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Email Signature Design Trends: Do’s And Don’ts You Should Know

Email is one of those old platforms of advertising which can never be replaced by other methods of promotion. Emails are fast, safe and authentic. Also, composing emails is not a tedious task and does not demand a lot of work. One of the most important features of email promotion is email signature. An email signature at the bottom of the email is similar to a digital sign of the organizing committee or responsible person along with some detailed information like phone number or email address.

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The email signature creates trusting relationships and thus can lead to directly buying the product or service which is being promoted.

As you can see email signature is quite crucial for advertising companies and if you are having a difficult time gathering information about it then you may give rest to your fingers. This article will give you the important tips for designing email signature in short and precise form.

4 Do’s in Email Signature Designs

There are some things to follow while designing an email signature. The requirements might differ depending upon the company or type of product, but the basics are the same. Here it goes:

1. Short and crisp

Try to put information in a compact manner. But this does not mean decreasing the size of the text or putting a lot of text in one box. Compact information means putting the most relevant information and not adding unnecessary information. Add the name and contact details (email address or phone number).

2. Company first

Always give importance to your brand because that is what is needed to be promoted. Also, while designing the logo, try to keep the name of company or brand in mind.

It helps in visualizing the brand and promoting sales. Everything from the colour, image to the arrangement should be done in accordance with the company name or brand name using email signature editor.

3. Picture

An image is always something that attracts a person’s attention. Therefore, add a photo of person’s face in case it is an individual’s service promotion or the logo of the company  in the signature at the left side.

Try to make it colourful, contrasting or soothing depending on the needs of the company or organization. Pictures help to beautify the signature.

4. No more than 2 typeface

That can ruin the whole design of the email signature. One typeface or maximum two (one in the logo and one in details) is enough to make it stand out in the whole email.

4 Don’ts in Email Signature Designs

Once you know what has to be done, it is also important to know what should be avoided in the journey of making a perfect email signature:

1. Too much text

Too much text is never fascinating. So if you are putting too much information in the details of the signature, rest assured that your email signature will not increase your promotional value. Moreover, do not include quotes in signature.

2. Irrelevant image

Yes images attract people but not the ones which are not relevant to the person, company or brand. Such images might account for your inauthenticity. In case you have a logo or banner, add it to get the best marketing results.

3. Using fun fonts

Several fonts like ‘Comic Sans’ or other similar fonts are never preferred at such professional level. Such fonts should not be used. The best fonts to be used are ‘Times New Roman’ or ‘Arial’. Some fonts of cursive writing may be used to advertise art services.

4. Not Updating

Never stick to one image or the same banner. Try to update the photos, banners and other marketing material as you grow. This will remind the recipients that you’re actually active online and will steer their minds towards believing in your reliable company.

Also, as you change any details, try to upgrade you information as soon as possible. Put upgraded social media pages as you delete the ones which you are not using.

Recommend Email Signature Tools

You can use ZippySig to create your email signatures. They have a free trial and also have plenty of features so you can completely transform your email signature.

ZippySig email signature design



The above mentioned points can make your email signature design trendy and to the point. They can help to increase RSVPs and improve sales of your product or service, fulfill your aim of doing email marketing. Go ahead and create an epic email signature for yourself.

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