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7 UX design trends 2018 for the Best User Experience

While we’ve been recently discussing the important UX design trends for 2017, 2018 is just around the corner. Now that we’re so close to this upcoming year, we thought it would be best to see what trends will be making their way from 2017 to 2018! Not only will you be able to see what kind of designs you should be implementing into your online space, but you’ll also learn more about upcoming trends that seem to be here to stay! If you want to learn more about how you can embrace the perfect balance of web development and keeping the head of the curve with UX design trends 2018, let’s get started!

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1. Personalized Experiences

One of the most popular UX design trends for 2017 was personalized experiences, and it will continue to be a trend in 2018 as well. Whether you’re sending out a personalized email based on the users’ interactions with your website, or even text messages that are sent out to users in a specific location, this UX trend is here to stay. It’s futuristic and makes interaction with brands easy and fun. Not to mention the biggest player in this field surround the use of app and web products, whether shopping or getting involved on social media, the personalized experience will continue to grow into 2018 just as much as it has in 2017, if not more.

UX design trends 2018 humanizing digital experience

Many brands have embraced everything it takes to introduce UX design into their websites as well. When you have a great design that seems to personally connect with the user and correct audience you’ll stand out from all other competition. If you want to review the rules of design when it comes to creating a beautiful and UX friendly blog, look no further.

2. Quicker Solutions

Many people have an attention span that’s less than only 8 seconds. This means that UX design trends 2018 needs to up their usability for those who are constantly clicking on the easy and simple content with the most information. One of the biggest trends that will make a difference will be time-saving design features.

Keeping your design simple and easy to navigate should be the first order of business. There should also be a small pop up suggestions for people just in case they get a bit lost. Lastly, you should always create a linear design experience, with a start, middle, and end that will allow users to easily navigate through every step of the way without confusion.

3. Voice Activation

Voice activation UX design trends 2018

Voice activation is another element you can expect to see more of. Whether you’re requesting that your Google Home tells you the weather or you want to have your Amazon Echo tell you the steps of a recipe. This kind of innovation will be here to stay in 2018.

4. More SecuritySecurity UX design trends 2018


There will be tons of options when it comes to making sure that your personal information and identity are safe. By taking extra steps to secure your accounts you’ll be safer than ever in 2018. There are many brands that are coming up with more ways to prove that you are the owner of the specific account. Talk about needed!

5. Humanizing Experiences

When a user plans on interacting with a brand’s website or app, it’s important the UX designer delivers when it comes to making a difference. When a brand provides a humanizing digital experience, this usually focuses on how the interaction then makes a great impact in the community on a long-term basis. Whether that means transparency from the brand or even posting a review on a website to better other individuals experiences. The trends of 2017  did not exactly focus on this until later in the year, but the rise of humanizing experiences will be one of the main UX design trends 2018.

Humanizing digital experiences can also mean allowing the user more fun ways to experiment and communicate with other users. Such as using emojis, gifs, or even something as simple as video chatting.

6. Biometric Authentication

Biometrics UX design trends 2018

While Biometrics was a huge turning point in 2017, the way biometrics is headed in 2018 means it will be more and more accessible. This is an element of UX design trends 2018 that will help improve authentication and also boost security for both the user and the brand the user is using. This kind of technology is seriously important, especially since more and more people are using the internet in a way that could be dangerous if their information is leaked, unwanted people. This includes facial recognition, fingerprints, voice recognition and iris scan.

7. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality UX design trends 2018

Virtual reality has been a UX design feature for a few years now, but by taking the virtual reality experience in games to the next level and integrating them into a wide variety of new ways for brands and companies, you’ll find yourself in different worlds more than you might expect.

UX Design Trends 2018 Conclusion

There are so many exciting trends that have been showing more and more promise for the year of 2018. While 2017 has been a great experience when it comes to innovative UX designs, there seems to have been not enough development of specific ideas until right now.

In 2018 you can expect to see even greater designs, better interaction opportunities, and a huge connection to brands you love.

What are you looking forward to the most when it comes to UX design trends for 2018?

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