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Video Marketing for Targeted Lead Generation

Video marketing is one of the most efficient content creation strategies for the targeted lead generation. Thanks to its dynamic visual component, a video is able to inspire user interest and produce leads to business better than most of the other types of digital content.

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Numerous studies already proved the power of video content in finding qualified leads. We selected just a few stats to prove this statement:

In such circumstances, it is not the question whether to use video marketing for the targeted lead generation or not but rather how to do it in the most productive manner. In this post, we will show you 7 ways how to generate leads using video content.

Define the Preferences of Your Target Audience

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The looks and the nature of marketing videos depend on the preferences of your target audience. It’s the reason why you have to carefully analyze an average prospect before writing a screenplay for the targeted lead generation.

It is necessary to determine the basic features of your customers such as age, gender, location, values, income level, and education. This will help you learn more about the buyer persona and adapt videos so as to target leads most effectively.

Audience targeting answers one important question – am I supposed to design an entertaining or informative video? Of course, marketing video should contain both features but your audience determines whether to put more emphasis on education or fun and entertainment.

Besides that, you need to be careful about video length. According to the research, the average length of the most popular Youtube videos is somewhat above 4 minutes, but we recommend you stick to the content that lasts not more than 200 seconds in order to improve the pay per lead ratio.

Product Demonstrations for Targeted Lead Generation

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One of the most frequently used marketing tactics is to create explainer videos or product demonstrations to advertise your products or services. The logic behind this format is simple – you get viewers acquainted with new releases and use the opportunity to discretely convince them to buy the item.

FollowUpThen is the scheduling and productivity software that uses video marketing to explain the benefits of this app. It’s a short and concise piece of content that precisely describes the advantages of FollowUpThen, which is exactly the point of product demonstrations.

If you want to create this type of video, you should focus on several aspects of the product:

  • Quality: You need to tell viewers what makes your brand better than other competitors.
  • Pricing: Discuss the pricing policy and explain how it relates to product quality.
  • Features: Show how the product works.
  • Customer service: Keep the prospects informed about your customer service to increase brand credibility.

Gated Video

Gated videos are another valuable tactic for the targeted lead generation. Richard Romero, a video production specialist at Resumes Planet, explained this marketing concept: “Gated videos have a subscription form that users need to fill in before watching content. This means a subscription form represents sort of a gate potential customer needs to go through in order to consume your content”.

But how exactly do you produce gated video content? First of all, you need to offer users a teaser so they can see what it’s all about. After that, you will add a mandatory subscription form. It’s not an optional feature because you want leads in exchange for quality content. As soon as viewers subscribe, they can continue watching your video.


You’ve probably figured out by now that the purpose of marketing videos is to inspire people to engage and make a move based on your inputs. It’s a great model to acquire new views for free and avoid the pay per lead marketing tactic.

There are essentially two ways to add CTA to your videos:

  • Annotations: This tool lets you easily layer text, links, and spotlights to your videos. It makes video content interactive as viewers can choose what to see next and even engage with your Youtube clips.
  • Links to landing pages: You can invite Youtubers to check out a new video or simply let them follow the link to the landing page and hopefully ensure new leads and conversions. For instance, this video describes the best photo editor for PC free and gives the corresponding URLs to their websites.

Video Landing Pages

Speaking of landing pages, you could even go one step ahead and design video landing pages. What makes this type of digital content so interesting? We will mention a few important things here.

Firstly, video landing pages make complex products such as software or plugins look simpler and more accessible. At the same time, video content can be much more entertaining than traditional landing pages, thus increasing the overall conversion potential.

Thirdly, landing pages like this can behave as standalone sales offers due to their attractiveness and high-quality production. The last but not the least important reason to create video landing pages is that they look more professional and appealing than their traditional counterparts.

This is what Autopilot used in their Youtube marketing strategy. They made the new product preview that also serves as the video landing page. Check out their content to see how it works and get inspiration for your own video landing pages.

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials represent a higher level of the word of mouth marketing. What makes them so special is the feeling of honesty and reality because viewers get to see real people, to hear their voices, and watch their facial expressions.

This is a big improvement compared to plain textual testimonials because a lot of companies used best photo editor for PC free to create generic faces and publish fake online reviews. Video testimonials made this marketing tool more credible and effective in terms of targeted lead generation.

Case Studies

Although video testimonials made a big leap compared to traditional online reviews, most businesses invest more time and budget to shoot video case studies instead of testimonials. Why is that so? It happens because case studies provide users with an in-depth analysis of a product or service.

As a viewer, you get to see how real companies used the product to improve their performances. This is exactly what an average client needs – to take a look behind the scenes to understand how certain services resolve personal or professional challenges.

Adestra is an email automation provider case that used one of its clients to create a convincing case study. It shows how Serious Sport utilized the platform to turn from a small-time retailer to one of the country’s biggest sports gear sellers.


People are visual beings and they prefer watching videos over reading plain textual articles. Marketers are aware of this fact, so they exploit video content to target leads more efficiently. In this post, we showed you 7 ways how to generate leads using video content.

Have you ever used videos to generate new leads to business? Do you have other interesting ideas to share with our readers? Feel free to let us know in comments and we’ll be glad to discuss this topic with you!


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