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Podcasts vs Clubhouse – What Is Better to Listen to?

Are you on a mission of self-development? Would you like to improve yourself? Then you’re doing right in listening to podcasts vs clubhouse. You will learn the uses and advantages of each one, to help you in your mission to become a higher-value man.

Podcasts vs Clubhouse

Podcasts vs Clubhouse – Why Podcasts?

When comparing podcasts vs Clubhouse, podcasts are a great way to get access to valuable information that will nurture your mind and soul, improve your skills, confidence, inner peace and help you make better decisions. They are one of the most useful tools out there, and most of the time, they’re completely free. They come in a wider variety of topics, and hence, you can explore a wide myriad of podcasts that better suit your goals. From health and nutrition to business, finances, and meditation, you have a wide pool of options. What you need to do is to prioritize what matters the most to you right now.

For example, if you wanted to learn more about financial freedom, it’d come in handy to listen to podcasts that teach you how to purchase bitcoin, how to invest in altcoins, how to set up an affiliate marketing website, how to create your info-product business, etc. The sky is the limit here. Once again, prioritize what matters the most to you right now. If it’s business and health, then focus on it. You cannot cover too many topics because you will end up not digesting any knowledge at all.

Bitcoin Audible

Following the example of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, we recommend you listen to Bitcoin Audible. You will learn the latest news about BTC and the most important digital currency prices, to help you explore the market and find profitable opportunities you can join before the majority of investors. This could be one of the best investments of time and money in your life, because the economy is shifting towards the digital paradigm, and if you get early, you will be able to profit from it.

Joe Rogan Experience

Now, if you want to cover a vast myriad of topics, then we recommend you to listen to the Joe Rogan Experience. At the moment, it’s one of the most popular podcasts because it has incredible invitees such as Elon Musk, who also happened to help to boost the price of Bitcoin and Doge. You can learn a lot about their experiences and stories, so it’s a good idea to stay tuned with the next podcasts by Joe Rogan.

To find the podcasts that better suit your needs and goals, all you need to do is to Google “best podcasts” + “your area of interest”. You will have more than enough to fulfill all of your knowledge cravings. Now, the thing with podcasts is that, like any other source of knowledge, you need to take action to see results. Otherwise, it will be wasted time and energy.

We recommend you treat podcasts the same way you’d treat a book. You need to give it constant dedication, and of course, you need to take action to see the results. Therefore, you should listen to a podcast for 30-60 minutes a day. And unlike other blogs, we recommend you to listen to them with plenty of attention and to take notes.

Podcasts vs Clubhouse – Why Clubhouse?

Since Clubhouse is invite-only, you need to get past the bouncers to join it. If you haven’t been able to get in, worry not, because you can practically get the same knowledge and value out of traditional podcasts. However, the value of Clubhouse is that you can seize excellent networking opportunities, in addition to listening to valuable material that is likely to help you grow as a person. Therefore, if you really want to network with valuable people that could boost your business ventures, then it’d be a good idea to join Clubhouse.

Nonetheless, remember that Clubhouse is invite-only. What you need to do here is to find a friend that is already a member, because they can send you an invite to download the app and join the community to start listening and networking. In case you cannot get in, you could also purchase a Clubhouse invite. There are some marketplaces that offer such invites. However, you’re not missing out on a life-changing opportunity inside Clubhouse. In terms of networking, you can still do it with the old but trusted cold email and even contact through social media with a valuable pitch. Do not let not being able to join Clubhouse stop you from continuing your self-improvement journey.

Podcasts vs Clubhouse – Final Thoughts

Whether you want to make your own podcast or start a Clubhouse discussion, both are useful tools that can help boost your skills and be beneficial to your self-improvement journey. Now it’s time for you to explore what they have to offer. And of course, remember to take action – because knowledge needs action to bring results in your life.

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