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Best WordPress Plugins for Content Creators

Anything you share on social media, your blog, etc., is a form of content creation. But to make the term content creator more precise, you can say, “a content creator is someone who is in charge of contributing information to any type of media, especially digital media”. The information is targeted at a particular end-user or audience. Blog posts, articles, images, video, audio, email, social updates, and other content can all be contributed by a content creator. Creating content can take a lot of time. That’s why using technology can help with creating great valuable content. When starting and developing a blog, it is important to have the right WordPress plugins for content marketing: plugins that will improve a site’s functionality, SEO, speed, user experience, etc. Everything must be arranged properly so that it is clear and transparent to the visitors of the blog. That is why we suggest that you install the following best WordPress plugins for content creators.

WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins – WP Reset

WP Reset is one of the best WordPress plugins for content marketing that every website should have. The biggest advantage of this plugin is that it can help you recover your site if something goes wrong.  It has 4 primary features.

  1. The first one is the Emergency Recovery Script that helps you gain access if your site gets hacked or crashes.
  2. The second one is the Snapshots feature. With it, you can create database snapshots before significant changes, so if you don’t like their outcome, you can always go back to where you started.
  3. The third one is the feature that allows you to reset your site to any degree that you want.
  4. The fourth feature is the Collections feature. It allows you to install collections of plugins in one click. That way, you don’t have to install your plugins one by one, and it works as a great time saver.

Plus, you have options such as: editing your collection, cloning your collection, adding collections from another site, and deleting collections. All in all, WP Reset speeds up creating and testing a site and helps keep the site clean and optimized.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode

It takes a lot of time to design, set up, and run your website. While you wait for all this to be established, it is recommended that you create a coming soon page. A coming soon page is a page that gives information about your site before it is done. That way, you provide visitors with a brief glimpse into the site while still effectively concealing what is going on behind the scenes.

Coming Soon & Maintenance Mode offers over 170 different themes and a drag-and-drop page builder. So, your coming soon page can be done in 2 minutes! You can also include all of the SEO as well as email marketing features you’ll need, so you won’t have to install a separate plugin to get the job done.

WP 301 Redirects

Mistakes can happen. A visitor clicks a broken link on your website because you deleted a post, or it could have been a typo. Whatever the reason, broken links are a bad look. WP 301 Redirects is a tool that spots broken links, instantly redirects posts and pages, manages affiliate links, and offers a centralized dashboard. With it, you can add as many redirect rules as you want, group them using tags and enable or disable them. You don’t have to add redirect rules manually; the plugin can do it automatically.

This plugin is great for easily transferring traffic from other sites, retaining SEO, fixing broken links, etc. In its redirect log, you can see how things are going, the beginning and ending URL for each redirect hit, and charts displaying your top countries, browsers, and devices. WP 301 Redirects also doubles as a link shortener. This is great for simple URLs and affiliate links. The plugin will track hits making it easy to keep an eye on your affiliate marketing success. Plus, you can customize this plugin by applying your own logo and colors.

WP Sticky

This plugin allows you to “stick” any element on a page so that it stays in place as a user scrolls. It helps you to create a sticky header, footer, widget, or any other sticky element. In one minute or less, you can make something “sticky”. It’s really that easy. Sticky elements are great for highlighting something on your page and making the visitor pay more attention to information that you may consider valuable.

With WP Sticky, there’s no need to mess with code. Simply select an element from the screen. Make as many sticky elements as you like. All themes, page builders, and plugins are compatible with this plugin. Plus, it is used by 100,000 people because it is fast, simple, and user-friendly.

Simple Author Box

As a blogger, there might come a time when you want to have a guest author on your blog. For easy insertion of an author box for authors, guest authors, etc., you can use the Simple Author Box plugin. Having an author box is great if you have a multi-author blog or even if it is just you who is the author. The author box shows your bio or guest author’s bio, a picture, a link to a website, and links to social media accounts.

You can make author box links open in new tabs and use the no-follow attribute in them. You can also pick the post types where you want your author box to appear. Create an author box that looks exactly the way you want it to look manually or by using one of the plugin’s templates. You have full control over the typography, the colors, and the complete appearance of the author box.

wpDataTables – WordPress Tables Plugin

wpDataTables is a WordPress tables plugin that you can use to create attractive, highly usable, and engaging charts and tables quickly; even when you’re confronted with “big” data, which is to say thousands or even millions of rows. wpDataTables does such good work in fact, that web designers have been known to make a switch to WordPress, just so they can use this plugin. No coding is required. Most charts and tables can be built using a few clicks.

Appointment Booking Plugin

Suppose you are self-employed as a writer or a social media specialist or have a small business and offer your services online. In that case, you’ll have specific time limits and certainly, need an appointment booking plugin. Such functionality will allow your clients to book time or services on your tight schedule. With the WordPress scheduler plugin, you can also choose one of the stylish appointment booking templates up to your needs.

The MotoPress Appointment Booking plugin makes it straightforward for you to accept bookings and appointments online. It enables adding time slot booking for various services (i.e., writing content for social media, copywriting for landing pages, creative tasks). Based on your content creation experience, you can set custom service durations and add buffer times between appointments. Besides, if you run a small content or SMM agency, there is an option for you to assign employees available for each service.

Stratum Widgets – Free All-Inclusive Collection of Plugins

Stratum is a set of top-notch Elementor addons that consists of more than 20+ flexible Elementor extras. Stratum widgets are entirely free and powerful at the same time. However, Stratum PRO, for a reasonable price, is there for you if you need to power up widgets with different visual effects, get more layout patterns and widget settings.

Many widgets that you will have to buy as premium in third-party Elementor plugins are available with Stratum. The plugin is an excellent way for building landing pages for promoting your courses and services, making portfolios, business cards, and creative blogs with Elementor. Stratum includes Elementor essential addons for each niche.

Develop and modify the Testimonials section, Pricing tables, Progress bars, Photo and Video Galleries, Blog Posts, Comparison tables, and more plugins you may need to showcase your business. Stratum widgets set also comprises content promotion options with animated Banners, Flip Boxes, Image Hotspot interactive images, and sliders. Create powerful calls-to-action and creative ads to improve the presentation of your services.

Best WordPress Plugins – Conclusion

Creating content is a never-ending job. You have to be up to date with all the latest trends. That way, you make sure you always offer your readers something new and outstanding. The plugins we selected will help you with exactly that!

So, always be original and focus on quality rather than quantity. Using these plugins will give you more time to focus on your creativity and make sure all the other tasks are done. Be sure to install them!

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