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How To Build Backlinks: A Guide Increasing Your Traffic 

At the very beginning of the Internet’s life, the first search engines ranked search results on SERPs by the number of target keywords. But soon, such a strategy proved to be imperfect. Now, the principle of ranking sites in SERPs is seemingly the same, but certain changes have appeared. First, search results are ranked by their relevance. Second – their quality and relevancy are ranked not in a manual manner, but by the Internet itself, i.e. by other sites. And the “currency” for sites’ ranking is SEO backlinks – their number and quality. If you are anxious concerning the real currency deals and controlling the financial flow of your eCommerce site or online business, try Money Brighter convenient service. So, how to build backlinks that bring success? We’ll cover this in the article!

How To Build Backlinks

How to Build Backlinks – Their Importance

Should you want your website to be shown higher on search results pages, i.e. improve your SEO, backlinks are what you must take care of first and foremost. And the results will be well worth the efforts. Because a higher position in SERPs automatically means larger amounts of visitors on the site, or, in other words, driving more traffic.

But backlinks must be natural, your inner Google’s advocate could note beforehand. No one is going to negate that, but at the same time, no one wants to be at the tail end with their site. There are many ways how to build backlinks in close to natural ways and without any risks either in terms of your credibility or site owners’ changing minds.

And this article is dedicated to those transparent and legal technologies To answer the question: “How to build backlinks?”. So, try to read it completely to not leave your site drag behind but give it a real chance for a successful life instead!

1. Watch Your Brand Mentions

There are chances that your business is already known in certain circles at least. And thus, it could be somehow mentioned on those circles’ websites. As you might already know, it is not good to leave any mentions that have links on the Internet unlinked. So, you could give some of your time to searching unlinked mentions of your business and get your website backlinks legally and without any hard efforts!

But how to build backlinks like that? All you need to use this tactic is to first search for unlinked mentions of your brand and then communicate with those sites’ owners to include the link to your site anchored to those mentions. To get to know the procedure of finding brand mentions in more detail, please refer to this Unlinked mentions guide by Ahrefs.

2. Fixing Broken Links

This is one of the first answers that you can find in articles about how to build backlinks. And choosing this strategy just can’t be wrong. Why? Because you do a good thing both for yourself and the owners of the sites where you found those broken links. As a result of fixing them, both rankings will be improved.

Utilizing this strategy is quite simple. All you need is to choose sites interesting for you and related to your sphere and scan them for the presence of broken links. To execute scanning with maximum efficiency, use special instruments. For example, you can use such tools as deadlinkchecker.com.

3. Put Your Backlinks Where Your Competitors’ Ones Are Present

Long story short, it’s about putting your backlinks on the same pages where your competitors have put theirs. To make use of this strategy you need to find sites with those backlinks and no mention about your business. Having found such web pages, you will need to contact those sites’ administrators or owners and ask to input your backlink alongside the competitors’ ones.

4. How to Build Backlinks – Refer to a Link-building Agency

Yes, such agencies exist, and yes, it’s almost the only link-building tactic that allows putting the least effort to get guaranteed success. But as with any service, this option isn’t free. But the results it brings are incredible. So, if you are tired of trying to get to the top of SERPs with your own link building efforts for no result and in addition to it, are short of time, better try it here and forget about this pain!

5. Take Your Time for… Helping Journalists

Getting backlinks this way looks even more natural than others. Why? Because it’s about linking to your site by journalists themselves. And at the same time, participating in interviews or personal meetings is not obligatory at all!

All you need to do to allow backlinks to appear in your life that easily is to register at the HARO (Help a Reporter Out) website. After the registration, you will get queries from journalists by email three times a day 5 days a week. If a query relates to your business sector and you feel that you have enough expertise, by providing qualified answers you will get pluses to your karma and backlinks in the press!

6. How to Build Backlinks – Internal Links

Yes, Google has made such a gift for business owners, so link building is available for absolutely everyone who has a website. And with the help of this simplest link-building method, you will get actually the same results as you would have got if you used other more complex and expensive ones!

To use this strategy with maximum efficiency, you will need to accomplish these steps:

  • Decide which page of your site you want to promote most;
  • Identify a couple (or more) related to that page’s topic and other strong pages;
  • Put the link to the page you want to promote wherever you choose.

7. Get Your Company to Online Resource Boards

This way of creating backlinks has always been mentioned among the easiest ones. It requires no creative effort from your site and still can provide you the same results as you would get if you crafted an interesting article and placed it on your site. But even if you’re not short of time or abilities to make those efforts, it’s worth placing your backlink on an online resource board. Especially, if it is about making a couple of these uncomplicated steps:

  • Spot online boards relevant to your business sphere;
  • Get in touch with their owners and arrange to place your company’s links on those boards.

To go through those steps faster, we recommend you to search resource boards where your competitors’ backlinks have already been placed. This will most likely facilitate placing the link to your company!

How to Build Backlinks – Conclusion

Backlinks are indeed the Internet currency for deciding who’s on top of SERPs and they decide on your site’s traffic and reputation in general. They are very important for SEO. Getting backlinks should happen naturally via admiration of quality content and sharing links to it. But in reality, getting backlinks this way only could mean fast dying of many projects that haven’t yet started. Backlinks can be built in close to natural ways described in this article. And if you utilize some of the strategies mentioned, you will improve your ranking legally and by putting almost no effort in it!

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