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Are You Building a Website? Download This Free Infographic!

If you are a business owner or you work in digital marketing, one of your key objectives will be to get the optimum performance out of your website. When we talk about performance, we are not just talking about how fast it loads or the percentage of time that it is online, we’re talking about how your website is delivering success to your business.

Your business website is one of the most important ways that you can advertise your services or products. Your website represents your brand and the way that people perceive your company can be defined purely on a quick browse of your website. If your website is clunky, difficult to navigate and doesn’t display content in a way that is easy to consume, you are losing serious marketing points.


In order to ensure that you avoid this kind of website failure, you can follow this tried and tested free infographic. It shows the 25 features every online business must have in 2017. Rather than spending time and effort trying to work out for yourself how to position content and the methods to use, this infographic does all of the work for you. Digital marketing experts are constantly reviewing the most effective digital marketing methods to define these essential features.

You will see that the infographic explains exactly where to place certain items such as phone number, tagline and call to action. It also tells you which information you need to include before the fold and which should be after the fold. By following these guidelines, your digital content will be the most effective that it can be. Content and the positioning of content is a major part of your digital strategy and this infographic tells you exactly what you need to do to build and maintain an effective business website.

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