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How to Efficiently Manage Your Company’s Account Receivable Solution?

More businesses close in a year than the ones that manage to hold ground and display resilience to sustain, leave alone succeed. As a business owner, it’s important to have talent and risk-taking abilities, but ultimately, a healthy cash flow will keep your business afloat. Accounts receivable plays a pivotal role by ensuring your business receives payments for the goods or services provided.


Accounts receivable refers to the money that its customers owe to a business for products or services provided on credit. This can include invoices that have been sent out but not yet paid, or payments that are due from customers who have not yet paid in full.

Managing your account receivable solution is critical to maintaining a healthy cash flow for your business. This involves establishing clear payment terms with customers, following up on overdue payments, and having a system in place for tracking and managing outstanding balances. Using managed services will ensure effective management of your accounts receivable and ensure that you have a steady stream of income to cover day-to-day operations, pay employees, invest in growth opportunities, and ultimately, stay competitive in your industry.

Importance of AR management

A business faces the risk of not having enough cash to cover crucial activities like salaries, purchases, and dividends if your company is not managing its collections efficiently and there is a widespread and ongoing issue with payments in arrears.

Business owners have to consistently manage accounts receivable (AR) to ensure a healthy cash flow and avoid financial problems. Consistent management of AR involves several key steps:

Establish Clear Payment Terms

Clear payment terms should be set up for customers, including payment due dates and late payment penalties. This ensures that customers are aware of their payment obligations and the consequences of late payment.

Invoice Promptly and Accurately

Invoicing promptly and accurately helps to ensure that customers are aware of what they owe and when payment is due. Inaccurate or delayed invoices can lead to confusion and late payments.

Follow Up on Overdue Payments

Regular follow-ups on overdue payments can help keep accounts up to date and identify any issues that may be preventing payment. This can also help to prevent the accumulation of unpaid debts. Sometimes, without a follow-up, even good-standing consumers forget their dues and can miss a date.

Monitor Collections and Cash Flow

Monitoring collections and cash flow is critical to understanding the financial health of the business. It helps identify areas where improvements can be made and ensures that there is enough cash on hand to pay for important operations like salaries, purchases, and dividends. Cash is treated as a valuable asset in stiff economic times where the money supply is reduced as businesses foresee recession and spend less on consumables. In this sense, well-managed accounts receivable are always handy and aid in reducing the burden.

Use Technology and Automation

Technology and automation can help to streamline the AR management process and improve efficiency. For example, automated reminders can be sent to customers when payments are due, and payment processing can be integrated with accounting software to reduce errors and save time.

How can automation of AR help businesses?

Accounts receivable is a crucial aspect of managing cash flow for any business, regardless of its size and scope. One effective way to streamline the AR process is through automation where digital tools will process the repetitive tasks through an algo-based function which is carried out seamlessly without any hiccups. Automation refers to the use of technology to perform repetitive tasks and reduce manual intervention in the AR management process. The benefits of automation in managing accounts receivable are numerous. Here are a few examples:

Increased Efficiency

Automation can help to streamline the AR process by reducing manual intervention, eliminating errors, and ensuring timely payments. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, which in turn can result in cost savings and improved cash flow. When errors are reduced, considerable business losses are minimized and risks are automatically mitigated.

Faster Payments

AR through managed services can help to speed up the payment process by sending out invoices automatically and following up on overdue payments. It can help to reduce the time taken to receive payments and improve cash flow. An effective cash flow is not just important but a blessing in times when liquidity management is crucial. If dues from customers are received in time it decreases the DSO, and the need to use the overdraft facility or line of credit does not arise in normal parlance.

Improved Accuracy

Automated AR can help to improve the accuracy of invoicing and payment processing by eliminating errors and ensuring that all transactions are recorded correctly. This can help to prevent disputes and improve customer satisfaction. Consumers who encounter efficiency in service will repeat their orders and also recommend the service to others, thereby increasing sales growth in the future.

Better Data Management

Digitization can help to improve data management by providing real-time access to financial data and enabling easy tracking of payments and outstanding balances. This can help to provide better visibility into cash flow and support informed decision-making.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Leveraging technology through AR automation can help to improve the customer experience by providing timely and accurate invoices, reminders, and updates on payment status. This can help to build stronger relationships with customers and improve customer loyalty.

It is proven from several consumer surveys that automatic reminders from businesses can help them stay in line with their credit history and pay up their dues on time. Automation helps in sending auto messages through email and phone that help in timely payments.


Automation of accounts receivable can bring significant benefits to businesses of all sizes and scopes by increasing efficiency, speeding up payments, improving accuracy, enhancing data management, and enhancing customer experience. By adopting automation tools and technology, businesses can manage their accounts receivable more effectively and achieve better financial outcomes.

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