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SEO FAQs With Answers – 10 SEO Questions That Bother You

If you listen to Google, SEO is ensuring that your audience gets the best. Write content they will enjoy, present it in the right way and make it easy to navigate. If you treat your visitors right, Google will treat you right. Today, there are so many people online who claim to have SEO FAQs with answers, especially, good ones. There are so many ‘experts’ who present strategies that, oftentimes, don’t work. There are also so many SEO buzzwords in different niches that, as an online businessperson, you might not know what to use in your writing.
seo faqs with answers
In this article, we have outlined simple SEO FAQs with answers that you might be hesitant to ask – a question that will help you understand SEO better so you can develop a strategy that meets the needs of your audience.

SEO FAQs With Answers – Is SEO Really Necessary?

You need SEO. If all the visitors who come to your website are represented in a pie, half of that pie will represent visitors from Google and other search engines. An average website gets more than half of its traffic from search engines such as Google. Usually, search engines act as centers where your online business is displayed to people for the first time. Some of the visitors who come to your site will be coming there for the first time.

As more people discover your business from search engines, you will see an increase in the number of visitors from other channels such as email and social media. Granted, the best way to get people to visit your website is to enhance your are visible on search engines.

What Do Search Engines Consider When Ranking My Site?

The search engine algorithms consider so many factors, some of which they do not disclose. However, the three primary factors that determine where a site appears are authority, relevancy, and navigability. Navigability depends on the structure of your site; it is the technical side of SEO where the layout of your pages should be easy to crawl and your site should appear great on desktop and mobile devices.

Google, and other search engines such as Bing, consider the authority of your site more than anything else. Authority refers to how trustworthy Google thinks your website is. Relevancy is another crucial factor in ranking your website. As Google bots crawl your pages, they seek to understand what you offer so they can direct the right audience to you. Even as you seek to establish authority, you still need to ensure that your website remains relevant to the right people.

If you search “SEO” on Google today, Google bots crawl through billions of web pages looking for the most relevant information. The information is then arranged in terms of relevancy starting with the most relevant at the top. When you optimize your site for search engines, you are trying to help Google better understand what you offer while also enhancing your site’s authority so you can appear on the first page of search engine results.

SEO FAQs With Answers – How Do I Make My Website Authoritative?

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If authoritative websites link to your website, Google will believe that your site is also authoritative. However, as the number of visitors who trust your website increases, you will also be seen as an authority in your niche.

When other websites link to your website, Google feels that your site is trustworthy. Google will look at how many backlinks you get and how trustworthy the sources of those backlinks are. In this case, one backlink from an authority website, say, Forbes, is better than a hundred from low-quality websites that get no visitors (say new blogs).

Should You Buy Backlinks to Boost Authority?

If authority is such important and you can create it by having backlinks from authoritative sites, should you buy these backlinks? There is always a backlink sale on Fiverr. You can get up to 50 backlinks from quality websites at a measly $5. However, as much as the offers might be tempting, you should not buy backlinks. Google might penalize you if they realize that you bought backlinks and did not earn them naturally.

Google penalties mean that your ranking will plummet; they might not even rank you at all. If you are de-indexed, you will need to remove those bought links and submit a request to Google so you can be indexed again. Instead of buying backlinks, focus on creating great content and then reach out to authoritative bloggers and you will get backlinks. However, if you just want to increase traffic, you can buy “nofollow” links that do not enhance the authority of your site. Usually, “dofollow” links are what enhance the authority of your website.

SEO FAQs With Answers – How Do I Make My Website More Relevant?

What are your customers looking for online? If your customers need solutions to pests, then that is what you should offer. You also need to identify SEO buzzwords; the words and phrases that your audience searches for online. If, for instance, your website talks about Chinese food, ensure that Google understands that you offer content on Chinese food.

There are so many keywords that might be related to the service or good you offer. To get these keywords, use tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz – these are paid keyword tools. However, if you need a free tool, use Google’s Keyword Planner. By adding the relevant keywords to your texts, header tags, and links, you will get more people to come to your website.

Should I Hire an SEO Expert or Just Do the Optimization Myself?

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Are you well versed in the technical aspects of your website? Can you write search engine optimized content? Do you know how to build links?

If you answered yes to all the above questions, then you can do your own search engine optimization. Create great writing and format it in a way that your audience will find it easy to read. Every page should be like an APA formatted paper that is easy to read. Create links and then enhance navigability. If you have ever seen the seriousness with which APA papers for sale online are formatted by a professional writing service, then you know how seriously you need to create content and optimize your content and your site.  If you do not know where to start, you are better off bringing in an expert to service your website.

However, do not go for a cheap SEO expert as they may use black hat SEO strategies that might get you on the bad books of Google. A qualified SEO service provider should show you their strategies and explain what they are willing to do to rank your page high on Google. For example, if you need to grow real estate business organically, then it’s advisable to go with commercial real estate SEO instead of hiring from forums or marketplaces.

How Do I Tell If My Site Is Indexed on Google?

If Google does not index your website, your website will not be visible on Google search results for any list of keywords. You can test if your site is indexed by typing in “site:[yourdomain.com]” to see whether your domain shows. For instance to see if Facebook is indexed on Google, enter “site:facebook.com” and Facebook will appear.

If, after the search, your website does not show, you need to add your site to Google’s Search Console and then submit your sitemap by verifying the site. Your sitemap is located in “yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml.”

Where Do I Start Optimizing My Website for SEO?

If you are still not sure where to start, you need to talk to an SEO expert and see what they think of your website. However, if you want to DIY, you can start by checking how authoritative your website is on Moztoolbar.

If your website scores less than 40 on authority, you need to focus on getting more authoritative suites linking to your website. However, in case your website manages a score of 70 or more, you need to consider relevancy (giving your audience more of what they need).

Sometimes, your website might score a 50. In such a case, you might need to focus on authority and relevancy at the same time. However, before you do that, check the authority of your main competitors. If you score higher than your competitors in authority, then focus on relevancy. If your competitors are more authoritative than you, then focus on building authority.

How Valuable Will It Be to Invest in SEO?

This is one of the most common SEO FAQs with answers, that SEO will give you returns on investment. However, the returns vary from one industry to the next. Some industries have huge audiences while others have a significantly low number of audiences. For instance, if you run general products online retail shop, you might get more people who want to buy products from your shop than someone who sells private jet services. However, private jet services might bring in more money.

In short, different industries can expect different ROI from SEO. If done right, SEO will bring in more customers. Your efforts after the customers land on your website will determine how much money you get from your investment. If you are unable to convert visitors who come to your website, then you might end up making losses.

Is There a Secret Strategy To Optimize My Website for Search Engines?

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If anyone promises you a secret sauce to increase your ranking and increase traffic to your website, be sure they are using black hat SEO methods. You do research and read online papers, and you will realize that SEO success takes time. Those ‘gurus’ who promise a million visitors overnight will likely get you penalized by Google.

SEO is a blend of many simple tweaks and strategies that come together to ensure you rank high on Google. Start by creating great content, improve your services or goods, make your site visitor-friendly, build links, and collaborate with other authorities in your niche, and you will rank higher than you are. If you used to get traffic and now you seldom get a visitor from search engines, then Google might have de-indexed you.

SEO FAQs With Answers – Final Points

Google focuses on the customers and what they want. Even after reading answers to so many SEO FAQs and you still do not treat your customers right, you might still see your ranking plummet. This is why you see many websites today have live chat and popups that ask you whether you are satisfied with the services or you need something more.

Even with SEO buzzwords, you will still need to write quality content. Among the many aspects of your site that Google considers and the many SEO FAQs with answers you might have, you need to create good-quality content. This way, when Google crawls your website, the bots can see what you have to offer to your customers.

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