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Content Marketing Trends 2020 You Can’t But Know 

Digital marketing has arrived to give us the tools we needed to accomplish effective marketing in the internet era. From digital marketing has derived other techniques to help us create the marketing strategy, and content marketing is one of them. If you want your site to be up-to-date with the content marketing trends 2020 keep reading and find the best tips for you.

content marketing trends 2020

Steps into the Future – Content Marketing Trends 2020

Content marketing is a strategy to create pieces for your website with a marketing approach, which implies to generate content valuable and relevant for the users. This methodology has proven to be effective, increasing the traffic of websites, and, with it, the revenues. But how does it work? It’s quite simple, actually.

Content marketing rests on the statement that good content equals big traffic, which translates to earning. If your content is good, attractive, informative and punctual, you have more possibilities of having nice revenues, but if what you publish on your site is unlikable in any way, users will run to a better offer. The main goal of content marketing is to create a site where your audience is comfortable and happy.

Content Ultra-Targeted

In content marketing stands out the importance of creating content relevant to readers. According to Kevin Urrutia of VoyMedia Advertising Agency NYC, your content will depend on what resonates well with your audience, mainly because it is for them to enjoy and their visits are what propels your website. You need to prioritize their needs and make them feel satisfied with the information you are providing because if they are satisfied they won’t go looking at some other site.

Also, an essential aspect if you want good content is to do a plagiarism check for every piece of text that you publish on your website. Online you can find services that check for plagiarism free, not just for web content, but also for academic assignments, like a paper or essay. Plagiarism isn’t just illegal, but it also makes you look unprofessional. So, make the best of these tools and develop original and unique content.

Remember that the content marketing trends 2020 give great importance to keep your audience’s needs as the center of your research. So, if you are publishing a shopping guide you need to answer the most common questions related to the product, so the reader can leave your article with a clear mind. Here are some tips to help you keep your content-oriented to your customer’s needs.

  • Pay attention to the customer’s informational needs. Use tools and apps that analyze, help you determine the taste of your target
  • Create content your audience would probably share. Make it digestible and interesting.
  • Collect data from your site and analyze the user’s preferred content.
  • Don’t use random content. Publish pieces about subjects that really matter to your audience.
  • Be transparent with the information you offer. If it’s technical information, point out your sources.
  • Create “snackable content”. Information that gives solutions to problems in a few lines.
  • We can’t highlight this enough – check plagiarism. Even if you write it yourself, do a uniqueness test. You can find these tools for free online.

Introduction of Multimedia Elements

Multimedia are all those components that are not the text – videos, audios, images, memes, interactive elements, etc. Since the content on the internet is more and more digestible by the day, the tendency to use multimedia has increased, and marketers agreed that it’s one of the big content marketing trends 2020. Using these elements in a smart way will certainly help you have more effective content, but keep in mind that these elements should accompany the text, not replace it.

Video Audio Images Animated elements Interactive elements
  • Video explanation’s popularity will increase by next year.
  • Producing your own videos can be unpractical, use published videos and give corresponding credits.
  • Videos are especially useful in content related to products.
  • Consider introducing new groundbreaking technologies like 360º videos.
  • Audio assistance is becoming more and more popular.
  • It’s a good idea to customize a part of your content to be read by these voice assistants (like Siri or Alexa)
  • If possible, develop a system with voice assistants for your site content.
  • Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, you might like to consider hosting one.
  • Pictures of people using a product or doing an action generate an empathetic reaction on the readers.
  • Use infographics and images that illustrate the information.
  • Try to use original images, if you use someone else’s, make sure to give them credits.
  • Gifs and similar elements call to the audience’s attention.
  • You can find online tools to create original gifs
  • Don’t overdue these elements, just a couple will do the job.
  • If possible, add some extra technological advance elements, like an AR experience.
  • Surveys, comments sections and reactions give readers a sense of authority.
  • Include options to share in Social Media.
  • Chatbots and AI assistants are great tools that help users. In 2020 its use will increase.
  • AR and VR functions are immersive experiences that will keep the user hooked.

Keep SEO in Sight – Content Marketing Trends 2020

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO), our old “frienemy”, it’s a double-edged weapon that can help us propel our website if we use it just the right way. These sets of principles are built with the intention to guide content creators in the generation of material with high possibilities of being shown by search engines like Google or Bing. Why? Because if you are one of the first choices then you will get more traffic.

But not just that, SEO is designed to create digestible (or “snackable”) content, that is easy to read, displays the information in a clear manner and answer, at least, the most common questions. Also, the interlinking system that SEO promotes helps a user find the information they need. This means that, by producing optimized content, you are improving your audience experience on your website.

SEO’s principles are defined by the user’s behavior and the response of the search engines. It is not an exact science, but it still is one of the best chances to be more competitive in the world of internet positioning. SEO has big importance that shouldn’t be underestimated, that’s why it’s one of the content marketing trends 2020.

“May the Data Be with You”

One of the things that define content marketing trends in 2020 is the creation of content highly personalized. There are several techniques to achieve this with an organic method, but the most effective you will find is through analysis of data related to users’ preferences.

To suggest this kind of technique might sound risky because of the many recent complaints about websites using its members’ personal information and data on unethical affairs.  But that is not the method we suggest, nor the only way to take advantage of data given by users.

A better alternative is to collect information about users’ behavior when browsing trough our page: where do they click, which videos do they prefer, what kind of information do they actually read? Which ages prefer videos and which ones prefer images? You can use all these answers to define your content and build a site attractive to your specific audience. Here are some details about data analytical.

  • Take a look at the recent past of your site, determine the circumstances that preceded a revenue’s peak.
  • Once you’ve identified the pattern, try replying to those circumstances and keep an eye on the content evolution.
  • Take into account that you must define your target, in order to know the profile of the audience you are producing content for.
  • Repeat the type of content your audience shares.

In 2020 the tools to help you analyze user’s browsing data, like Google Analytics, Moz Pro, or Kissmetrics, are going to improve exponentially, enhancing our opportunities to exploit all your site’s potential. You don’t need to be taking a guess each time you look for content because, with these tools, you can have all the information you need with a non-invasive method.

The Arise of User Generated Content

At this point, you have probably noticed that most trends in content marketing are centered on the users and look to optimize the audience’s experience. Following that pivot, the user-generated content has appeared as a strategy to make users feel more comfortable when buying a product or hiring a service online.

It basically consists of adding to your site content created by previous customers or users and give them a space to tell their personal experience. By reading opinions from peers, your potential client will most likely feel safer and more confident with your brand. Also, giving users a voice is a great way to show transparency. Let us tell you about some of the most promising user-generated content techniques.

Pros Cons
Video reviews
  • Very illustrative.
  • You can use them for products or services.
  • Some users don’t want to take the time to watch a video.
Space for comments
  • Great to allow feedback in articles, blog posts, etc.
  • It is hard to control the nature of the comment.
Frequently asked questions
  • You can use them for products or services.
  • In a shopping guide, this section is a must.
  • It takes time to collect the necessary data to assemble the section.

Content Oriented to Social Media – Content Marketing Trends 2020

The past couple of years Social Media has proven the convening power it has over and over again, even so, social revolutions have found there a great place to express their own positions. We are online all the time, look for the sense of satisfaction that the virtual world gives us and even feel FOMO when we stay away for a while. This means that Social Media has a big influence on our lives and our decision making. So, it must be considered as a relevant element when planning a marketing strategy for your site.

But, how can you include content marketing into Social Media? Well, first of all, you need to determine your target in order to choose the platform that suits you better. And then create content that can easily be shared in Social Media. You can adjust the titles to fit a tweet, design an image to present an article on Instagram, or prepare part of your text to be presented in stories. It will depend on your necessities and available tools.

Something you always need to consider is that the big secret of most online marketers is to know very well the trends in content marketing. In order to do so, you need to be in constant study. Our technological era moves so fast that trends change constantly. With the end of the year coming, consider a change of perspective and implement these trends, in order to start 2020 with increased possibilities of success.

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