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Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions

All the professions around the globe teach a lesson to web designers. In this article I have laid down a few important things to learn from the most common professions around.

Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions

In a recent study, approximately 85% of the top website designers have stated that there is a lot to learn for their profession from other professions that surround them. Each discipline has its own Mantra that enables them to focus and do the best in their specific field.

All those moral stories that we heard in our childhood play a significant role in our day to day activities and shape us to be the person that we grow up to become. Believe it or not these stories etch marks on our personalities that are responsible for the professions that we choose.

So what is it that we as designers should learn from other professions? Let us find out.


Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions: A Cook

Okay, I admit it, I love food! So this is the first place to learn things from. Yes, people may be surprised to find out how can a cook teach anything to a designer. Well, the recipe. The perfect recipe is the key to a successful meal. The right blend of all the ingredients is the only way you can achieve the best delicacy, the right texture and the perfect aroma.

Designers too must therefore understand that only the right amount and blend of the correct elements can give the best results that people look for. Certain combinations are meant to work, certain others are sure to fail. Knowing how much of what should be used to get the perfect result is the only way you can create that perfect website design with the right fonts and background and colour schemes.


Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions: An Architect

Haven’t we always admired architects for what all they can make? Those huge buildings, hospitals parks and just about everything. What we fail to notice is that in these huge constructions, there are the minutest of details which have been cared for and paid attention to.

The strength of these structures lies in its details. Each construction would have been incomplete or inefficient without the close attention that they paid to the details. This is what we designers should understand. The bigger picture is a mere result of the labour that one puts in the nuances. The stronger attention you pay to details, the better is your final outcome.


Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions: A Gardener

Gardening is associated with relaxation and joy. However, the toil that is required in keeping up a good garden is seldom noticed. The secret to a great garden lies in its maintenance. A garden that is well tended is a hundred times better than an unruly and forgotten one.

This is the secret tip to keeping up a great website too. Making a great design is not the end of the story. The ultimate success of the website lies in how regularly you can maintain it.


Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions: A Journalist

Journalism is almost a heroic job. You are required to cover reports from the deadliest of situations and stay available all the time. However, there comes a great responsibility in this job. A responsibility of being accurate. People rely on journalists to produce genuine news and therefore research plays a critical role in their lives.

Research therefore is quite important for a web designer as well. The more he researches the better is his basic knowledge going to be. A web designers’ research may involve the nature and scope of the company, the expectations and value of the customers etc. A strong research analysis will ensure that you never go wrong.


Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions: A Doctor

Doctors save lives. They can do that because they first DIAGNOSE. They listen to the patients and understand what they have to say. Wouldn’t it be crazy if the doctor just put you on the stretcher and operated on you without even listening to what is troubling you?

Well, don’t be that doctor. Pay close attention to your clients. Listen to them and understand what their requirement is. Do not create a website that you want to. Create one that specifically caters to the needs of the customer and appeals to the end user.


Things Web Designers Can Learn from Other Professions: A Photographer

Photography is considered one of the most creative professions around. It is a profession full of love, creativity and interest. The one thing to learn from this profession is patience. Photographers have to wait for hours on end in order to get one perfect click.

Web designers, on the other hand, are the most impatient of the lot. They want everything immediately. Immediate results and no retrials. I’d like to remind you of that old spider story that taught you to “try try till you succeed (sic)”. Be patient, keep trying if you have faith, and you will surely be successful.

Daniel is a professional Indian Web Designer associated with VITEB, a full-service Web Design Company in India that offers complete web and mobile solutions. He likes to share information about latest web design and social media trends that can help small-medium businesses to get success in online world.
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