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Web Development Tools 2019 – 7 Most Useful Ones

The Worldwide Web remains the centerpiece of communication in the 21st Century. Whether you intend to pass a message to a friend, send a memo to workmates or send an email to prospective clients, the internet is an integral part of the process. In the new age, everyone loves speed. With Gen Z already here surpassing expectations of millennials, web developers must up their sleeves to meet ever-changing demands of this age and time. In this post, we look at web development tools 2019.

After all, a changing world of information and technology means people who develop the web must equally address emerging challenges by embracing the newest tools. Sometimes it is imperative that with the help of a research proposal writing service, a developer drafts a list of the most useful web development tools 2009. But, first things first, let’s begin with the basics. For example, what is web development?

Understanding Web Development

web development tools 2019

Chances are always high that anyone using the internet hardly cares about how it came about. Being able to send messages, upload images/videos, and craft engaging blogs is all that matters. But come to think about it. A look at the expanse of the internet should at least elicit interest to know more users.

It could be a desire to learn more about the web or become a developer who creates wonderful products. Whichever way you look at it, understanding web development is a necessary park. Especially if you want to stay ahead of the pack in using new web development tools 2019.

A basic definition is that web programming refers to the creation of web-based applications such as websites and Apps. Learning how to develop the web requires some level of training by an expert. However, it isn’t as necessary these as it was a few years ago. There is everything you need to get started with coding on the web. Moreover, it is noteworthy that web developers can either choose to be front-end programmers or back-end programmers. Each of these career paths involves the use of specific web development tools such as Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, PythonASP.NET, and Ruby on Rails and among others.

Web Development Tools 2019: Stay Ahead of the Pack

best web development tools 2019

Now, programmers too must be on the lookout for new tools making their work easier than ever. Well, here is a quick run through some of the best web development tools 2019:


GitHub is a popular name in the blogosphere. No wonder it comes first in this list of the best web development tools 2019. Bought by Microsoft in 2018, GitHub is what every programmer needs to collaborate with others in a project. With it, it is possible to share ideas on, for example, how to handle bugs.

It features drag and drop tools, often referred to as gist code. Besides, it has web interface development functionality, URL shortener (a repository), file search, Emojis, 3D rending, and Command Line Interface, usually abbreviated as CLI.


If you are looking for an open source web development language, then TypeScipt is among the most remarkable web development tools 2019. You pay nothing yet do a lot of scripting for front-end clients. With additional 32,000 this year, you would agree that the latest version, TypeScript 3.2 is all you need to program like a pro.

Some features of the latest version include Model Intersections, Optical Static Typing, spreads, ability to overwrite new properties and others.

Visual Studio Code

top web development tools 2019

Next is Visual Studio Code. The question is, “Why does it make it to this list of the newest web development tools 2019?” If you are looking for a tool to edit code(s), the Visual Studio Code is all you need. Owned by Microsoft, you would agree that Visual Studio Code is just what you need in 2019.

The good thing about this tool is that it runs on any platform. Given its easy customization functionalities, it is a perfect choice to a programmer looking for a handy tool to use with extensions such as API AND README. You can find more about Visual Studio Code on the source website.


NPM is an abbreviation of Node Package Manage. With Node.js being one of the most popular Java libraries, NPM is all you need to start publishing your projects. It is said that NPM is today’s largest software repository. It constitutes Command Line Interface (CLI), website and registry functionalities.

The reason why you should start using NPM is that it is one of the most useful web development tools 2019. Besides, it is the largest one. It works well with standalone tools. Also, it makes it possible to share your code with NPM users, allows for many ways of resolving queries, code management which is multi-version. With it, among other functionalities, you will be able to create organizations where you discuss codes with other programmers.


You’ve been wondering how to create slides, UX patterns, page swipes, parallax effect and menus on HTLM file code? Then LayersJs is all you need to get started with your programming journey in 2019. It is open-source tools that will bring into your coding experience, intuitively and visually attractive interfaces.


While Parcel is a relatively new tool in a programming sense, it is gaining traction fast and furious. It has a lot of features both for an established and aspiring developer. Given that Parcel doesn’t require a lot of configuration. It is a perfect web development tool 2019 for those who want to start coding without much experience.

Chrome Developer Tools

great web development tools 2019

There is a lot to say about the latest version, Chrome72 of Chrome Developer Tools. For starters, it is what you need for debugging and developing applications. Some of the new features allow programmers to preview performance metrics, highlight text nodes in DOM tree, carry out an updated audit of detected of JS libraries, inspect and change CSS values in style tab, etc.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, web developers must always ensure to keep abreast with the latest information. Especially, if they want to keep pace with changes in coding libraries and developer’s tools. And while there are a lot of other tools in 2019 to try, this post should get you started.

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