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Explainer Video: What It Is & Why It’s Efficient for Online Marketing

For content creators and bloggers, attracting potential customers is also already a difficult task to do. Maintaining your traffic flow is another story. It might be easy to think that the relationship that you have with your customers could stay on after you have connected with them. But this is not the case. From pure text content to an explainer video, your blog should have the necessary information to keep your customers from leaving your site.

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An explainer video, in particular, is an essential marketing strategy that could make or break your business. So what exactly is this type of video? How does it become an effective form of marketing? On this article, we are going to answer such questions. We are going to further provide you with several more information about this type of video so that you will have ample idea on its usage and its mechanisms.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short – usually animated – video that is commonly used by businesses and brands to tell their stories in a way that could be remembered by the customers. Also known as homepage video or landing page video, this type of video explains the business idea in a simple yet engaging manner. By using clear and straightforward tone and language, you can evoke the message you are trying to convey.

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This type of video also uses attractive visuals. This way, you are able to grab the attention of your viewers much easily. Because it contains enough information, this video will surely help your customers with their issues and concerns in a rather creative manner.

What are its Main Characteristics?

An explainer video is different from any type of video as a marketing video. This is due to the fact that its characteristics differ from theirs. Here are some of its main characteristics. Explainer videos are short and simple. They are able to deliver the message in a concise and straightforward manner. On average, these videos do not last longer than 90 seconds. They are also able to pass out a clear message by following the classical narrative structure.

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Great explainer videos are focused on a certain audience and their concerns. They take into consideration the problems that your target audience are facing. This way, they will feel identified with the proposal of the company.

These videos also use animated characters to give an engaging and entertaining touch that will surely attract a lot of customers. These animations are set to music and sound effects that usually sets the mood to tell a specific story.

How is this type of video effective in Marketing?

After defining and providing the characteristics of explainer videos, it is also best to identify the ways on how this type of video is effective in marketing. This way, you could consider placing explainer videos on your website, thus helping you improve your traffic volume. We have collated three of the ways on how explainer videos are efficient in marketing. Explainer videos help build brand awareness. By carefully and creatively applying the color of your brand on your video, you are able to provide your audience with a recall of your products. Additionally, they will get to know that you are the one who is behind that proposal. When they are able to connect to your brand, they will develop a sense of connection between them and your brand.

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Explainer videos help boost your online visibility. This is due to the fact that they help make your site visitors stay on your page much longer. Hence, search engines would rank your site higher than usual. These videos will also provide you a way to be a part of YouTube, the third largest social networking platform.

Explainer videos could help you explain your brand to your customers in just a few seconds.  This is because, in a fixed amount of time, you are required to give a background on your brand or business idea, followed by other essential items relating to your company. These videos could quickly grab the attention of your visitors.

Explainer videos could increase conversions. Since they are eye-catching and appealing, these videos could encourage people to keep on watching them. By doing so, you could begin growing your conversion rates.

Examples of Explainer Videos

To demonstrate how an explainer video looks like, I have compiled some great explainer videos videos which could be seen online. Take note of the structure of the video, its content, and its matter of delivery.

How Deep is the Ocean? (Tech Insider)

Ethical Coffee Chain

What is an API? (MuleSoft)

What is AI? (HubSpot)

Water Mark

Final Thoughts

It is worth noting that such videos could be used efficiently when creating a site. Whether you are making an automobile site, an academic blog, or a travel page, an explainer video will surely come in handy in providing your customers with the necessary information to stay on your blog longer. Additionally, it provides an aesthetic appeal to your site to allow users to see various figures on your website.

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