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10 Best Free SEO Tools To Check Your Website and Keep It Fit

Search Engine optimisation is utilised by the digital marketing professionals to increase the visibility of websites on different search engines and gain more business opportunities. We all know that SEO is a highly unpredictable technique because its rules and regulations keep changing from time-to-time following frequent updates in Google’s algorithm and the best free SEO tools are all the time changing too.

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Today, the web-based business is full of competition. You can’t sustain in the business if you perform different SEO activities manually waste your valuable time & resources. Digital marketing professionals use the Best Free SEO Tools to automate the routine SEO activities, reduce the possibilities of errors, save your time and resources and get the desired results. Here are some of the Best Free SEO Tools every digital marketing professional must use.

Top 10 Best Free SEO Tools

Keyword Planner Tool- Google AdWords

Google Adwords best free seo tools

In SEO, there is a great importance of the keywords you use for content creation and website optimisation. A website owner, who uses good keywords in his/her website optimisation, can easily excel in the game of SEO and gain excellent business opportunities. You can use such best free SEO tools as Google AdWords to find keyword ideas and ad groups, create a new keyword list as per your specific needs. This free SEO tool can also be used to choose competitive bids and plan your campaign budgets.

PageSpeed Insights

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The loading speed of a website determines how well it will perform and generate business for its owners. Generally, faster websites fetch more chances of business than their slower counterparts. So, SEO professionals can use this awesome SEO Checker Tool to check the loading speed of your website or web pages and make the required changes if needed. It also displays frames, downloading speed and what visitors see in different browsers. Just use this free SEO tool and make your website super fast with a little effort.

Content Watch

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All SEO activities primarily depend on the supply of error-free, unique and customer-centric content. Content duplication is one of the biggest problems in the web-based business. Almost all entrepreneurs are troubled with it. So, do you want to check the purity of the content used in website optimization? If yes, then use this useful tool. You can easily SEO check whether the content is copied or unique within a few minutes. You can make a SEO test and check maximum 7 contents using this tool from one IP address. After that, either use a proxy IP address to continue the use of the tool or subscribe to its premium version.

Google Trends

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It is very important for all website owners to know what people are searching on the internet. It helps them to prepare effective keywords accordingly and optimise websites very well easily and quickly. With its help, you can assess the dynamics of search terms and find which keywords are suitable for your business expansion. It is a great SEO tool for all those entrepreneurs who want to address their targeted audience with right keywords and multiply their business by leaps and bounds.

Google My Business

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These days, even small-scale industries and entrepreneurs also have a web presence to attract more customers in a specific location and make more revenues. If you run a local business on the internet, Local SEO is a big factor. You need a very thought-out strategy to get the desired success. Google My Business is the best tool for you. It provides a more detailed information about your company, including working hours, locations, local search, contact telephones, etc, and help you move in the right direction to get the desired success in the business.

Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is perhaps the most popular internet browser, which is used by millions of tech-savvy people around the world. But, how does this web browser relate to SEO? In fact, Google Chrome has a huge number of SEO extensions, which allows you to make good decisions about your digital marketing strategies. For example- with the help of SEO & Website Analysis extension, you can instantly compile an SEO report for any website and inform its owner about its actual status. It allows you to track the impact of your SEO strategy on websites and monitor competitors easily. So, you get a better understanding of what needs to be done to help you write float in the top search results of Google with all important keywords.

Google Alerts

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It is often said thatthe more often you use Google Alerts, the more creative you become as this is one of best free SEO tools that can help you achieve your SEO goals. Using this tool, you can set up notifications from your competitors (3 to 5) and get instant notifications about their activities. This helps you numerous opportunities to get more audience and leave your competitors behind. It is a fair practice to track bloggers who regularly write about your competitors as it helps you to have a solid list, contact the appropriate party and promote your company easily and effortlessly.

Google Voice

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Most of the SEO professionals have the same goal-to attract as much qualified traffic as possible every day and convert them into premium customers by all possible means. In order to increase the business volume, you may need to talk to potential customers by phone. This is where Google Voice comes in the picture. This tool offers free long distance calls, a simplified voice mail system and competitive prices for all international calls. Using this tool, you can easily:

Send text messages directly from your computer,Create personalized greetings to improve the caller experience,Allows you to receive calls from any phone and You can get started with it using a new number or use an existing mobile phone number.

Google Sheets

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If you are new to SEO and want to closely monitor everything you do every day, Google sheets are the best SEO tools for you. With its help, you can perform a number of tasks, such as

Create a content calendar for your digital marketing activities,Track keywords you have targeted in the past and those that are important for your business in the future, Track the number of links to your website and their sources.
Apart from this, Google Sheets helps you to share your SEO responsibilities with other people, perform different SEO activities on time and get the work in a timely fashion.

Final Words About SEO Test & SEO Checker Tools Almost all SEO professionals always look for free SEO tools to automate their daily life duties and increase the overall productivity up to a great extent. These are some excellent free SEO tools you should use in your SEO exercise and meet the ultimate goals of the web-based business in an easy way.

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