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Create a Bot For Your Business: 7 Reasons To Use AI Chatbot

Whether you are an e-commerce business or a retail company with an internet front, chances are you have heard of bots by now. Companies that create a bot for their website usually have only positive things to say about their experience with this new AI machine learning tool.

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In essence, bots are algorithms designed to “take your calls” for you. They are capable of servicing customers, solving FAQs, as well as learning over time. If you create a bot for your business, you will undoubtedly make a change for the better. But what are some of the most important and lucrative reasons to create a bot at all if you already have staff that works for you? Let’s take a look.

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Quick and Easy Deployment

Businesses that create a bot for their website rarely do so themselves. Specialized startups and marketing agencies program and deploy bots per client standards and requirements. What separates bots from mobile applications and web design is their simplicity and ease of deployment. It takes minutes to create a bot, install it on your CMS and link it to social media platforms, databases, and other sources of information. There is very little downtime involved in chatbots and their initial installation.

Ongoing Customer Support

The most obvious reason to create a chatbot for website use is their ability to perform customer support. You may have noticed an artificial intelligence chatbot or two while browsing the internet. They often take shape of popup chat windows that appear while you read your daily internet content.

Engaging with them will often result in conversations, not unlike those you have with coworkers or company staff members. Businesses that create a bot for their websites usually do so with customer support in mind. Studies have shown that 35% of customers expect chatbots to be present on the website in order to communicate with them.

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It is far more affordable and faster to deploy bots than to put up a job posting, interview and vet candidates, and then train them per company standards. While a chatbot for website use still can’t fill the blanks a human could, they are evolving each day.

Preprogrammed Responsiveness

Once you install an artificial intelligence chatbot on your server for the first time, it will be lost and confused. It’s often a good idea to prepare several queries, dialogue options, and other information that is commonly used in your company. Giving AI access to your server is a good idea if you want to get it up to speed with your customer support history and information about your products. If you choose to create a bot, be prepared to give it some form of access to your existing company books so it can learn fast.

This data will ensure that your chatbots for business know what to say when a customer comes knocking. Preprogramming responses into them and having them deliver reliable actionable information 24/7 is one of the key hallmarks of chatbots for business.

Data Collection

Creating a content strategy for your chatbot can be tiresome after a while. This is why machine learning has become such a predominant technology in today’s digital world. Chatbots are capable of constant data collection and analysis which gives them an edge over their human customer support counterparts.

Using that data to manually create messages and dialogues through the content creation service FreeEssayWriters is a great idea. Combining the benefits of both chatbots and professional writing can lead to some truly exceptional chatbots for business. The data collected by chatbots can also be used in future marketing campaigns, customer surveys, demographic analysis, etc. The algorithms collect and store the collected data not only for machine learning but for the user’s benefit as well.

Life-Long Learning

It’s true that most of us want to learn for as long as we are alive. However, there is always a moment in time when we are tired of our jobs and want to move on with our lives. Chatbots are different in that regard since their very existence hinges on talking to customers.

An artificial intelligence chatbot is capable to learn for as long as you keep it active on your website. This rule applies to 24/7 monitoring of your site for any user activity in order to answer any questions your visitors may have. Think of them as receptionists to your company. It’s not a hard analogy to draw since 37% of users admit to using chatbots in order to get quick and concise responses to their queries.

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The best part about chatbots is that they are truly life-long learners – every future conversation is dictated by the ones that came before it. The longer you keep your chatbots for business online, the more it will learn and become fluent in conversation. While the thought of having such a highly-functional AI present on your website may be scary, the benefits far outweigh any misplaced distrust in machines.

High ROI

Return on Investment is something we all think about when new technologies are concerned. However, chatbots are highly affordable and require very little upkeep to stay online. The biggest hurdle for most companies will be the entry fee. Depending on the complexity of your chatbot for a website, it will cost more or less to make it operational and ready for deployment.

The constant customer support and user engagement will quickly recover any costs you might have had in regards to your new chatbot. It is far more profitable to simply create a chatbot for business and give it a few months to return the investment in spades instead of thinking it over. The technology is already widespread enough that the price doesn’t pose an issue even for startups and small companies.

Modern and Professional

Lastly, the best reason to consider creating a bot for your business is to stay in touch with the latest industry trends. Most companies have opted for bots instead of hiring additional staff members to put on their payroll. Customers have grown accustomed to bots and are expecting to see them when they visit their favorite websites. According to a recent survey, a total of 15% of US adults have used chatbots in their online interactions.

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Best of all, well-programmed bots will represent your company online 24/7 without taking a break, a holiday, or a vacation for weeks at a time. This is a great opportunity not only for your company to represent, but also to take some stress away from your staff members.

While the bots take care of initial dialogue and negotiation, your trained staff members can focus on the end goal of sealing contracts, shipping goods, and other logistics. Chatbots are a slick and modern way to engage with the end user, and you should definitely not pass on the opportunity.

Create a Bot for Business Innovation

Perhaps the most beneficial reason for chatbot implementation is the sheer creativity and innovation involved in doing so. Imagine telling your partners and clients that you have AI algorithms working for you around the clock and tending to customer support. It adds value to your brand and attracts positive buzz to your company. Predictions show that 85% of customer support will be done without human interaction by 2020.

Businesses that have stagnated over the years should definitely check out the chatbot technology if they want to breathe some new life into their existing operation. Chances are that the change will only be for the better since your Google ranking and SEO will reflect the new addition to your arsenal of website features.

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