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Uber Like App Development – Best Practices

Some time ago, a taxi was a luxury service used from time to time for special occasions or needs. Now it’s an affordable thing for everyday use, and Uber once made it even more popular. Uber has also drastically changed the way people run their taxi business both from the economical and IT point of view. So, any taxi app creation involves building uber like app development based on their app strategy and business practices.
Moreover, their on-demand model can fit almost every sphere and direction. More and more businesses are thinking of how to make an app like Uber and moving to this model to optimize their processes and find an excellent electronic solution to earlier insoluble questions.

People and companies, infiltrating into Uber like app development, focus on the following advantages.

  1. The approach is primitive yet efficient.
  2. The model has proven to be sustainable, so it can undoubtedly process demands in the form of a well-designed mobile app
  3. This way, you can apply all the thoughtful features of Uber.

So, before even starting to create a strategy of your taxi or other Uber like start-up, ponder thoroughly about the needed features.

Plan Features in the Process of Uber Like App Development

The app-based businesses that resemble Uber usually incorporate 3 basic applications: the admin one, the driver interface, and the customer app.

What Does a Customer Need in Your App?

uber passenger

Let us first take a look at the customer-oriented features that build up a successful Uber like app development and later efficient business.


If may not be the most demanded feature, but it is surely needed in the app like that, especially if there are multiple ways of registering for a new user. They should include signing in via Facebook, email, and phone number verification. The vital element is to connect the process to social media, as this means it is getting more and more popular.

User Profile, login page creation, and the registration process itself shouldn’t be a difficult task. Moreover, the taxi app development platform must guarantee clients’ privacy to gain their confidence and trust. So, the app should request only necessary data from a client.

Ride Tracking

uber like app

This convenient contemporary feature of tracking a ride after booking it is one of the most advantageous for a client. With this point present and map integrated, a customer can quickly see how far the driver is from the location and how soon they will arrive where needed. The idea of the opportunity to monitor the driver before and after they come to the pickup point is a valuable benefit of such an app.

Payment Estimation

Every passenger can get a free estimation of their future ride without any cheating or longer routes. The taxi fare also hugely depends on the ‘level’ of the car for the trip, which is defined up to its comfort, age, and model. The only thing that sometimes lacks in such apps is the chance to calculate the fare at the end of the trip if the driver has to make a couple of stops along the ride. So, think of this feature if you want to edge over your competitors.

Different Ways of Payment

Have you had a situation when you wanted to complete an online purchase, but didn’t have the opportunity or desire to do that because of the inconvenient or just unpreferred mode of payment? In Uber, passengers can choose between a credit card, debit card, cash and one of the mobile wallets. Providing a customer with a wide range of options for payment makes your Uber Like app development more user-friendly.

Booking for Other Customers


One of the Advanced features of such a taxi or other type of apps is the so-called Book for others. It means that a customer can book a trip for another passenger using their own account, and also pay for the ride. In this case, both the orderer and the passenger can get a message informing them about the details of the trip.

Push Notifications

Such push notifications are one of the essential elements of any modern application for extensive usage. It can keep customers updated about the status of their trip, car details and arrival time.

Ability to Contact Driver

Messaging directly from the app may facilitate customers’ experience significantly, especially in the case of misunderstanding of force major.

Driver Rating

When it comes to cooperating and communicating to get one-to-one service, we all prefer to have an opportunity to leave a testimonial or to assess the level of service. In the process of Uber like app development think of the customer’s chance to evaluate driver, vehicle and overall impression from the trip.

In the cross platform app development, one should consider the options of high-level customer support in the process of further functioning carefully.

Some of the more advanced features that you may also add in your Uber like app development are:

  • Pickup Location (ordering a drive with an automatic definition of current passenger location)
  • Ride Cancellation (a trip order can be easily canceled in a pre-defined period)
  • Later Ride (booking a trip long before the needed time)
  • Split Charges (sharing the fare between fellow passengers)
  • Discounts
  • Voice Recognition
  • Panic Button (to make a passenger feel safer during the ride)

Driver Functionality

Uber like app development - driver

It is obvious that some of the features for a driver will completely duplicate those aimed at passengers, including registration (except for the fact that drivers should get registered from the admin side of the app, not from the client-side), push notifications, messaging options, reviews and assessment, and tech support.

However, there are some points that have a special value for a driver. The list includes.

Trip Alert

A driver in this system gets a notification that they can either accept or deny. Such a trip alert should also contain a passenger’s location and planned route. It may also include information about the passenger, their travel history, and the rate.

Navigation Option

An app itself can offer the best route using one of the most popular map applications, online maps, or any other way. Route optimization helps the driver make a journey efficient and reach the destination point fast.

Driver Delivery Report

Driver delivery report is a summary of their driving style during a pre-defined period of time. Such a feature ensures passenger safety in the long run.

Waiting Time

In case of waiting for a passenger for a period longer than a predetermined one or in case of the trip cancellation, the customer will be charged additional payment, which covers drivers work.

Advanced features for Uber like app development are:

  • Driver Destination (a driver chooses a preferred work area)
  • Heat Map (map with areas of a different color to show a driver a demand perspective to choose the location for work more carefully)
  • Forward Dispatch (accepting a new ride request while still finishing the previous one)

Admin Features of Uber Like App Development


As for managing all drivers and customers’ processes, there is a need for a control point. An admin panel in mobile app development should manage all the elements of the system accordingly, including customers, drivers, vehicles, orders, locations, destinations, and payments.

The top-level admin panel of such an app contains:

  • Location Management
  • Payments management
  • Booking Tools
  • Vehicle Management System
  • Reviews Options
  • Notifications Management
  • Drivers Tech Support
  • Customer Support
  • Google Analytics Integration

Uber Like App Development – Final Points

Just building an Uber duplication is a bad idea that will not bring you a profitable business. Start by creating a business model based on thorough market research and the point that makes your business unique. Then define the needed functionality and platform of the forthcoming app. After that, you can efficiently work with the project and add more exceptional features. Consider the things which are required in the app of yours. Avoid adding too many unnecessary functions and overloading the app. Remember that the most important is the step of smooth technical implementation.

However, don’t forget to make your app also user-friendly and attractive. Think over a perfect UX/UI Design, including a smooth app flow and pleasantly-looking visual elements. Always pay attention to customer reviews and make necessary modifications, because Uber like app development is a long and prospective commitment.

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