3D Modeling Live Tutorials: 3DS Max

We continue the subject of 3D Modeling. And today we will talk about 3DS Max and how it is used for Papervision 3D. Autodesk 3DS Max is a package for modeling, rendering and animation created by Autodesk Media and Entertainment. It is peculiar for modeling capabilities and flexible plugin functions. Except the animation and modeling

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3D Modeling Live Tutorials: Blender

Hi everyone, Today we decided to cover the theme of Blender – a free open source 3D content creation suite that is available for all major operating systems. With the help of this advanced application, one can create a broad range of 2D and 3D content. Blender provides a wide range of modeling, texturing, lighting,

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3D Modeling: Useful Resources, Tutorials, Blogs

Hello to all Papervision 3D fans, Today we are going to touch such an interesting subject as 3D Modeling. We will talk about 3D modeling applications and tools, browse some useful resources that teach how to get models into Papervision 3D, and will also show you some good free 3D models. Let’s start! Create models

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A Papervision Coverflow

In this tutorial the author shows us how to create one of the simplest forms of Papervision Coverflows. For this version of coverflow the author have explained two ways of navigating to items. There are 2 variants in the source: one is with the left and right buttons and one is without. You can select

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Creating Smoke Effect

In this tutorial the author, being inspired by the latest PS3 boot menu, creates smoke effect using curves in Papervision 3D. Let’s also try to create an attractive and good looking smoke effect. The whole effect is divided into 3 classes: WaveData, Wave and Canvas. HERE you can get the code and read the original

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Water Effect – a Fast Solution

Today we will learn to create one more PV3D great effect – Water Effect. Simulate water  is not so easy, when it comes to processor power, but this attempt refers to 800×600. Below is the result we are going to have:

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Branches Growing, Flowing and Rotating 3D Effect

Today we’d like to talk about a great effect that can be achieved with Papervision 3D: auto generated branches. The author of the tutorial, a talented Flash programmer Andreas Jirenius, will tell you how to create this amazing effect with branches flowing, growing and rotating around each other.

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Explode/Rebuild Image Tutorial

In this post we are going to try to make an image to explode and rebuild again with the help of Papervision 3D. This tutorial shows how to create this great effect using the latest version code. This effect is quite simple. You choose any image you want,  break it into smaller bitmaps with the

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A Simple Papervision Carousel Tutorial

The carousel effect created with Papervision 3D is a good choice, when it comes to image galleries. This effect makes Flash galleries very attractive and memorable for visitors. So, today we decided to talk about this great Papervision 3D effect. In the tutorial below the author explains how to create a Papervision Carousel in its

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Papervision 3D Programming Tutorial – WOW Physics

WOW is a physics engine that developers a taste of real time, 3D physics.  It has some restrictions, such as detecting collisions between spheres, or between a sphere and a plane. But anyway, looking at it we can say that Flash physics is perspective. This great tutorial from Matthew Casperson shows how to use Papervision

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