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How to Write Content that Converts

If you’ve ever been to a crowded marketplace before, then you already have a glimpse of what content creation looks like from the perspective of your audience. With tons of sellers trying to grab their attention through content, it can be hard to stay on top of the competition. So how do you create content that converts your audience to customers? For a lot of brand owners, it’s easier to just hire an essay writer who offers content writing services to do the dirty job for them. However, finding a competent essay writer is not so easy. Sometimes, even search engines may not help to find the right essay writer for you. If you don’t want to go down the outsourcing path, here’s a quick guide on how to write content that converts. Grab a pen and put on your content creation hat. You’re about to discover a whole new world of treasures.

How to Write Content that Converts

Why is Your Content not Converting?

Just before we get into the main dish of writing content that converts, it’s important to outline a few mistakes that you’ve probably been making. When it comes to content writing, a lot of rookies and expert writers often make a couple of cringe-worthy, face-palming errors. You probably have too. If your content has not been converting, here are a couple of things you may have been doing wrong.

You’re Not Catering to Your Audience’s Needs

Here’s one thing you should know on how to write content that converts: every buyer out there is looking for content that’s relevant to his/her buying experience. If your content has no iota of relevance to this journey, then it definitely won’t convert to sales.

For instance, let’s assume you sell teeth whitening gels and your brand is targeted at people who want to get whiter teeth. Considering the needs of your target audience, writing an article on how to ride a bicycle would be as useless as trying to teach a fish how to tap dance. Instead, you could write an article on how to avoid teeth-staining foods and then end with an impressive call to action (CTA). This way, you’d be more likely to get them to buy your gel in no time at all.

You’re Not Using CTAs Effectively

Let’s admit it: not everyone knows how to use CTAs effectively. When it comes to conversions, CTAs are the wands that make the magic happen. Without them, your content would be as useless as the P in “psychology”. If you’re trying to create content that converts, you have to wield your CTAs like a pro.

Make them concise and clear for your audience to fully understand what you’re asking them to do. In the same vein, try to avoid using the same CTA for different articles or content. You don’t want to sound like a broken record.

How To Write Content That Converts?

how to write content for new webite

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the spot X – the reason you even clicked on this article in the first place. So how can you write content that truly converts? If you’re tired of speaking to your audience without making sales, here are a few tips that will help you throughout the writing processю

Know Your Audience

Before you hop right into creating content, here’s a question that may stop you right in your tracks: Do you know your audience? How well do you know them? Do you know their needs and wants? When it comes to content writing, most brand owners write based on what they think their audience needs. Unfortunately, this only sets them up for disaster. To truly know what your audience needs or wants, you have to start by understanding them totally.

What are their pain points? Are there any frustrations? What excites them? How can your content change the way they feel? Knowing the answers to these questions will give you a better understanding of your audience and this way, you can solve their problems and provide real value to them.

How to Write Content that Converts – Start with the Headline

If you’re trying to write content that converts, you have to craft an interesting headline that will not only get people’s attention but improve your click-through rates as well. When it comes to creating interesting headlines, one hack that never gets old is the number trick. When used in headlines, numbers can take your SEO content writing from zero to hero. For instance, you could write an article titled: “Top five vegetables to eat for improved vision”. If you’re trying to generate more clicks, then you should definitely include numbers in your headlines.

Pro tip: If you’re not sure how to write optimized content and headlines for your website, you can check the post on how to write content for both old and new websites.

Fulfill the Promises You Made in the Headline

Sure, it’s fun to get clicks from readers who were drawn in by your headline. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there. Just before you start groaning, you should note that fulfilling a promise is just as important as making it. When writing your content, make sure you fulfill any promises made in the headline. If you promised to show your readers the five best chainsaws in the world, then show them five. Not four or three but five.

How to Write Content that Converts – Make It Scannable

“OMG! I want to read a thesis on how to use a teeth whitening gel” said no one ever. If you’re trying to impress your readers and convert them to buyers, make sure you keep your content scannable. A huge percentage of website visitors only spend about 15 seconds or less on a site. So, you can easily tell that they skim the content instead of actually reading it. To make your content scannable, stick to short paragraphs, and sentences. Use interesting subheadings and bullet points to catch their attention and keep them on your website for a longer period of time.

Use Your CTAs Effectively

If content writing was a boat, then CTAs would be the engines or propellers. Without an effective CTA, you may end up writing content that won’t convert. CTAs can be anything, really. You could be persuading your readers to buy a product or leading them to more valuable tips or resources that you have in store for them. This way, they’d spend more time on your website instead of disappearing into thin air.

How to Write Content that Converts – Final Thoughts

No one said writing content that converts was going to be easy. However, if you really want to convert your readers to buyers, start by infusing emotions into your content. When you blend the tips listed above with an emotional copy, you’d be blown away by the sheer number of conversions you would get.

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