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4 Reasons Why You Should Switch from A Sketchbook to Procreate

Hi there! So, if you are an artist and have been debating whether or not you should try digital art, since Procreate and the iPad have kind of made the whole digital art thing an easy entry, then this article is for you! For this, I would like to sincerely thank apple, and Procreate for working together and creating such a wonderful art experience! And would love to tell you why you should go digital yourself and give Procreate and the apple pencil a try to switch from a sketchbook to Procreate if you have never really created art digitally.

Switch from A Sketchbook to Procreate

Switch from a Sketchbook to Procreate – Portable

You can’t really take all of your art supplies along with you on every journey you go on. However, with Procreate, you can take all of your pencil set (HB to 6B), colors, acrylic paint, watercolors, oil paint, stamps, and huge canvases to work on, on the go! How cool is that?! You can also check out Brush Galaxy, they have hundreds of brushes with different effects that will help you achieve whatever artistic style you are looking for!

Eliminates Fear from Mistakes

Since I started drawing on the iPad, I have gotten at least 10 times better. Why is that you ask?! Well, a major difficulty that people who like creating art (I won’t call them artists since they already have self-doubt and would probably not call themselves so) face is that they want to draw, they have a vision. However, they might not necessarily have the most advanced skillset to create the art they have in mind.

So, they try to draw, it doesn’t go well, they try to fix it, and they end up ruining the paper and their sketchbook. And don’t even get me started on the whole pretty sketchbook stigma created by social media! It made all digital artists want to have perfect sketchbooks and has convinced them that it is some kind of a portfolio that has to be kept super clean and neat despite what we all know that the most obvious reason to keep a sketchbook is to practice and get better at drawing. And this is when artists think about quitting art or doing less art. Because it doesn’t turn out beautiful or neat! They are even afraid to ruin a sketchbook while practicing so they end up not practicing at all.

So, what difference does digital art (in our case Procreate) make?! Well, it eliminates this whole guilt trap! It has “Undo”, it has “layers” we will get to layers in a minute. You can’t ruin a paper. You can’t waste good art supplies or paint. If you end up with art you don’t like, you simply undo it or even delete it and start fresh on a new canvas.

Switch from A Sketchbook to Procreate – Interchangeable Color Choices

This comes pretty handily when you are all done coloring however you are not really satisfied with how the colors look together. Normally there would just be nothing to do in traditional art! You can go ahead and try to create a whole new piece right from the beginning! However, in Procreate you can do just that by tweaking some settings!

The World Is Going Digital

Everything in the world is going digital. And if you would like to make it in the professional world as an artist you will want to have a digital alternative! And procreate is definitely the most user-friendly app out there while still maintaining professionalism! Why digital? Because it is the most effective way of doing business instead of having to scan your art, then edit it, while worrying that you’ll lose quality and color accuracy in the process.

Switch from A Sketchbook to Procreate – Final Point

That is why we highly recommend giving Procreate a try! And if you are still hesitant, you can still try it on your iPhone and start creating art!

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