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PHP vs Ruby on Rails – What’s More Appropriate to Begin Your Developer Career

Developer career has a large number of advantages over any other profession. First, it is a high salary. This makes studying programming a very useful thing for college students. This is especially the case for countries with a different currency where the dollar is really expensive. The second benefit is the usability of the profession as a whole. Indeed, programming languages ​​are universal (e.g. PHP vs Ruby on Rails), and English is very common and quite simple. The person engaged in the development is not tied to the country in which he or she is located and can easily move anywhere in the world.

With a lawyer, for example, such a scheme will not work, since they usually study the laws of one country and all their work is tied to the place where they live or what they know. Any serious change of residence will lead to the fact that one would need at least a deep acquaintance with new laws and regulations in order to apply lawyer skills qualitatively.

In such cases, the benefits of being a developer are obvious, but how to become one? How to start your journey and what set of skills to learn? Two popular development tools can form a starting point – PHP vs Ruby on Rails. Let’s see what to choose for college students and why.

Developers Work and Study Process


The life of a developer is a constant development and hard work on oneself. The success of the work depends not only on the amount of experience but also on the list of tools and technologies with which one can work. Therefore, students studying IT specialties at college usually receive only basic skills. Those sooner or later become obsolete and lose their importance and value.

Programs at universities and colleges are updated much more slowly than the technologies with which future graduates will need to work. And not everyone wants to spend time on assignments, the experience of solving which will be obsolete even before graduating from college.

To spend time with benefits and perform interesting tasks, you can find any modern micro-courses, online classes, or a part-time job in a company where you can get relevant knowledge and experience. To perform less important tasks, you can enter a request like write my essay paper or who can assist me with my tasks in the search string and find professionals from EssayPro who will help you easily and quickly cope with almost any task. Why waste time getting the knowledge that you will not use in the future?

Optimize your learning process and allow experienced professionals to increase your academic performance and send all your work before the deadline. Thus, students can graduate from college with knowledge of the latest applied technologies in development, practical skills, and the desire to remain in the profession until the end of your days. But let’s get back to the PHP vs Ruby on Rails.

PHP vs Ruby On Rails: Why Should PHP Win This Battle

PHP language

PHP is a widespread development tool. Such giants as Facebook, Yahoo, Myspace, Wikipedia, and Digg work on it. So the fact that this is something promising, to begin with, is beyond doubt. Moreover, this language is fairly easy to learn, since its syntax is very similar to Java, Pearl, and C.

What else? It will be good news for students that PHP is completely free and 100% open source. So are its frameworks: Zend, Symfony, CakePHP, Akelos, CodeIgniter, and Laravel to name some of the most popular. The reuse of proven codes significantly reduces the chance of errors. So this adds points to the fight against PHP vs Ruby on Rails.

PHP5 introduced OOPS, which is used in the Joomla, Magento, and WordPress platforms. Another great advantage of PHP vs Ruby on rails is that it is UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac compatible. So there will be no problems with multiplatform development.

Another great advantage of the language is its purity and clarity. Nobody likes to look for mistakes and try to find out what happened in the project. Especially in the situation when the project was transferred from one developer to another, and now you need to understand what he wanted to write there. It is essential to know that simple frames are only suitable for working with small projects that do not require a lot of experience.

If you are working on something serious, then you need to understand a little more what is what and learn more about specific tools. Also, this language is flexible, dynamic, and secure. PHP is encrypted and can be scaled easily. It is cost-effective and customizable. Any student who has received a degree in information technology or software engineering will be successful in working with PHP. But even an independent studying promises great perspectives for learners.

Why Should Ruby on Rails Win This Battle

PHP and Ruby on Rails

If you suddenly decided that the choice has been made and the victory is exactly in the hands of PHP, then do not rush to conclusions. There are many reasons why PHP vs Ruby on rails generally creates such a discussion around itself. Here are some of them. A list of sites built using Ruby on Rails: Airbnb, Netflix, Shopify, GitHub, Twitter, Basecamp, Slideshare, Groupon, Bloomberg, Couchsurfing, Fiverr, Kickstarter, and Zendesk.

What is cooler from the two lists of these languages? You decide. Many cool startups use RoR, and therefore, there is a lot of workplaces for a novice developer and for an experienced old wolf.

source: https://www.pexels.com/photo/coding-computer-data-depth-of-field-577585/

Here is what else you need to know about this language. It is practically free, that is, it is distributed under the MIT open-source license. Almost all add-ons and libraries will not cost you a penny. The same good news applies to college and university students as well.

In addition, the language itself is quite simple and is known as one of the easiest to use, which is suitable for beginners. Of course, as in any business, it is necessary to make some efforts and spend a little time, but this is much easier to do than study other syntaxes.

This simplicity gives the high speed of development so that any team can create a starting version of any product in less time. RoR is stable, scalable, secure, and widely supported.

PHP vs Ruby on Rails: Final Facts

PHP vs Ruby on Rails

RoR has its own characteristics of use, disadvantages, and merits. This language is used to create startups, to quickly obtain the MVP and deliver the project to an investor, client, or company.

PHP is much more popular than RoR only because the latest is a web framework, not a programming language. Judging by Google’s search statistics, a framework is searched more often than all PHP frameworks taken together. Also, these two tools have different speeds of work, applications, speed of development, the number of questions asked in the network regarding the problems.

PHP has a huge pool of developers and a community. You can find many great sites, blogs, articles, videos with hints. For RoR, such materials are usually outdated or do not work at all. But at the same time, each community has its own geniuses who create an exhaustive usage guide, which helps in addressing many emerging issues from the very beginning.

The cost of PHP is much more pleasant than that of RoR, so for business owners, the choice of tool will be quite obvious. In addition, RoR is a bit more complicated than PHP, because those students who can program can switch to it. You could even say that RoR developers were once PHP developers.

When developing, it is important what libraries will be used, how the process will be organized, and a bunch of other important details. But PHP developers do not use additional tools. They often apply newly created PHP frameworks than choose among ready-made ones because, in order to understand their work, you need to spend too much time.

Wrapping Up

PHP Ruby on Rails

Summing up, it is important to say that college students should choose their first development tool based on their goals. A certain set of skills leads to some very definite result in the career ladder. Do not grab everything and apply where it can be useful. We need to think ahead and develop those skills that improve and complement each other.

Just as you develop your character in the MMORPG so that it does not happen that the archer runs with a two-handed ax and can not complete a single quest. Well, you know.

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