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How a New Website Design for Your eStore Can Boost Revenue

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As an eCommerce businessman, nobody has to tell you what does it mean to adapt to market trends. You know it already since to beat the fierce competition and to continue to ride the growth in your eCommerce business you have to adapt to market trends. While all your competitors are offering similar products and services, to cut the competition through something unique always seems a tough proposition. Fortunately, the emerging web design and development trends are offering us new ways to create the rewarding user experience for the online shoppers. To stand apart from the competition and to raise your identity from the businesses of your e-commerce niche, offering great user experience with your site can really prove effective and that is why you may need to create a new website design.

So, if you think your e-commerce site lacks the luster and standout qualities and if you consider it has chances to make the overall user experience better, you should undertake a website redesign initiative. Many e-commerce sites after redesigning their websites have experienced a steady rise in the visitors and business conversion.

Do you want to know the most time-tested principles of website redesign? Just have a look at the following.

Clean, straightforward and eye catchy UI

New website design - catchy UI

Let’s make the basics perfect before anything else. A clean design that helps users to attend to the listed products without any visual distraction is the first thing that your product page should ensure. It should be straightforward about showcasing products that visitors came for. Most important of all, the listing should look eye catchy with quality visuals. Follow the below-mentioned tips.

  • Ensure a lot of negative or white space around every product to reduce distraction.
  • Ensure quick loading of the product images by using the right image formats.
  • Offer a crisp, short and pointed description of each listed products with bullet points and highlight only the main USPs.
  • Provide several product images covering all angles for better viewing. To ensure more detailed viewing provide zooming effects.

Responsive and mobile experience

New website design - mobile experience

If you have not been a caveman in all these years, you must have been familiar with the role of mobile in everything, most importantly in online shopping. Yes, so called online shopping has now become mobile shopping just because most buyers prefer to buy from their mobile device. Does your eCommerce site is well suited Design-wise and in functions to allow smooth mobile shopping experience? If not, this is time to address this in your redesign initiative. Here are the key things to keep in mind when redesigning your eCommerce website for mobile buyers.

  • Ensure a responsive width layout that fits across multiple device screen sizes.
  • When using slider images or any visual effects, make they fit the mobile view ports for better viewing.
  • Design a mobile friendly product listing that fit multiple screen sizes without making the users compromise on filtered searches and quick navigation.
  • Ensure easy to tap button sizes and visually optimized color scheme for buttons.
  • Provide all the clickable links and important contact details above the fold to boost more traction for on the go users.

Offer best sellers and favorites on homepage

Every eCommerce sites experience repeated visits, marked interest and higher sales volume in some products. These products that can easily be dubbed as best sellers and customer favorites should get a priority in the product listing. If you feature them in the homepage, for many customers it would be incredibly easy to find and buy them. It boosts sales and shopping experience as the most customer will enjoy it as effortless buying.

Building credibility with customer reviews, ratings and trust marks

New website design - customer credibility

Do you know most online buyers these days read user reviews before actually buying a product? But remember, while you consider it beneficial to manipulate reviews, customers are clever enough to judge the credibility of your reviews. Offer reviews with a trust mark from a verified third party to add to the credibility of your site. Showcase reviews in the same clean, uncluttered and readability optimized way as the products. Showcase the reviews, ratings and third party trust marks most prominently under every product description.

All the redesigning principles we mentioned above relate to the core principles of customer engagement and we really did not say anything new. Actually, when you make these basics right, traffic and conversion will automatically follow. Good luck with your new website design!

Sanket Doshi
Sanket Doshi is a Co-founder of Elitech Systems, a Magento eCommerce Development company. Company also works for tailor made web & mobile application development solutions. Where Mr. Doshi works to bring client ideas to reality. He enjoys pushing the limits of user interaction and finding ways to create awesome reusable components within a Web environment.
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