you can also add your website’s URL.

Cold Email with Email Finder Tools – Conclusion

Over the years, marketing experts are using cold email as an effective channel to capture warm leads and fill their sales funnel. If you are struggling to find quality leads, focus on the component mentioned above and create the best cold email your prospect has ever received.

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