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Artificial Intelligence – a Modern Approach In Design Industry

Since the beginning of artificial intelligence development to recent times, artificial intelligence a modern approach has moved from a largely arcane academic pursuit to the mainstream of every business. It is creeping its way into our daily life little by little. And making an impact. With its explosion in almost every industry, it is ignorable that AI is changing the way people have worked for years. Regardless of the profession and designing is no different.

The fact is that people have feared artificial technology for various reasons. It is not disregardable that it has its claws set deep into our lifestyles. From using ovens to cook food to google maps and from automation of complex tasks to using free logo maker software. It is present in every field of work.

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Change is a natural part of human life. It is no lie that our lives are continuously on the verge of change. They are affected deeply by the developments taking place in the world. It can be a positive change or a negative one. We are getting used to it. But when it comes to change in the industry, it often takes it to the next level or destroys it.

Artificial Intelligence Influence on Designers

Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach In Design Industry

On the flip side, AI has only been helping the designers to produce the best results for the company. It is not much of a danger for any profession if people just embrace it.

As for the designers, they are at the minimum risk of being affected by the change mentioned above. A designers job is not only designing creative stuff and programming skills in demand in future. It also includes having amazing social skills and creative skills to interact with the client.

With AI, a designer and clients will have to make a new relationship. They are going to help a customer to augment their business to new heights. AI has a lot of potential in the designing world. AI offers more efficiency in less time. So, it is a win-win situation for both the designers and businesspeople. It is cheap because of its speed and ability. Let’s see what artificial intelligence a modern approach is actually.

Defining Artificial Intelligence

Defining artificial intelligence a modern approach is not as simple as saying “it is a machine or a system that is intelligent.” For starters, artificial intelligence is way more than only machine intelligence.

According to a computer scientist, Jon Nilsson “Artificial intelligence is an activity devoted to making machines intelligent, and intelligence is not quality that enables an entity to function appropriately and with the foresight to its environment.” Taking this definition under consideration, it can be said that artificial intelligence a modern approach is a multi-dimensional spectrum parallel to human neural functioning.

Will Robots Replace Designers?

Well, not in the near future. A great example of it is the web design produced by Grid, which was a disaster. The vast majority of the jobs that are likely to be taken over are repetitive and subject to automation.

It is more probable for the designing industry to take AI for its advantage. When you look at a design, you see a work of art and complexity in the design. It doesn’t matter if it is a logo, a web page or an animation. The design has that uniqueness a human being is capable of pulling off.

The chances are that robots and designers might be working together to increase the efficiency of the process and the results. Instead of problems, AI is a set of better opportunities.

Design Industry and AI

Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach and Design Image

The designing industry is always evolving. Today designers have to deliver their best according to the client’s expectations and requirements. Along with tackling the tech side, they work on creating amazing outputs at swift speed.

AI has enabled the designers to study, analyze and improve their workflow and their interaction with the clients. AI assists the designers through software systems. It has developed the ability of reasoning. AI has also enabled them to solve their designing problems with the help of information technology.

It has lessened the human tasks making them more efficient to carry out faster processes. AI is only going to add to the industry instead of taking away. Being a designer, one has to be creative, and a machine cannot do that. Looking into the future, AI is going to turn into ground-breaking development helping the people to solve various humanistic tasks.

As we travel along the still-developing digital multiverse, designers need to learn coding, data analysis, and voice technology to make interactions, inconceivable a decade ago.

AI Advantages for Designers

AI and Design

According to Getty Images, “AI takes the weight off the designer’s shoulders.” When we think about it, it is correct to some extent. The designers nowadays don’t have to work on the tedious calculations. AI has enabled the designers to be quick and efficient producing masterpieces.

Similarly, a designer cannot make room for the demands and deadlines of the multi-platforms and multilingual, time-sensitive rollouts disport with creativity and imagination. With AI, a designer don’t have to take the strain. They can enjoy their artistic vision and creative work of art they produce.

A designer is not a magician who could turn your company website into a more alluring one. A designer needs to perform a number of tasks to make a perfect design. AI eases the designer’s work by automating these tasks. Take the example of Grid. It is a website builder which generates a website without the designer’s input but with AI.

As a designer adapts and improves, machines also increase their capability. Companies such as Autodesk, a global architectural software company, use an AI-based algorithm with data to design functional parts of airplanes and cars.

However, one can think of artificial intelligence careers as a series of opportunities for designers rather than problems. There are some prospects that AI have granted the designers.
Let’s talk about what it is to have artificial intelligence a modern approach in the designing industry.

A graphic designer’s work includes creativity and social skills to know what the client actually requires. They need to be empathetic and problem-solving to be on the top of the game. It is no lie that illustrating and animation needs a lot of creativity. Although nothing will be done on time if the graphic designers didn’t have the right software programs to do the job on time.

Teaching the AI to Do the Job

Artificial Intelligence approach

There are specific tasks which can’t be automated. They are the resizing of the image, cropping assets, professional and expert knowledge, etc. These tasks need human expertise to do it right.

Imagine the amount of time this repetitive work could save with AI. A great example of automation of work is Adobe’s Sensei. Although under development, it can help creators in image pattern identification by editing and fixing an image or remaking the whole look.

Similarly, Context Aware Crop prevents accidents. The users are saved from cropping a photo or subject. And we all know about Netflix’s automated translation that accelerates content localization. When a designer needs to create the same design in multiple languages, a designer has to only search for the layout options designed by robots to see if they are approved.

These small optimizations can free a real deal of time for the designers to work on the more critical and complex tasks that a robot or AI will take years to learn.

Creating More Vibrant and Generative Visual Flairs

The most recent examples of this can be Prisma or Artist. These tools identify the exact image and apply its many filters generating amazing visual effects based on the image recognition technology. And that’s not it! There is a wide-ranging partisan of application that uses similar technology. This technology fabricates procreative and effective visual types. So, it can enhance and augment the designer’s competences.

Autodraw is a similar type of tool that pairs machine learning and drawings to quickly create visual art. The more designers and artists engage with the AI tools for drawing sketches, the more effectively can AI help them to envisage what the person is trying to make.

Constructing a Smart and Commutable Design System

AI helps the designers to develop a more robustious and dynamic design system. It incorporates an integrated sequence of commutes, designs, and elements.

Many website builders such as Squarespace and Wix have blended the AI technologies in their workflow. Now it can assist the designers with ordinary and insignificant decisions.

For example, Wix ADI uses its client’s response and algorithms to create a customized website according to client’s company’s ideas. As for design escape, its web designing offers a dependent teaching mechanism. So, the user can take advantage of its tips for designers instead of designing the whole thing.

In simple words, it can be said that AI reduces human efforts by optimization and proper maintenance.

Brand specializing in logo design making for businesses can easily create a logo with the help of AI. The brand is looking forward to training its AI algorithm to construct copies and social media visibility among customers.

User Experience

AI is considering the user data aspect to enhance the user’s experience. The insight of AI in the user data helps to get insight about the user’s requirements and determination to visit the website.

Designers, developers, and strategists have consistently done the decision making based on the factors mentioned above. The potential to form the used cases more extensible and personalized is likely to increase AI’s ability and receptiveness. It also influences significantly ecommerce AI trends.

A Large Amount of Data Analysis

Web Design Trends

When a person visits a website, opens an application or use other digital devices a massive amount of data is generated. With the increasing amount of business technology, the process of analyzing data has become more complicated. AI will help designers and entrepreneurs to make more innate and clever decisions.

In the future, it is expected that artificial intelligence is going to carry out the complex collection of data analysis techniques. Business personnel can make way for a more subtle and advanced assessment of the audience behavior regarding products and services with the help of artificial intelligence a modern approach.

AI to Augment the User Experience

AI is one of the most promising but less researched angles to enhance the user experience. For instance, Facebook uses the AI in reading out the content for visually impaired users. Moreover, it has used AI to know the content of the image for a more valuable marketing tactic.

Other than that, Google has used AI to improve the language analysis and translation for Google translations. In addition to that, Google has also launched a Google lens which can easily display the relevant content. This is all due to the use of artificial technology a modern approach.

AI Becoming an Artistic Advocate for Designers

As mentioned above, artificial intelligence a modern approach is more likely to help the designers in making better designs rather than replacing them. If a designer can create a humanized machine system, they are more capable of designing a whole new designing language. It will condense the designer’s vision, through the use of machine language creating new and improved expressions.

A good design is the one with the international typographic style incorporated into it. If the designers accept and embrace AI as a friend instead of a foe, they will be able to foresee AI’s aesthetic of the world. It will inspire and influence the designer to create a good design.

Rising Above the Propaganda

AI is likely to project the designing world. Therefore the misconception of AI taking away the jobs needs to be deconstructed. IBM CEO Ginni Pretty coined the word “augmented intelligence” for AI. The initial of artificial intelligence for it is meant to augment the speed and efficiency of the designer.

A designer has to face many tiring work tasks, for instance, doing one project over and over again and creating the same design in multiple languages. Now the designer can sit back and relax while the AI does all the work. A great example of this is Netflix. It is already utilizing artificial intelligence a modern approach to translate banners in multiple languages. All that a designer needs to do is check the graphics and finalize the project.

AI – Worrisome Development

Artificial Intelligence

Where all the technological developments have their benefits, they also have their bad side. Artificial technology a modern approach has its. Artificial technology is used for many dangerous tasks in the world today.

AI is progressing at massive speed and exponentially changing the face of the world. Stephen Hawking at web summit in Lisbon stated “success creating effective AI could be the biggest event in the history of our civilization. Or the worst. We just don’t know.”

“Along with many benefits,” said Hawking, “AI brings many dangers, like powerful autonomous weapons, or new ways for the few oppress the many.”

In this case, Hawking is not the only one warning the people about the dangers of artificial intelligence. It is not a secret that artificial intelligence a modern approach is indeed changing the world in many positive ways. However, it is also used for many dangerous purposes that could wipe off humanity from the world.

Last year, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, along with 115 other AI and robotics specialists, signed an open letter to the UNO. They recognize the lethal dangers of the use of AI in making autonomous weapons.

This is not it. Being worried to be replaced is something happening widely today. An example of this could be the AI machines able to diagnose cancer as well as a human doctor.


A designer does not need to worry as AI is not going to take the jobs away. Instead, it is only going to add to the designer’s experience and knowledge. The fact is that a designer along with AI is going to change the designing industry.

Technology is here to leverage us with immense chances of automating the monotonous tasks of a designer. AI is not a trend for designing. It will always rely on humans to guide it.

Artificial intelligence a modern approach is here to stay. It has more roles to play in the designing industry for many reasons. AI has augmented the efficiency of the designers and made them faster on their creative side. Artificial intelligence is here to make the best in all industries. Not just design, it is present and widely used in engineering and medicine.

Instead of it being a threat, it can provide many benefits. Technology has made us faster and artificial intelligence is making us smarter. With its extensive use in various industries, we can enhance human productivity and proficiency.

AI: Final Points

AI is capable of making unique designs and solutions to various problems that are not easy to solve. Where artificial intelligence a modern approach has the potential to give its best in work, it is also vulnerable to its many side effects.

Its usage in the military can be used for defense as well as the destruction of the world. It is necessary for people to use AI for the benefit rather than to wipe off humanity from the face of the world.

In a nutshell, instead of fearing artificial intelligence, people should start embracing artificial intelligence a modern approach usage. It is going to provide us with many advantages.

Jessica Ervin
Jessica Ervin is a professional graphic designer who works with Design Iconic, which provides free online logo maker services. She has been in the graphic design industry for a long time and has vast experience in the field. Her experience has given her an insight of designing along with a diligent technical skill.
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