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Web Development Trends 2020 – Stay Up to Date

The turn of the 21st century has been marked by technological advancements and widespread internet use. Since the development of the internet in the late 1960s to the public availability of the World Wide Web in the early 1990s, we have come a long way when it comes to the internet technology and web developments. At the start of the new millennium, web development has progressed at an unprecedented rate and has changed mankind’s way of life. With the coming year just around the corner, the web developer community, the internet community and millions to billions of internet users are in eager anticipation of web development trends 2020 will bring about.

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With more and more companies embracing online marketing and web page management, web page developers and designers are on their toes not to miss a single update. Web development trends can be key to further improve business competitiveness and more innovations in automotive marketing.

AI in Web Development Trends 2020

The short form of artificial intelligence, AI, has helped shape the modern developments and automation we see today. As regular users of the internet, we may be familiar with the role AI has played in making our internet surfing more interactive and interesting. For example, voice recognition and command processing. AI behind Google’s search engine can allow you to make web searches by saying “OK Google”. The capabilities of AI are not just voice-activated commands. Analytical and process optimization tasks can be handled by AI technology.

More companies across the globe are realizing the importance of integrating artificial intelligence into their business process. AI is useful in increasing sales of new products and services, increasing operational efficiency, enhancing customer engagement and generating new insights and better analysis. Corporate entities and business owners are in high anticipation of the web development trends 2020, especially in the field of AI technology and research.

A Tighter Programing Language Race

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When it comes to the web development community, the programming language is a popular topic. Basically, web development is impossible without a programming language. One of the anticipated highlights of the upcoming web development trends of 2020 will usher in is the race for supremacy among the most used and loved programming languages – Python, TypeScript and Rust.

Of course, there are other strong contenders, but these 3 have consistently remained popular among programmers. Rust has the brightest potential in becoming the mainstream programming language by next year. Its growing popularity among StackOverflow users comes from the following qualities: similar syntax with C++, Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra is on Rust. When it comes to performance in memory safety, Rust is very reliable. Facebook’s embracing of this language is what is the primary reason why it’s a hot programming item.

Flourishing of Progressive Web Apps

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In the field of web development tools for smartphone users, progressive web apps or PWAs are one of the dominant web development trends 2020 will highlight. It is also an important app in the years to come.  Users love PWAs because of their enhanced functionality and their similarities with usual web pages. They have very fast loading rates regardless of the web browser you are using or your network status because they are built and programmed to load core webpage content.

Another great thing about PWA is the security it offers to users. You will not have to worry about your browsing data being snooped or manipulated as it uses a secure HTTP. One of the most important reasons for the surge in popularity of PWAs is their user-friendly and easy to use features, which make them well-loved by just about any user.

Web Development Trends 2020 – Mobile-Friendly Websites

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The race for developing these types of websites is one that is a key area to capitalize on. The number of tablets and smartphone users across the globe is steadily increasing, which in turn highlights the need to provide them with great web access experience. If your business has an online site, it is high time that you and your team of web developers work on making your website mobile-friendly. If your business has an online site, it is high time that you and your team of web developers work on making your website mobile-friendly.

The mobile audience is also growing significantly, as more than 50% of internet access is through mobile devices or smartphones. This number is growing year by year, emphasizing even more on the importance of mobile-friendly websites. It’s no wonder if the web development trends 2020 will focus on mobile-friendly websites. It has a significant impact on the business side as your online business website will be reaching out to users in the mobile scene and to do just that, you need to make your mobile-compatible website to be easy to navigate, has many functionalities and it should load easily and provide a high-definition and vibrant environment for users.

Cybersecurity in Web Development Trends 2020

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In the past, having reliable website security was a choice and an option, unless your website is processing payment transactions. Technology advanced and the features of websites get more complicated. So did the capabilities of hackers and other security threats. You may have often heard news of data breaches and hacks in several large corporate and government websites, which were secure from breaches. Cybersecurity is on the forefront over recent years due to the growing concerns of users about the safety of their personal information being compromised.

Web developers and business executives are paying more attention to the security aspect of their websites. It’s not just the legitimate web developers that are studying trends in website usage and security features. Hackers and cybercriminals are also continuing to look for security loopholes and gaps in websites. They can exploit them later to cause disruptions or steal valuable data. Thus, cybersecurity is an important concern that web developers are also eyeing on for the next year and years to come. The expertise of web developers in the field of cybersecurity will be a valuable asset that companies and businesses will need to stay several steps ahead of hackers and cybercriminals in order to operate securely and efficiently. Cybersecurity is now a factor that needs to run parallel with technological advancement because the more advanced and complex a technology is, the greater is the need to secure it from threats.

Web Development Trends 2020 – Internet of Things (IoT)


This is one of the most exciting fields when it comes to web development. Over the years, the scope of the influence the internet has on our way of life is ever-expanding. In almost all aspects of our lives, we can see or relate to the internet as something we need in one way or another. Companies, service providers and business all need the internet in nearly their entire operation, and they simply cannot exist without it. Business is more open to the concept of integrating automated and sensor-driven devices into every possible aspect of their businesses. Web developers are seeing this as an avenue where they can further improve the interaction of technology and web or internet applications due to the growing potential of this concept in improving the delivery of services and products.

One of the things to watch out for that web development trends 2020 will layout is the growth potential of more devices to connect to the internet. By next year and several years into the future, billions of electronic devices will have internet connectivity. Again, we can’t stress enough on the importance of this trend to web developers. Another area that develops along with internet connectivity is device synchronization efficiency.

Integration of IoT

Currently, the integration of IoT to applications, websites and smartphones are at the stage of infancy. Google Home and Uber are just a few of the websites that incorporate this development. You can move comfortably around the house once you integrate it with your smart home devices. With a centralized voice command, you can just vocally command the lights to be turned on, dimmed or turned off. You can command TV and entertainment access without the use of remotes and other manual operating devices. Uber also has a highly interactive feature where you can call a car through a phone application. Then one can confirm the trip completion with voice command upon arriving home. More attention is to the concept of IoT in web development. The future can be seen by more of these developments being widely used.

Single Page Application (SPA)

This is a JavaScript-based web app that works well across different devices. Although this is not a new technology, it still has not lost its value in the field of web development. This technology is for creating websites that interact with the user by rewriting the entire page instead of loading new pages from the server. It increases the level of performance of a certain webpage due to page reloading while you experience fewer interruptions.

Since you can rewrite an entire page, it will take less development time for you. As there is no need to create a request to obtain the new HTML from the server-side. Instead of starting from scratch with building another web page, you can just simply rewrite an old one and make a new website out of it. It is a popular choice among web developers and programmers in creating a responsive website. Because it is based on reliable programs such as React and Angular frameworks, it can also be used for hybrid apps. Because the SPA can seamlessly adapt to any device, they will surely stay in the web development trends 2020 mainstays.

Web Development Trends 2020 – Chat Bots


The technology behind chatbots has been around for a long time. However, the developments and the quality of service chatbots provide still have so much room for improvement. Many bots give incorrect or irrelevant answers.

Thanks to the development of neural networks, chatbot developments have made great strides in recent years. Bots no longer have limits to a preloaded database. With this development, chatbots get a “cognitive instrument” wherein they can remember and take note of unusual inputs and inquiries. This makes it easier for people to access certain website and app services. Currently, bots are venturing beyond just answering questions. They can perform other functions. They are changing credit limits for mobile banking apps or create an on-request template for paying utility bills. This trend is what users hope to see developed further in the coming years, especially in the web development trends 2020.

Neural Networks

neuro networks

Technically, these are sets of algorithms modelled loosely after the human brain that are designed to recognize patterns. By now, you may be familiar with artificial intelligence. It actually is the end product or projection of a series of neural networks working together. Thanks to this technology, certain complex functions such as copyright protection and voice search optimization are now possible.

The principle behind the operation of neural networks is to search for matches and dependent relationships. This area is a work in progress as neural networks have the inherent need of time for “self-learning”. That said, neural networks must perform all possible actions to remember the correct ones and use them in the future. Doing so eliminates the possibility of an error. The upcoming web development trends 2020 is a promising event to witness further developments in neural network technology.

The turn of the year is an exciting transition for technological advancements. It’s an opportunity for web developers to work on better projects in different fields. This is why the trends in technology and web development are what they look out for. Not only are web developers the ones eagerly anticipating the developments of the coming year. Businesspersons and internet users also share the same excitement.

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