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SEO Content Writing Tips To Get You Listed on Google

The phrase ‘Content is King’ was attributed to Bill Gates in the year 1996. But it was recently that these words made sense. With the inception of SEO copywriting in the past few years it dawns upon brands that in order to lead, content is the real deal. SEO content writing tips is an art that requires hard work. Quality backlinks, high user engagement, and in-depth quality content are some of the main factors that Google typically looks for. If you want to produce high-quality content and increase your website’s keyword positions, you can use a variety of free online tools to help you.

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Today, the majority of the companies understand that just gaining followers on Twitter and Likes on Facebook is nothing. People will only buy from you if your content is engaging them. If people like your content, they will share the website with their friends. And once the sharing starts naturally, lord Google will step-in and list your pages and website in their search engine listings.

But, at first, let me share SEO content writing tips which are tried and tested and can help you take the leap in the highly competitive market. It is not necessary that all of these will work for your brand, but how will you know if you don’t even take the risk and try.

SEO content writing tips to get yourself listed in Google

Write Сontent that Excites People

Before you start writing for SEO, you need to ensure that you write something that excites people. If you’re into SEO or even writing blogs for some time, you’ll understand the importance of an SEO optimized content.

If people are not engaging with your content, it means you need to replace the content fast. Write content that fulfills the need of the customer. Something that your potential customer is looking for. For instance, when I was taking caring of my family tomato farm I faced a lot of difficulties while running the family business. What I did was documented all the problems that I was facing and what I did to overcome those problems. I sat down and researched in forums, blogs, and everyone who was running a tomato farm. What were the problems that people were facing? And I figured out the solution.

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Don’t be afraid to interview some of the experts and ask how they will solve the problem. Give them the credit and publish the content on your website.

Keep an Eye on the Analytics

There is no such thing as doing and forget, you need to keep updating the content and monitor the content according to the latest algorithm of Google. For this, you need to check Google Analytics and other online SEO tools. If your bounce rate is high, this means you’re doing something wrong. Check the content of each web page and monitor its performance. For a high bounce rate, there are several reasons.

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Firstly, your website takes too much time to load. Second, the website is not user-friendly. And third, the content on the website is not appealing the potential customers. Use Google Search insights to gain additional knowledge about the customer and take action on it.

No Need for a PR Agency

If you have written your content already, and your content is up-to-date, the work is half-done. The other important part is to act as a PR agency yourself. If your website is new, the best start can be to give the project to an avail a professional SEO services company. This will help you make a great start. Once the company has worked a little on your website, you can take back the steering wheel and be your own PR agency.

Social media engagement is not a mystery anymore. With consistency and dedication, you can engage enough users and get their attention on your blogs. Use Reddit, Medium, and LinkedIn Groups, Facebook groups to reach the potential customer and let them know that how your service will help them?

Let the Keywords Do the Talking

Once upon a time, the work of an SEO writing was to stuff the keywords into the copy. But since Google started updating its algorithm, the dumping keyword strategy doesn’t work anymore. You need to place targeted keywords strategically throughout the content. Here is the new strategy. Put the main keyword in the Meta title, repeat the keyword in the first 300 words in the page description. And one time in the first H1 or H2 tag.

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The rule of thumb for SEO copywriting is that your keyword should not be hidden. Ideally, your keyword should appear in the writing in a natural manner. If you feel that you’re going jibberish, you’ve taken it too far. Logically people are searching for the phrase, so the phrase needs to be used as much to show up in the search engine. But, to make it look natural is the difficult part.

Educate People on Your Products

This is pretty common these days. In spite of writing just for the sake of Google, if you write content that educates your customers, it will be enough to draw attention to your content. As a result of such SEO content writing tips people will be engaged. Traffic will boost. And as a result, Google will automatically list you in their search results.

You can do this by making a PowerPoint presentation on how your products work, or you can make a video on how to use your product. Or if you want one of the best to be aggressive with your SEO article writing and list yourself on a natural way, the best approach is to start a blog. With a blog, you’ll be able to list down everything that is related to your product. When people will visit your blog, they will find solutions to their problems and when they will be ready to buy, you can hit them with a CTA button. And in this case, people will not even mind a little bit. Because you’ve given them something valuable, they will easily buy from you without creating any fuss over it.

To Sum It All up about SEO Content Writing Tips

All an all, these SEO content writing tips which can help you rank better in Google. It is not about listing your website in the Google search engine. If your website is not offering the said value, Google will soon realize it and throw you out from their search results. As a marketer, you need to ensure that once you gain rankings on the first page of Google, things start getting hard from there onwards. And you need to take more precautions when writing content once your website once it is listed on Google. Because after that there is no chance of a mistake. So, you have to get your things in order and be consistent with the quality of the content that you’re producing.

Also don’t forget that word count matters a lot for good content rankings on search. So once you write your piece of content, check it on https://www.word-counter.org/.

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