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8 Best SEO Link Building Strategies and Techniques

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is so popular right now because it cuts the amount of marketing work you have to do into half. Here are SEO link building strategies and techniques to bring traffic to your website and increase your chances of becoming successful. Knowing these strategies will show you the ins and outs of link building and help you take advantage of every space available to build your online business.

Profile Links

Create public profiles on other websites and include a link back to your website in the info section. Avoid going on a sign-up spree, though. Make sure that the number of profiles that you make is small enough for you to manage. Try to be the most active you can possibly be in each profile because if you sign up just to post your link once, the website administrators might delete your profile for name squatting. Also, don’t just post the same content to all of your profiles. Make each of your profiles unique, so that your profile viewers from one website will still get curious about your profile in another website and wander over to the second website. Making each of your profiles unique can increase your profile views and can even make certain people click the same link to your website more than once.

Link Pages

Some websites keep links for website owners like you. They contain numerous links to many other websites. You can simply give them a link to your website, and you can get traffic this way. Use link pages to get traffic only when you’re desperate, though. Because Google Search engine bots don’t respect link pages and will penalize you if they discover that your website has been receiving traffic from link pages.

Guest Posts

You can guest post on other websites and blogs. You won’t write about your website, and you won’t provide a link back to your website within your post. The place where you’ll put the link back to your website is the About the Author section below your post. This is your chance to promote your skills so that you can guest post on many other websites, and to promote your website as a silent invitation to the readers of the website to visit your own website.

Directories and Local Citations

Just like link pages, there are also websites that serve as directories. These websites list links and information to certain sites under a certain category. For example, there are website directories for book pages. There are also website directories for online stores of collectibles. Websites like these have a form where you can enter details about your website, including a link to your website. People really go to these websites to discover new websites within their chosen categories. So including your website to these directories can provide your website a significant amount of traffic. You can hire SEO agencies to help you improve your link building on these websites.


There are lots of forums online. These were the places where people talked and discussed things before chats became more common. Even though it is an older part of the internet, forums still exist, and they are still active. You can join forums where people discuss topics that are within the niche of your website. Sign up and start being active in these forums. Before you make your first forum post, make sure to edit your forum signature.

SEO link building - forums

A forum signature is a set of words, links, or images under every forum post you make. It’s like the signature to the letter. To include participation in forums into your SEO link building strategies, put the link to your website into your forum post. The people you interact with in the forum will see the link to your website under all of your posts, and if you catch enough attention, they will click the link and give your website traffic.

Social Media

SEO link building - social media

You can create profiles in social media with links to your website on the info fields, and you can also make social media posts that give links to your website. Not only does your site gain traffic when somebody shares your social media posts, but it also gets your website higher in search engine results. Social media shares of links give credit to websites and make them more respectable to search engine bots.

Keyword Selection

Remember, links are also made of words. If links and keywords both work for better SEO, why not mix the two of them? You can put some of the best keywords of your website into your links for better promotion.

Go for Do-follow Links

You can’t just go out there posting links on websites and expect to receive traffic because certain websites have a no-follow code in their source code. The no-follow code may still allow the visitors of the website to visit your website when they click the link that you posted, but it makes your presence on their website invisible to search engine bots. Always look for great sites that are proven to let your links be do-follow links so that the fame of their website can get the search engine bots to notice you more.

Don’t overuse these strategies and techniques, though, lest the search engine bots will notice you too much. Search engine bots detect the maneuverings that people do just to get their websites to the top. When search engines notice you tweaking way too much with keywords, posts, and links, they will penalize you and place your website lower in search results.

Don’t spam, don’t connect with hideous websites, and always put your viewers first on your list of priorities. When made to choose between SEO and the preferences of your viewers, always choose the latter. Even when the search engine bots ignore you, real humans will remember you. There are websites out there that are famous to robots and not to humans. Your website should never be one of them because robots won’t buy your products and robots don’t function when there’s no electricity.

When made to choose between SEO and the preferences of your viewers, always choose the latter. Even when the search engine bots ignore you, real humans will remember you. There are websites out there that are famous to robots and not to humans. Your website should never be one of them because robots won’t buy your products and robots don’t function when there’s no electricity.

Clayton Turner
Having been in Internet Marketing and IT since 1995, Clayton has successfully driven MILLIONS of Dollars worth of web traffic, sales and conversions to many organizations over the years. Inbound Marketing, Converting Web Traffic to Customers and Reputation Management Expert. Clayton is a Member of several of the most successful Internet Marketing Mastermind Groups in the world. Also an active partner in many other companies and ventures around the globe.
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  • These are great strategies! I employ a few of them on my blog already. I cannot stress how much I enjoy having guest writers, managing our social media channels, and working on our forums. I feel these strategies have been particularly helpful. I need to spend more time developing link pages and directories though. Great points!

  • Awesome list! I have tried most of these points, but definitely could work on them a bit more. I have to admit I get a bit lazy with the guest posts – I could definitely work on that a bit more. I also find link exchanges helpful for building links, and I really need to take more advantage of social media.

  • Julia Blake

    Guest posting was and always will be a very effective way of building backlinks, as well as it works perfect for brand awareness. While asking for guest posting, you can also offer to publish guest posts on your own blog. This kind of cross-promo is more beneficial for both sides 🙂

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