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Rachael Fernandes

Halloween Website Design Ideas To Give Your Readers a Shock

Halloween brings a lot for all and it is not only about new ideas but about changing the appearance to inspire and to catch the eye. People ought to make the full use of the event and when it comes to business it is also an opportunity that should be making the best out of

By Rachael Fernandes 2013-10-11 0 6,818
Understanding The Client’s Mentality Is Half Way Through

There are a lot of writing on the topic of what are the clients that should be avoided and how to do it. But in my thinking every client approach is a certain blessing to you and no matter who the client is and what type of the mentality is possessed, you should act like

By Rachael Fernandes 2013-09-20 0 4,993
How A Professional Tests And Finalizes A Logo Design

May be some people think that testing is a step which would be taken place when the person have completed the design stage but for me it is different and if it is different than definitely it is worthy of a discussion.

By Rachael Fernandes 2013-09-03 0 5,667
5 Signs Of A Professional Designer

People wonder that the designing of logos and other graphic designing arts is like a walk in a park. May be a person who is inexperienced could design but when it comes to professional approach it is something totally different. Yes an amateur could come up with something special, the design could be good and

By Rachael Fernandes 2013-08-28 0 5,675