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What Do Custom Software Development Companies Do?

High competition in modern business dictates specific conditions and stringent requirements, paying particular attention to the product’s quality, originality, and uniqueness. For this reason, more and more companies are returning to the good old custom software development, moving away from ready-made “packaged” software. Stop… Are they coming back? Why and for what reasons? Let’s figure it out.

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A Little Background

Even at the very beginning, when the IT solutions market was developing, all software was custom, distinguished by a high individuality of solutions. However, most of the projects were created taking into account the specifics of the customer companies for the sole reason – due to the lack of commercial generic software. With the development of the IT industry, the era of versatile package solutions, standardized and open source, has prospered. Most of them are still popular today, becoming the basis for both novice project developers and experienced professionals.

However, today’s standards have changed dramatically, requiring the product interface and functionality always to be up-to-date and adapt to business needs. Standard package solutions cannot boast of their scalability and fast optimization for customers’ individual needs, forcing them to more often turn to custom software development companies.

Custom Software Development vs. Generic Applications

Every software customer must choose between a custom project developer and a generic application one day. These two approaches are the main ways to create modern IT solutions and offer different ways to achieve goals.

In short, generic applications or bundled solutions are off-the-shelf products with functionality designed for multiple users. Custom software development is a narrow-profile solution focused on meeting the needs of a single client.

Generic applications are cheap and usually do not have specific maintenance and operation requirements, such as the Microsoft Office package or Google applications. Their upgrade is carried out by the developer company, which chooses release dates and future updates independently. Such programs are great for general and network use; they perfectly cope with basic office tasks and needs.

But There Are Also Specific Business Needs

…which generic applications cannot satisfy due to the lack of the necessary functionality, proper protection tools, and maintenance capabilities. For example, software for banks, retailers, telecom operators, etc. High competition forces them to constantly improve how they interact with end-users and optimize the services & products supply chains. It is much more practical and profitable for such software customers to order custom software development, which can meet specific needs and provide high scalability, fast tuning, and 24/7 technical support.

It is noteworthy that this is also true for exclusive services and specific product providers. They do not have sky-high competition, but they have significant limitations and requirements for the functionality implemented.

Why Is Custom Software Development Better?

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The more critical the role of IT in the development of business models becomes, the more companies need customized software that involves an individual approach to design, development, refinement, and scaling. Custom development focuses solely on the needs and wishes of the customer, allowing the creation of the perfect product from scratch, which will fully meet the goals and objectives of the client’s business. Plus, custom software development has many other advantages over package solutions.

1. Individual Approach to Each IT Project

Custom software development allows us to use the latest and most innovative IT solutions to meet specific needs and solve particular tasks and problems of the company. Experienced & qualified developers’ teams can easily adapt and adjust to all the requirements of its client. This style of cooperation focuses on achieving the maximum performance of the future software product and its full compatibility with the company’s current business model. Besides, customers can be 100% sure that they will remain the sole owner of the software upon completion of development work, which will not be a single competitor.

2. High Payback and Investments Return

Of course, custom software development involves relatively high investments initially due to the peculiarities of the process and the difficulties of the first stages of design. However, these investments have the same high return and are a profitable solution for the client company for several reasons

  • Custom software solutions usually do not require purchasing auxiliary equipment, various licenses, and other things that need unplanned cash investments.
  • Satisfying the client’s basic needs is the primary goal of custom software developers. It means that you will get only the functionality you need – nothing extra and useless options that usually come as a “bonus” to package generic solutions.
  • The custom projects are usually ready for future changes and interventions so that your investment will be incredibly profitable during the rebranding and expansion of the business.
  • The high quality of custom projects usually implies clever design and implementation. Thus, you get a reliable and trouble-free product with minimal maintenance and troubleshooting costs.

3. Improved Security and Privacy Policies

Generic solutions and off-the-shelf software boxes are more vulnerable to third-party impact and outside interference due to their extreme “versatility.” Public availability is good for optimizing code for your needs but bad for developing unique business projects. In turn, custom software development is initially aimed at meeting the requirements of a particular customer and working with a specific company, respectively. Therefore, it offers a higher level of protection from third-party influence and provides more tools to deal with potential threats.

4. Functional Scalability

Modern businesses are constantly evolving, often forcing companies to change activity directions, expand the scope, and quickly adapt to new market trends. Custom software solutions can and should grow with the business for which they were created. As the complete owner, you support this independently or in collaboration with the development team. You can expand the software’s functionality, optimize it, and adapt it according to your requirements. Few generic cases allow this. Plus, off-the-shelf solutions involve a particular reliance on their developers, who are usually not interested in changes in single clients’ personal needs and business.

5. Top-Notch Technical Support and Troubleshooting

Custom software development company offers reliable technical support from the team and independent developers involved in your project at all stages of creation. It is well aware of all the nuances and features of the product, which provides superior feedback and opportunities for fast and efficient troubleshooting. These people came up with and implemented your application, so they will always help you figure out and fix any problems during its application and further updates.

Custom Software Development – Finally

A successful business is, first of all, a carefully thought-out strategy and thoughtful planning for both the short and long term, taking into account the possibility of specific problems and new tasks. In turn, custom software developers are excellent analysts who can anticipate the future wishes of the client and offer them a solution that will satisfy current needs and become an excellent scalable basis for further updates. Yes, it will be focused on one specific business, but you can be sure of the uniqueness and originality of your product.

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