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Happy Thanksgiving Day! Moto Flash CMS Templates 10% OFF

Thanksgiving Day is a great holiday when family members become closer to each other; it is a nice opportunity to spend time with your dears. It is a time of family gathering and tasty holiday meals, holiday parades and giant balloons. This year, 2010, the Thanksgiving is celebrated on the 25th of November.

Beside all the joys and delights this day brings to us, the Thanksgiving is also the time of steep discounts. It is one of the biggest pre-Christmas shopping days of the year; many companies try to please their clients with attractive promo offers.

On the threshold of the holiday, MotoCMS, the powerful Flash CMS provider, also wished to please its customers with a 10% OFF on all the premium Flash CMS templates. As you know, the company offers many unbelievably attractive Flash CMS templates created with Papervision 3D. Thanks to Moto CMS admin panel integrated into each premium template, you can easily create Flash website with an advanced 3D gallery and stunning interactive effects.

Below are the best PV3D Flash CMS templates created by MotoCMS developers. If you like some of the following designs, now you have an opportunity to get them with a good discount.

Whirling Flash 3D Gallery


Cube-shaped Flash 3D Gallery


3D Image Gallery


Flash 3D Business Design


Flower Style 3D Image Gallery


Day and Night Flash CMS Template


3D Flash Gallery Template


Sinusoidal Flash CMS Gallery



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