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Ecommerce Marketing Strategy – How To Drive Sales

The rate at which e-commerce marketing is growing today is quite impressive. As people are turning to shop online, more and more retailers are moving to online business. Like the current e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Alibaba, and Flipkart, every e-commerce company uses a unique eCommerce marketing strategy to increase traffic, boost conversions, and improve sales. According to Shopify, the global e-commerce markets will reach $4 Trillion by 2020. This means competition for online marketers will be more than ever before. It will be crucial to see which eCommerce marketing strategy could be useful in getting higher sales.

Do you know which marketing plan for eCommerce business would be valuable for your e-commerce campaigns? From effective content marketing to powerful social media campaigns, there are literally many ways to change the e-commerce industry’s future. No one can accurately predict user search trends and new Google search algorithms. So let me share some important eCommerce marketing strategies that can be the key to driving more sales:

Target Mobile Users in your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy


Today, the rate of smartphone usage is increasing at a blinding pace, and most of the time, customers are using mobile devices to reach your business. People are getting busier by the day and they are always on the go, which is why mobile shopping is increasing accordingly.

Normal websites are increasingly being converted into responsive or mobile-friendly websites. E-commerce stores are using apps that are helping them in reaching a wider audience. This rising trend of shopping through a mobile app has drastically changed the way businesses approach their strategies as far as their prospects are concerned. They are creating engaging mobile apps for their business so that they can bring in more sales. Nowadays, it is really hard for marketers to cover users into loyal customers by conveying the quality of their products.

The first thing to consider for building a fully customized mobile website is using an amazing UI that runs smoothly on all devices. For that, you need to host the website using a dedicated server that boosts its speed, security, and performance. Effective hosting helps in managing the bandwidth of your website. Understanding the difference between hosting services is crucial because each hosting technology will impact your website’s performance.

Apart from a mobile-responsive website and speed optimization, you must think about a mobile app. Creating a mobile app could be a little bit costly for your small business, but from a long-term perspective, it can be a game-changing step for you. There are a number of mobile app companies that offer pre-built or bespoke e-commerce apps at low prices. So after making a few necessary changes, you can customize these apps according to your business needs.

Remember that you don’t need to make functions too complicated. Keeping them simple, easy to use, with good UI, and a hassle-free shopping cart will help your users get everything easily.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategy – Optimize Your Product Pages

From conversions to sales to orders to bounce rates, everything related to eCommerce marketing strategy depends on your product pages. Product pages get most of the users’ attention because this is what users are coming to your online store for. Thus, you need to focus on the optimization of your E-commerce product pages for higher conversion, user experience, and sales. You need to add your product page design to your eCommerce online marketing campaign so that you can improve sales.

The first step to consider is the design of your product pages. You must design a mobile-responsive and user-friendly landing page for the products. It will go a long way to captivating your customers. You can visit here to review the design of the top landing pages. You can also review the Amazon product page:

ecommerce marketing strategy pros

Points to Be Considered

  • The navigation function must be easy so that users can find the required products quickly.
  • A clear call to action wherever it is necessary.
  • The product description should be on the page.
  • Product images must be HD, and the zoom function should be there.
  • Shipping and delivery functions must be mentioned clearly and distinctly.
  • Have easy payment checkout options.
  • Offers and other discounts must be visible clearly.
  • The “Add to cart” or “buy now” option must be highlighted.

For example, ASOS designed a user-friendly product page with all these functions. Check out the image below.

best ecommerce marketing strategy

Faster load time is a frequent talking point when it comes to website optimization. The Shopify eCommerce platform comes to the fore when we talk about page speed. Shopify includes mobile commerce features and can be managed with an iPhone or Android device. With the Shopify app, you can view all factual information about your online store from your iOS or Android device. You can check your sales statistics and view products, orders, and clients’ data.

If you want your store to achieve better rankings in the Google search results, it is necessary to make the shop more visible to search engines. For instance, using Shopify Roxxe responsive multipurpose theme, you can personalize SEO product tags. You will be able to add specific information about your goods in meta titles and meta descriptions. Thus, you will improve your position in the search results. To improve your SEO ranking, fill in the corresponding information under Online Store -> Preferences sections. 

shopify template

Roxxe Shopify theme is an all-in-one solution, perfect to create online stores based on any business niche purpose. Up to now, the theme package already contains 13 absolutely unique skins. Check here the available Roxxe multifaceted skins. They are professionally coded and meet all the SEO requirements to improve your ranking in the search results. Using the Roxxe theme, you can customize search optimization options for the website in general and the product page, its preview images, Blog page, Contact us page, etc.

shopify template

Moreover, your mobile eCommerce website version will include the same features and product details as your eCommerce store. The additional advantage is that all the Roxxe template pages are optimized for browsers by GTmetrix analyzes so your website will be rendered as fast as possible. 

Use Pop-Up Offers to Push Them Over the Edge

Different marketers have different opinions regarding pop-ups for e-commerce online marketing. Some consider them annoying, while others believe that pop-ups help them drive more sales. There are a lot of pros and cons of using pop-ups, but I recommend you to use Pop-ups on your e-commerce website. Pop-ups with a subscriber option will help you get email content ideas for your email marketing campaign. It will help you reach your visitors easily with your new offers and products. A Pop-up with a discount offer can help your website improve the conversion rates. You can use multiple Pop-ups for your online store at per users’ convenience. Furthermore, you can create time-based, scroll-based, and content-based pop-ups.

For example, Shopclues uses discount Pop-up for its users to get their attention in their eCommerce marketing strategy:

ecommerce marketing strategy points

There are different e-commerce marketing strategies and techniques for using pop-ups so that users feel excited about your products. If you use Pop-ups intelligently, you will get a great improvement in your e-commerce sales and conversions.

Slide-In Popup for Subscriber

It’s easy to implement for collecting emails from users without annoying them. At the same time, they can easily ignore them and browse the web pages.

For example, Native shoes are using a pop-up on their website to analyze the status of the marketing plan. Check out the image below:

ecommerce marketing

There are other Pop-ups options too that you can implement on your website. You can use Pop-up builder or Pop-up tool to create a user friendly Pop-up for your website.

Add Seasonal Promotion or OMG! Offers in Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors, you must add some seasonal promotional campaigns for your products in your ecommerce marketing strategy for E-commerce businesses. Seasonal promotion is an Ecommerce marketing strategy that is used during festivals or special occasions in the year. These yearly promotional campaigns attract the attention of your prospects, drive conversions, and improve sales. For example, in the last marking campaign run by Flipkart and Amazon, they generated $2 billion in this festive season.

A sale is one of the best ways to earn revenue. You need to run an e-commerce marketing strategy to promote your sales by announcing on media channels and news publications so that you can get noticed. Furthermore, use email marketing, create banner and images for social media, use coupons and other promotions, and remember that without letting people know about your offers, there is no point in giving them.

For example, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Easter, and Christmas are the best holidays for retailers to get more sales. Be genuine in seasonal sales and don’t try to sell products at higher prices as offer means to offer. If users will get a valid discount with high-quality products, they will never move on to another website. Build brand awareness among people and try to gain their trust so that they will visit your store again and help you in the mouth to mouth marketing. Be ready for shipping load; improve your customer support and on-time delivery.

Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment

ecommerce marketing strategy peculiarities

One of the key challenges for E-commerce business is shopping cart abandonment. Shopping cart and payment process are the critical components in your customers’ purchase journey and optimization is the key point of E-commerce marketing plan. So you need to reduce the checkout process to fewer steps and make it mobile-friendly at the same time.

Almost 70% users abandon their cart before purchasing. You need to understand and analyze why the user is abandoning the cart. You have to find the related issues and try to fix them. Just put yourself on your customers’ shoes and think about their requirements. What do they expect from your website? Have you implemented SSL certification on your checkout process? Is your website having trust signals?

There can be many more issues like sudden or unexpected price hike, no multiple payment options, no money-back guarantee, no return policy, or no guest checkout option. All these elements can make or break your e-commerce sales. You can enhance your shopping cart with the help of order management extension for Magento by adding user-friendly functions like bulk order action, adding and deleting cart products, custom shipping price, and much more.

Add a Countdown Timer to Product Pages

Creating a sense of urgency can be a powerful way of pushing your shoppers into making a faster decision. There are many ways with which you can use urgency as a sales tactic. A countdown timer is one of those effective tactics. They can give a visual cue to the users telling them that if they want a product, they must take fast and decisive action. You can use countdown until the end of a sales period or for the next day’s delivery.

If you have included offers and discounts on product pages then you can add a countdown timer to let the users know how much time they have to buy a particular product. Countdown timers offer important useful information to customers, as the sale will end soon, or they have limited items left, or limited hours left, etc. The obvious places to use these timers are home page, category pages, and product pages.

top ecommerce marketing strategy

For example, Amazon added countdown of the ending sessional sales on the product pages and got more revenue on the last day of the sale. The combination of offers and urgency bind customers to make a quick decision. You can use a tool like Optinmonster to create sales countdown timer in Shopify and analyze the result and track the performance.

Remarketing to Follow Visitors

Remarketing is a paid marketing but also serves as a backbone for the e-commerce marketing industry. With the help of remarketing you can target your visitors by following them on the internet and let them know about your latest products, or what have they missed. You can add remarketing is your E-commerce marketing plan and target page by page or product by product or even you can target a single page for your users. Follow your visitors and get them to return to complete a purchase process that they had left in the middle.

If you have data then you can use remarketing on any occasion to target your main customers who have purchased in the previous season. You can also use dynamic remarketing that shows already viewed products to your users. Here is what you can target with the help of your remarketing campaign

  • Dynamic Product based remarketing.
  • Website Visitor based remarketing.
  • Shopping cart based remarketing.
  • Top customer based remarketing.
  • New Customer based remarketing.
  • Repeat purchased based remarketing.
  • Video remarketing.

For example, iCustomLabel is using shopping cart based remarketing to target their visitors wisely and are getting more sales online. To employ a remarketing campaign, you first need to create a remarketing list, select your targeted audiences, display networks, time, and frequency. Here you can get a complete guide for remarketing.

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