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Marketing for eLearning Course – 5 Deadly Sins

marketing for elearning course

In all fairness, it goes pretty much without saying that a Learning Management System (LMS) happens to be a significant part of a contemporary business house Having a good LMS helps an organization save significantly on training costs. Not only does it help you in training your employees, but also makes information sharing easier. All of your training modules can now be accessed online. Looking at the opportunities available, a number of players have started entering into the E-learning market, but not all of them know enough about marketing for eLearning course.

The competition is intense. Even a small mistake can lead to heavy losses. Organizations keep looking for modules that are not just cost-effective, but user-friendly as well. In a bid to create modules that are easy to use, developers end up overdoing things. You can use Elearning authoring tools to make your presence felt.

Here are a few major mistakes of marketing for eLearning course makers while marketing:     

1. Focusing On Extremes

Organizations always look to enhance the productivity of the workforce. Usually, Elearning course makers claim that the software they have created will either enhance the productivity of the under-performing employees or improve the performance of the top performers. According to reports, only 40% of the employees fall under the extreme category.

The rest of them happen to be average performers. Average performers form the heart of a company. Instead of focusing on the extremes, developers need to start marketing Elearning modules as a comprehensive package. The course you’re developing should be helpful to each and every employee working within an organization in some way or the other.

2. Marketing For eLearning Course: SEO

According to an age-old saying, content happens to be the king. This saying holds true while preparing online content. Also, you need to target a specific set of customers while marketing an online course. Your customers won’t buy your course if you don’t showcase your prowess in the subject. Additionally, you also need to keep an eye on the SEO. At times, not having SEO optimized content can lead to major problems. Having SEO optimized content allows your pages to rank higher in search engine results.

3. Free Trials are Omitted (That’s a big blunder)

Everybody loves free stuff. There’s nothing like a free trial. Setting up your LMS (learning management system) by putting a host of resources to use isn’t enough. You need to provide your customers with giveaways in order to make your presence felt. According to reports, more than 90% of the software available in the market come with free-trial versions.

In order to attract customers and organizations, LMS developers offer a month-long trial version. After the demos are over, you can start charging the customers once they get the hang of the basics. Initially, it is important for you to allow them to get used to the software.

4. Ignoring Customer Feedback is Yet Another Blunder

It doesn’t really matter how well the LMS package is, if it does not keep in mind the client’s requirements, then it is very much redundant. You can start by providing a demo version to your clients. Ask them for suggestions. Is there anything that is a bit difficult to understand. Does the page take too much time to load? You need to take all of these things into consideration.

5. Focusing Only on Keywords is a Bad Idea

Well, keywords are very important as they form the heart of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You need to have your content right at the top for people to take notice. But developers need to understand that keywords are not the only necessity.  Content creation needs to be at the center of all your strategies. Remember, no matter how good the keywords are, a user will stop reading your piece if the content isn’t engaging.

Marketing For eLearning Course: Conclusion

Simply put, you don’t need to overdo things. Just keep it simple and straight-forward. Overdoing things won’t help. Just keep your audiences at the heart of all your operations.

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