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10 Photoshop Tutorial Resources Every Designer Should Bookmark

Sometimes it can be a nightmare filtering out all the great tutorial sites out there that the world wide web has to offer, so we’ve done the hard work for you and given you the lowdown on the best places online to find photoshop tutorials. Lifehacker While Lifehacker may not be the traditional choice for

By Chloe 2016-06-02 0 969
8 Steps to Effective Conversion: Build Online Marketing Funnels

Successful conversion marketing requires a deep understanding of the conversion funnel, and a sense of how the buyer transitions from the top to the bottom to a sale. When you build your funnel, try to walk in the shoes of the buyer through their purchasing journey. Here are eight steps to building and maintaining effective

By Nick Andrew Rojas 2015-07-07 0 497
How to Create Conversion Oriented Design

Funny term is it, not? The old age term called “design is design” now seems to be dwindling and turning on its head and we have this entire cesspool of thoughts and inspirations that keep telling designers what to do or what not to do, how to think, how to be inspired, how to go

By Uzair Tajjuddin 2015-02-17 0 506
Perfect jQuery Content Slider: Grab Yours of These 45 Cool Ones

Content sliders become very popular among website owners especially if they own online stores for their products. Such popularity is easy to explain. jQuery content slider adds vibrancy and freshness to the website. It helps with presenting the most important and useful content of a great amount of the website information as well as improve

By Helen Stark 2014-10-16 0 704
Create Website Layout in Photoshop – 50 Step-by-Step Tutorials

Modern Internet is full of new ideas and encouraging opportunities to earn money online. Some say that it’s as easy as ABC and requires no extra efforts from your side. Others are not so self-assured and prefer to be more careful. Anyway, in most cases if you want to run a business you need a

By Ann Davlin 2014-09-18 1 2,649
Grunge Photoshop Tutorials – 51 Creative Ideas to Try Today

Grunge is an art style of rebel youth. These people don’t want to follow glamorous culture and false ideals of beauty. At the same time it’s a popular design trend (particularly web design) that fascinates millions of creative minds. And today we’d like to show you fantastic grunge Photoshop tutorials, so that can feel dirty

By Ann Davlin 2013-05-16 0 2,136
40 Photoshop Tutorials – Web Design Edition

Have you ever seen simple tutorials for children on how to draw a toy car or a clown? An unknown tutor teaches you to create nice and funny images in a few strokes of a pen. That goes for Photoshop tutorials too. The process of creating a fantastic picture is divided into simpler steps that

By Ann Davlin 2013-02-06 0 1,187
30 CSS3 Tutorials to Learn Before You Create a Website

Several years ago Flash was a king of web development. But times have changed and now CSS3 and HTML5 run the show. Nowadays all the browsers (fully of particularly) support more and more new CSS3 features and web developers should be hip to their latest specifications.

By Ann Davlin 2012-11-22 0 379
Collage Photoshop Tutorials Bundle: 70 Awesome Manuals

I’d like to talk about collage as a trendy form of art. Collage is a specific technique of art which is made of pieces of different artworks (or just ordinary things) which create a new perfected look. It can include ribbons, newspaper clippings, a bit of colored and handmade papers, text paragraphs, photos and other

By Nancy Young 2012-10-03 0 2,488
15 Extremely Cool Photoshop CS5 Tutorials

The newest version of Photoshop CS5 is a godsend for creative designers, photographers and digital artists. It provides a really great amount of cool improved and updated features, such as: the new mixer brush, content aware editing function, modernized complex selection tool and many other helpful Photoshop utensils which will surely make your design workflow

By Emily Williams 2012-01-26 0 971