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Great Macbook Tips for Designers

There are quite a few popular professions that are in demand these days. And when we are talking about those who work online, be it for a company or freelancing, designers are definitely among the top. Having your own computer as a designer is a given. Moreover, it would seem that more and more of them go for Macbooks over any other option. Why? Because it has quite a lot of neat features and benefits. If you happen to be a designer as well and are looking to get a new computer yourself, you may want to get a Macbook. And this article will give you Macbook tips for designers and tell you exactly why that needs to happen.

macbook tips for designers

Clearing Unwanted Stuff

Being a designer means that there will be quite a few files that accumulate over time. And this problem can get a bit out of hand and slow down your computer to a point where it is impossible to continue working. When that happens, you will want to get rid of all the cache and backup files as well as everything that no longer serves any purpose. Even if you have no experience with a Macbook, taking care of the issue is not that difficult. Simply read this article on startup disk full on mac as well as other related articles you will find on the MacPaw website to get Macbook tips for designers.

Macbook Tips for Designers – Plenty of Choices

Great Macbook Tips for Designers

Apple understands it better than anyone else – the fact that designers like their computers. Thus, it is only natural that the company looks to accommodate the needs of this profession. You have a fair share of different available options and that is nothing but a positive thing from a consumer’s point of view. Think about your needs and how much money you can afford to spend. Finally, if you are still doubting whether Macbook is the right choice, keep in mind that Apple continues to introduce new great features with each update.

Light and Easy to Carry

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When you want to get away from all the buzz in the office and relax, going to a nearby cafe and isolating yourself sounds like an ideal option. Being stuck in the office with a desktop computer does not give you this opportunity. On the other hand, a Macbook is light and you will not have any trouble carrying it around with you whatsoever. The same thing applies to those who are freelancing. Working at home is all good and well, but there comes a time when you want to change the environment as well.

Variety of Available Applications

Most designers have a certain set of tools and software that they use all the time. However, the moment they open an Apple app store for the first time and realize that there is an entire section of applications dedicated to their craft, well, it should be quite clear that the reactions are nothing but positive.

Naming every single item from the store would be more or less impossible, and it depends on what the person would like to be interested in. But the fact that there is such a wide array to choose from really helps. You will certainly find a great upgrade or something new to add to your arsenal.

Screenshot a Particular Part of a Screen

Some graphic designers have to work with capturing various screenshots and editing them. Macbook lessens the burden because you can capture a particular section by selecting it with your mouse and pressing command + shift + 4. Capturing things this way might seem a bit unusual if you switch from the Windows OS, but it could become one of your favorite features before not too long.

Macbook Tips for Designers – Sign PDFs

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Digital signatures might be something that freelancers have to deal with more often. If you have to sign contracts, NDA agreements, invoices, and so on, have a digital signature ready on the go and save your time of having to print the copy, signing with your hand, and scanning it again.

Macbook Tips for Designers – Split Screen

The split view feature helps immensely when you want to multitask or work with two different applications at the same time. There will be no need to resize them and you can use them to the fullest. Imagine a situation when you have to design something using a template. Switching between tabs is a pain, and it would seem like having a dual monitor setup is the only option. But alas, Macbook has a split view feature that really helps.

So there you have it. This article ought to convince every graphic designer that getting a Macbook is well worth it. The features and benefits available are more than enough, and once you master this device, you will have even more opportunities to find extra work because you will become that much better than the competition.

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