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Best Tips for Making a Remarkable Web Developer Business Card [Free Infographic]

Clients are a dime a dozen, but good clients are a lot harder to find. If you’re struggling to attract the type of clients you truly want to work with, the problem may be right under your nose: your business card.

We’ve talked before about why beginners need business cards to meet new clients, but a good business card is essential for experienced web developers, too. It doesn’t matter how many years you’ve worked in web development if your business card design is old or unappealing; potential clients will think your web skills are just as outdated.

So how do you make a fabulous card that attracts high caliber clients? The first step is to find an experienced business card maker, because they’ll have the print design know-how you lack. It’s important to look for a firm that offers affordable rates and takes your goals seriously, like Company Folders; their designers work with you to make sure the card matches your brand identity.  

Since you want a designer who will take your ideas seriously, you’ll need to get some ideas together before you contact them. Think about the design options you might like to try, and learn about the guidelines for a good web developer business card to make sure that you’ve got a creative yet realistic design in mind.

To help you get started, we’re bringing you this easy guide to web developer business card creation. It’s got everything you need to learn about the latest design trends, so you can tell your designer exactly which options you like best.

Ian Byrd
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