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4 Things to Look for From Your Kansas City Website Designer

If you have a company based in the Kansas City area, you might have big plans for it. Regardless of what services you offer or products you make, you want to figure out ways that you can get ahead and eventually dominate your niche. You can do that by making better products and offering better services than anyone else doing something comparable. You can have excellent prices and customer service. One can also run some great ad campaigns and have an active social media presence.

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Apart from all that, you’ll want to create a website for your company that will present your business in the best possible way. To get to that point, you’ll likely want to contact a web design company or an individual who does website design. If you know very little about website design, you may not be sure what to look for in this area. We’ll talk about some of what you’ll want to see from your website designer right now.

You Might Want a Website Designer Who Can Handle Your Updates

Working with a web design agency can spare you some major headaches. They can do the actual site design, and maybe when they show you the finished product, you’ll feel enthusiastic about what they’ve created for you. The thing is, though, you can’t regard a website as “finished.” Maybe it looks and runs great when you first see it, but some of the inbound and outbound links might break after some time has passed. Perhaps you’ll want to update the graphics, and you’ll need someone to update the plugins as well. If you don’t update the plugins, it is easier for hackers to penetrate the site. They might shut it down or demand a ransom for you to take control of it again. You need someone who can patch any coding issues that come up.

You can hire someone and have them on staff who can do all of that for you. Maybe you have the money for some permanent IT staff members who can take care of these issues. However, you might also keep your original web designer on the payroll or keep their number handy. You can ask your web designer to handle any patches or updates your site will eventually require. Make no mistake, websites need maintenance. When you reach out to a web designer about creating a site for your business, you can also ask them if they can maintain that site for you when you need it. If they can, that makes them doubly useful to you.

You Want One that Doesn’t Charge Too Much

Much like any service or product that you buy, you will find web designers that charge more or less for their services. You might locate one that comes highly recommended. You can see that they have plenty of positive online feedback, and they have been in the business a long time. If they demand too much for their services, though, it doesn’t make sense to hire them. You want the best web designer available, but if you don’t have the operating budget to hire them, you will have little choice but to go with someone else.

Generally, you can find website designers at lower prices if they have not been in the industry for a very long time. A neophyte web designer may not cost as much, but you can’t be sure they can do the job very well if they’ve only just started doing this kind of work. You will need to find a website designer about whom you feel confident but who you can also afford. It’s not always the easiest thing to do, especially if you just got your company off the ground and you’re operating on a shoestring budget.

You Might Want One Who Knows About SEO

SEO means search engine optimization, and you should know a little about it as a business owner, even if you don’t work in your company’s IT department. Generally, it’s not a website designer’s job to optimize your site so that it gets lots of organic search traffic. If you can find a site designer who can also optimize your website while they set it up, that’s a huge bonus. Otherwise, you’ll need to hire a separate person who can do that. Maybe you can have a permanent IT staff member who does that, or you could bring in a freelancer if that makes more sense for you from a monetary standpoint.

SEO is the way you bring organic traffic to your company’s site. You need someone who can optimize your content. That means writing copy with relevant keyword integration. It means adding the appropriate pictures and graphics. It could mean adding social media components on your landing page that will direct site visitors to follow your company on social media. Having an FAQ section, a company blog and other elements can all be a part of your SEO strategy as well.

If you can find an individual or agency that can not only create your site but optimize it too, that’s a huge bonus. You should talk to the individual or agency you employ to see whether they do that. Of course, if you can find someone who says they’ll do it, they will likely charge you more money because of that extra added service.

Find a Website Designer or Agency with Whom You Get Along

Maybe you find an individual or agency in the Kansas City area who seems perfect in every way. They know about website design with WordPress or Wix. They charge an amount that seems reasonable to you. Maybe they can even do some SEO work while they set up your site. All of that doesn’t count for much if you can’t seem to get along with them. You don’t have to be best friends with your website creator. However, you need to have a cordial, working relationship with them.

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